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Anyone else see Tyson Beck on TWC Sportsnet tonight?
Dec 10 2013 09:29 PM
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    The guy's traveled to america to watch playoff games from australlia taking plane trips back between la and the opposing team's city. He's watched a game in LA and flew to boston to watch the lakers against the celtics in their next game. Take that how you want to.
    Dec 13 2013 06:40 AM
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    Oh and he bought me tickets to go to a lakers game for absolutely no reason. So maybe I'm biased. lol
    Dec 13 2013 06:43 AM
  •    's Photo
    ^ Yeah, I would say in that position, I can't blame you one bit.

    Also, on your first response back, the way you typed that it sounded as if you were speaking of him as the most interesting man in the world, lol.
    Dec 13 2013 06:52 PM