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Lord Flashheart

Watching Kill Bill I just now realized Kobe stole Black Mamba from Tarantino,lol. Sign on the sword matches sign on his shoes. What a breakthrough,lol.
Dec 26 2013 02:36 PM
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    Meagan Good would play the daughter. How ya' like dem' apples?
    Dec 27 2013 07:10 PM
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    Lord Flashheart
    Cano,I agree with you. That was her prime. Now it's too late.
    Majesty,I also read that although that was obvious after the dialogue Uma had with Vivica's daughter in Vol 1.
    Dec 28 2013 12:13 AM
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    No the daughter is the real little girl from the movie. She's older now. It's actually not a bad plot at all especially if you've read that script opening.

    Chills dude.. chills. It's going to be freaking awesome! Whenever he gets around to finishing it.

    Endless cycle of revenge, it's gonna be epic.


    Yes it was obvious to me too it would go in that direction but I like it! :D
    Dec 28 2013 01:53 AM