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Posted July 01, 2008 - 01:07 PM

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Name: David Brickley
Username: DBricks
Age: 21
Location: San Diego, California
E-Mail: DBricks33@GMail.com

Own Words:
What can you really say? The Los Angeles Lakers are in my blood. I am part of this team. I have seen every moment. Kobe's air balls against the Jazz, being swept by the Spurs, The Coaches: Harris, Rambis, Phil, almost Coach K, Rudy T, then back to Phil. Horry's three against the Kings, the 27 point comeback against the Mavs; Kobe throws it to Shaq for the dunk to seal the blazers, the riots. Fisher's heroic 0.4 shot, the victory parades, Madsen's dance, Rodman's 10 game stint, 15-1 in the playoffs, Malone and Payton coming to town, Kobe's game 4 buzzer beater vs. the Suns, Kobe scores 81, the list goes on forever.

Every big moment since I can remember, I have watched live on TV or at the game, I have an invested interest in my Lakers. When they lose, I go to bed angry. When Kobe hits the game winner, rushes of adrenaline run through my body. Like it or not, I have been there through thick and thin, and I'm still here now. Realizing how much I miss the good oL' days that had us playing into June. There is a reason the Lakers get all the primetime games, there's a reason why when they were in the finals the ratings were much higher than they are now. Nobody wants to see the boring Spurs or Pistons win any more championships.

It's time for the most successful team in NBA history, to make the right moves, keep the best in the game happy, and start contending for championships. So all that being said, I'm with my man Kobe 110% when he says, "Do something, and do it NOW."


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Name: Gregory Small
Username: G-Small
Age: 29
Location: Inglewood, California
E-Mail: galansmall@GMail.com

Own Word:

My name is G-Small, and I'm a Lakersholic -

My life is arranged in several royal and purple and gold hazed memories.

My recollections of events are seen through the prism of Los Angeles Lakers Basketball.

My days as a kid were spent growing up in Inglewood, collecting hoops and upper deck basketball cards. I would be on the court all day and night imagining myself as Byron Scott shooting that pull up J.

I was down with it when it was called Prime Ticket! I couldn't wait to watch NBA Inside Stuff on Saturdays just to see if an Elden Campbell dunk made it on Jam Session!

One of my first life's lessons happened when I was in 8th grade walking home from school. "Magic Johnson has AIDS!" the crossing guard said.

I rode the RTD 115 bus east on Manchester to Prarie where the press conference was being held at the Fabulous Forum.

That dark day I learned the news that my hero Earvin Magic Johnson was retiring.

This was my earliest realization to my emotional ties with the Los Angeles Lakers. From that point on I became consumed with all things Lakers.

In 1992, the then 8th seeded Lakers had to play their home playoff games in Las Vegas. 93 brought the heartbreak of being up 2-0 on the Suns only to let them when 3 straight.

Around about the time we were playing NBA Showdown on Sega Genesis, my favorite era of Lakers basketball was created: 'The Lake Show' starring Nick the Quick, Jet skiing Cederic Ceballos, Eddie Jones, even ya boy Pig Miller was putting in work!

I use to call Lakers line and talk to Stu Lantz! Then I would record the conversation on my boom box and listen over and over! I would wait in the parking lot after Lakers games until 11 p.m. just to catch a player as they walked to their car! I even had the opportunity to speak with Chick Hearn at halftime of a game back at the Forum.

I definitely feel like the Lakers are a part of me. Rather it's remembering Van Exel's game winning 3 against the Spurs in game 5, Kobe's lob to Shaq in game 7, or the Mark Madsen electric slide at the parade, I promise to bring the very essence of the Los Angeles Lakers with each and every podcast.

We are the legacy of Chick Hearn, Double Dribble on Nintendo, and the brand that the great Dr. Buss built, the Los Angeles Lakers.

L.W.O. (Lakers World Order) stand up!

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