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D12 has no timetable or even a target date? come on now i dont understand why he has to hide information on his return im sure the doctor at least gave him a date range on when he can be near 100% i hate when players hide stuff like that its just an injury i believe the fans deserve to know the status of his injury why keep us on the dark...
Sep 16 2012 09:14 AM
  • bigfetz's Photo
    because if it is much later than he said everyone will get mad at him. Dont worry though he will most likely be there oct 30
    Sep 16 2012 11:44 AM
  • Niss's Photo
    The only people that really need to know about his condition are the Lakers. You want the fans to be [expletive]ing and crying if he gives us a date and he does not come back? You want him to make the same mistake Bynum and Lakers made multiple times? SMH at fans these days.
    Sep 24 2012 12:01 PM