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why they change spartacus!!!!!!
Mar 29 2014 10:50 AM
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    Yes man, we didn't wanna' tell you that going into it in fear that it might unfortunately/sadly discourage you from continuing on, but trust that you must go on... No doubt it'll be difficult at first especially, but trust me, like myself and most, after a few or several episodes or so, you learn to move on from it a bit and eventually warm up and even appreciate the replacement.
    Mar 29 2014 01:11 PM
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    andy Whitfield was doing a good job.... hope this guy iis good too
    Mar 29 2014 02:43 PM
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    He is man. He's rather good to great in his own right, but like I said, just takes a few episodes or so for him as well as the audience to make that transition enough to appreciate it.
    Mar 29 2014 03:36 PM