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After tonight, I hope people stop comparing Bynum to Howard. There's just no comparison.
May 09 2012 12:24 AM
  • Saber's Photo
    There is .. When Drew plays focused and active he's close to Dwight.
    May 09 2012 03:13 AM
  • Azazello's Photo
    Howard is the best center in the league. Bynum isn't capable of carrying a team and being the number one option every night. I love that Bynum is a 7ft traditional center with good post moves and shot blocking, but Howard is superior because of what he's asked to do every night.
    May 09 2012 08:01 AM
  • Japago's Photo
    Correct, he's completely useless when double teamed. When you bring defense into the equation though, it makes you wonder why it was a conversation in the first place.
    May 09 2012 08:18 AM