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#1417745 Met Kobe In Düsseldorf Today

Posted by manaro90 on October 06, 2013 - 07:47 AM








#1457935 I almost shed a tear

Posted by UKUGA on December 14, 2013 - 08:26 PM

I went to this game tonight.   I wore my "MVP" shirt from 2008 - only the 2nd time I've ever worn it and the first time I've worn it in public.  

The game wasn't that good, but one thing was pretty clear - Kobe Bryant, on one good leg! was the best offensive player on the court.

Flash forward to the 4th, it became pretty clear late that Kobe was going to try and win that game.  You know what happened.  

Frankly, it didn't look like it would happen. After he went baseline with about 2 minutes left and couldn't get off a shot, I feared that would happen on a final shot attempt.  

But, Kobe saw Josh McRoberts that next time and his eyes got huge.   No, he wasn't as smooth as last year, but he still had enough to get McRoberts to go for the fake, and draw the foul.    The crowd went nuts, and I thought I might cry.

I've told you before that Kobe's extended career keeps me feeling young.  When he's gone, I'll never feel the same about basketball again.   The first time I saw him play, I was 22 years old, and watched him drop 45 on the Rockets in Houston.  The next time I saw him play - the next night in Dallas - I think he had 35. That was almost exactly 13 years ago to the day.  

Tonight, I went to TWC to watch two bad teams play.  I took my wife of ten years, my four year old (decked out in purple and gold) and my 8 month old - her first Lakers game.  

We basically sat quietly for 3 quarters.  My baby slept in my arms the entire third quarter.  It was a nice evening, but uneventful.   Until Kobe happened.  And the UKUGA family went crazy.  

I watched Kobe close the Alamo Dome in 2002.  I listened to fans in Minnesota chant "no means no!" during game 5 of the 2004 WCF, I began the M-V-P chant in San Antonio after a Kobe breakaway dunk in game 4 in 2008, and I watched Kobe go for 58 right here in Charlotte in a 3OT loss in 2006.  And while I was plenty loud and boisterous on all those occasions, nothing quit matched the magic and emotion of this moment tonight.  

After the game, I carried my little girl down 5th street in Charlotte chanting M-V-P together.   I asked her, "who won the game?"  And she said, "Kobe."

It was her third Lakers game, but it was her first Kobe game-winner.  

This was a moment to cherish forever.  Thank you Kobe for coming back, and thank you for giving it your all.

#1275763 Looking deep into our team's performance so far, and our future

Posted by Real Deal on January 24, 2013 - 04:35 AM

Long read, hope you sit down and look it over, though.   :basketball:

Well, eventually, my confidence in this team collapsed.  I've been spitting the same thing about D'Antoni and Nash since September or October (mostly Nash, until D'Antoni arrived, and then I was in full panic mode).  When this happens, you can always expect a write-up from me, right?

Took me a bit, but I figured it would be great to go in and see just how each of these coaches have done.  I realize the first two played just five games each, but if that bothers you, ignore that and just take a glance at D'Antoni's numbers.


The team is 12-12 without Nash this season.

Our original starting five (Kobe, Howard, Nash, Gasol, Artest) is 0-5 together.

Mike Brown Era (1-4, Nash for two games, both L's)
Lakers: 47.0% FG, 34.8% 3PT (18.4 3PTA/G), 66.3% FT, 44.6 RPG, 19.6 APG, 8.0 SPG, 5.0 BPG, 18.2 TO, 21.4 PF, 97.2 PPG
Opponent: 44.7% FG, 35.6% 3PT, 22.8 FTA/G, 35.4 RPG, 21.0 APG, 9.6 SPG, 5.2 BPG, 12.4 TO, 24.2 PF, 98.8 PPG

Bernie Bickerstaff Era (4-1, no Nash)
Lakers: 45.6% FG, 34.2% 3PT (22.8 3PTA/G), 72.1% FT, 49.0 RPG, 23.0 APG, 7.4 SPG, 6.8 BPG, 14.8 TO, 14.2 PF, 103.8 PPG
Opponent: 42.2% FG, 33.3% 3PT, 15.6 FTA/G, 40.8 RPG, 22.2 APG, 8.8 SPG, 4.4 BPG, 13.4 TO, 22.6 PF, 92.2 PPG

Mike D'Antoni Era (12-20, Nash for 16 games, 11 L's)
Lakers: 45.0% FG, 35.7% 3PT (26.2 3PTA/G), 69.8% FT, 44.3 RPG, 21.8 APG, 7.1 SPG, 5.6 BPG, 14.5 TO, 19.3 PF, 102.9 PPG
Opponent: 45.8% FG, 35.9% 3PT, 21.4 FTA/G, 44.0 RPG, 24.2 APG, 8.1 SPG, 5.2 BPG, 12.9 TO, 23.1 PF, 103.4 PPG

I've highlighted the concerning numbers in red...all being the lowest among the three coaches.

It's clear we are a worse defensive team with D'Antoni...by quite a bit.  We allow teams to play at a faster pace, and PART of that is us launching more threes every night, and taking shots early in the clock.  

Our Pace Factor (number of possessions in 48 minutes) is second in the NBA, at a staggering 94.7.  For a team that has four of five original starters in their thirties (Kobe, Nash, Gasol, Artest are all out of their ultimate primes), that's a super-fast pace.  But what do you expect with a D'Antoni/Nash-led offense?

Well, unfortunately, when we run...the opposing team runs.  That's how it goes.  D'Antoni was quoted saying that the Memphis Grizzlies outran us tonight.

Do you want to know what the Grizzlies' Pace Factor is?  It's 28th in the league.


Steve Nash is a major defensive liability.  Because he can't defend his man, Kobe Bryant is having to spend more energy defending PG's.  That means less help defense by the best help defender on our team, other than Dwight Howard.  And with less help defense comes more defensive exposing, all directed at Pau Gasol and Antawn Jamison...who are awful defenders.

Pau Gasol can't post up with Dwight?  Yes he can.  Run a double-post motion offense.  It doesn't work?  Gasol doesn't need to be two feet from the rim...he can take short jumpers off the block, or make passes out of the low post, all while Dwight maintains his position.  Ah, and that gives us two offensive rebounders near the rim.

We don't have shooters?  We would have a lethal shooter, if Nash (who is a 50/40/90 shooter and arguably the greatest shooter we've ever seen at the PG position) would take just a few more shots a night, playing off of two superstars (Kobe and Howard).  He could settle for a 5-8 assist night, correct?  I'm appalled to find out that this offensive genius can't adjust accordingly.

So with two threats from outside (Nash and Artest), how does that help our pick and roll?  Significantly, especially if Nash establishes himself as a shooting threat.  Why?  Well, why would any player, in their right mind, leave him open to follow Howard to the rim?  Why would any player leave Howard for a split second?  Confusion is best generated by two scoring threats in that particular P&R situation.  If Nash doesn't solidify himself as a threat, it's an easier decision for the opponent.

Where can Kobe play once one of our bigs take a seat?  In the post.  Can't do that in a D'Antoni offense, though, because he's not a ball-handler UNLESS he's in ISO on the perimeter.  

Meanwhile, what is Nash doing when Kobe engages?  Nothing.  He doesn't cut to and through to the corner, he doesn't use a screen, he doesn't curl...so we basically play one half of the court, and weak side play ceases to exist (Kobe's perspective).

We go without multiple shooting threats, we lose spacing.  We lose spacing, our two superstars are much, much easier to defend.  Howard becomes easier to front in the post with multiple players...not so hard to slide 5-10 feet over and cover him with backside help.  Kobe has a man on him AND one within two steps of a charge.  In pick and roll, the opposing team can come out and push Nash 30 feet from the rim, simply because Dwight Howard is not a shooting threat, Nash doesn't establish himself as one, and Gasol is too slow to roll to the rim, as well as him being passive and choosing not to score.

The result?  Ron Artest becomes our secondary scoring option...and to no one's surprise (maybe), he's shooting threes, not in the post.  Kobe is strictly in ISO most of the game, once the ball comes to him.  Dwight is being fronted, and because he has lost a bit of jumping ability, and because the spacing is horrible, he can't get the ball over the top.  Once that ball reaches its peak elevation, and headed towards Dwight's fingertips, the opposing defenders are taught to lead him close to the baseline OR pack around him in the paint, then go "hands out" to cause the strip and prevent him from bringing the ball over his head.

We are scoring buckets on the offensive end, and our Offensive Rating is in the top 10.  That doesn't mean we're a good offensive team, it means we're relying on Kobe far too much.  Bryant should not have to play 40 minutes, score 30 points, and throw 5-6 assists for us to be within reach in some of these games.  Our offense is not good if Ron Artest is our second scoring option, and he is shooting more shots per game (11.1) than Dwight (10.3) and Nash (8.3), and as many as Gasol (11.3).  Yes, no joke...this is happening.

Why so bad on defense?  Long misses cause fast breaks we can't defend.  Turnovers do the same thing.  We complain about fouls, and don't get back in time.  We have absolutely no defensive strategy for guard penetration (leading guards to the paint or baseline, into Dwight) or for pick and roll situations (over/under, knowing when to switch, etc).  We have two weak links in our starting five (Nash, Gasol...basically, Pau is a starter, since he plays big minutes) and multiple from our bench (Jamison and Meeks notably horrible).

We are old, but we TRY to play like we're young.  In 2008 and 2010, the Boston Celtics were old...and played that way.  Strategically.  In 2011, the Dallas Mavericks did the same thing, and won it all.  The following year (just last year), the Miami Heat were old compared to a fresh, young Oklahoma City Thunder team...and, yet, they realized that LeBron's post game, spreading the floor with three-point shooters, and not allowing the Thunder to ignite breaks, was going to put a ring on their fingers.

If we're playing without an identity, we are playing without effort.  Rotations are broken.  How many minutes will Jodie Meeks log next game?  Will Jamison play the three or four?  Will Darius Morris or Chris Duhon be our backup point guard?  The 2010-11 Miami Heat ran through this, head first, for 17 games...and then they decided to change their offense.  Once they adjusted, they went 21-1 over their next 22 games.

What would 21-1 do for us at this point?  Do the math...38-26...64 games, 6th in the Western Conference.

Unfortunately, the Lakers don't give us any indication that they are going to change, and it could be this way for the next three seasons.  If we lose Dwight this year, we go into the 2013-14 season with roughly $59 million dedicated to JUST Kobe, Gasol and Nash.  That's the salary cap, ladies and gents.  No free agents for us.  If our plan is to let Gasol expire after next season (which will be an unforgettable one, for all the wrong reasons), we will have a Kobe/Nash squad...and that's if Kobe decides to extend (and with how these next 1 1/2 seasons could go, he'd consider retirement).  Nash will be months away from 41 years old in the fall of 2014.  Think about that.

We have made multiple mistakes over the years, from giving away large contracts to a couple of coaches (who clearly didn't fit here) and trading away draft picks (and making bad picks), to keeping Pau Gasol until his knees rust away and playing four entirely different offenses from May 2012 to January 2013.  Instead of building a solid team around our two superstars, we have asked our two superstars to adjust to a 39-year old point guard that is playing like he's 39 years old (imagine that).  Do the Knicks center their offense around Jason Kidd, or Sheed in the post?  Boston is under .500 because three of their best are 35-36 years old, and the offense runs through them (especially Pierce and Garnett).  If it wasn't for Rondo, and the fact that they are familiar with each other, they would be a disaster.  The Spurs have stacked young players around their two oldest (Duncan and Manu), and Duncan is having an incredible season, regardless.

Dark times are ahead of us, if we don't play our cards right.  As of now, our record in April isn't the biggest concern.  Someone, whether it's Jerry or Jim, Mitch, or Jeanie reading from a hand-written note from one of them, needs to speak up and admit there have been crucial mistakes made to rebound from our preseason blunder, and with that recognition should come major changes as soon as possible.  If not, we're heading in the same direction Boston is...but without a Rajon Rondo...and with the Clippers having the potential to rip away all of our free agent prospects, rebuilding may not be a pretty sight.

#1614289 Real Deal Downtime

Posted by Real Deal on October 08, 2014 - 08:38 PM

Our last topic was about LN's downtime, so I figured I'd create one about mine.


I didn't want you guys to think I bailed on the site.  Basically, I've been working like crazy, to catch up on a lot of medical bills (from all of my eye problems over the years, along with kidney and blood pressure problems that hit me out of nowhere).  Diabetes is no joke!  I get charged $700 for two "hospital days" of insulin (which is what I inject 2-3 times daily to bring my blood sugars down to a normal level), but when I'm buying it regularly, it costs me $100/month.  I haven't been rushed to the ER in a long time, thankfully, haha.


Anyway, I'm working as a system administrator and marketing director...who is now doing some purchasing and all of our billing, among other things.  Those other things?  Well, one of them was fun...








Of course, I'm not the guy pulling up and replacing the wood, but I do get opportunities to run a chariot floor machine over it, help sand it all down and lay floor finish, and take all of the pictures and video.  This summer, we refinished over 100 floors, and sanded/painted/finished over eight (so far).  It led us to our second-ever month of $900,000+ in sales.


Things aren't as busy as they were a few weeks ago (or months ago), but I'm still working quite a bit.  However, I'm going to be able to free up time to get the ball rolling on a board update, and fit in some basketball discussion along the way.


So, in short, sorry for the downtime!  I'll be around soon.  Consider me the Kobe of LN for now...trying to get back into posting shape to tear it up some more before I retire.   :81:

#1342026 Kobe Bryant "You Showed Us" Nike Commercial

Posted by SuPeRmAoR on April 26, 2013 - 02:23 PM

Almost brought tears to my eyes


#1661477 Lakers Season Halftime: Review

Posted by LakerGeezer on February 12, 2015 - 09:18 AM

Majesty:  The highs are that we improved from 88th in the league to 85th as measured by points made by a left hander after a time out on the second of back to back nights on the road.  [Repeat 4 more times with slightly varied wording]


Fido:  We suck.


BBIQ:  That no man can see the chicken in the coop.


Kozmo/ Swift/ etc:  Lin is the greatest Laker ever, BS is the worst coach, Ronnie Price sucks because he takes minutes away from the man.


Busty:  The Lakers girls are even tired this year.  I like ice cream.


Manaro:  We should start another thread about this.

#1345996 Kobe: Phil couldn't have stopped me from playing either.

Posted by Real Deal on May 01, 2013 - 12:18 AM

Kobe wouldn't have had to play that many minutes to fight for the 8th seed with Phil Jackson as head coach.

#785533 Board Update and Additions

Posted by Real Deal on September 04, 2010 - 02:14 PM

Updated the board to the most current version, which has new features such as...
  • custom profiles (ex. backgrounds) (bugs found, removing the feature)
  • topic preview button to the right of each topic
  • the ability to comment on status updates
  • viewing who gave you rep for each post
  • ShareIt links (ex. Facebook, Digg, Twitter)
...among other things you'll just have to run into, haha.

There's a new mobile skin that some of you will LOVE.  You can post with it.

Also, I created a skin to match the blog, sort of added a bit of "OTR" to it, a little similar to my site...but that's mainly to make room on the board index for long topics and information.

Finally, I've added every preseason and regular season game for the 2010-11 season.

NBA games: http://lakernation.c.../81-nba-gameday (sub-forum in NBA Talk)

Lakers games will be added by Eternal throughout the season (he adds more to the post because they are Lakers games, haha).

They are in order by date, and will not "bump" to the top of the index when a post is made.  This is to keep them in order, makes it easier for us to know what games are on.  This is really popular over at my site, and we could always use NBA discussion, right?

If I forgot to mention something, my apologies.  It's been a hell of a day, haha.  Also, if you see any colors that need to be edited in the skin, please let me know.  I designed the skin in a week, but actually, it was more like two days due to a huge error I won't bother explaining.

Sorry for the long wait.  I didn't want database errors keeping our board offline.  You guys contribute 2,000-4,000 posts here every day, most of you follow the guidelines and are dedicated members here, so it's the TLN community that deserves the best.

Enjoy the new features.   :basketball:

#1504597 ATTN: All Laker Nation Members

Posted by West Coast on February 17, 2014 - 11:31 PM

Over the past few months, I have seen many comments pertaining to our Laker community, blog and forums alike, and I feel this is the right time to address our situation as it currently stands.  This is a lengthy post, but it is important for everyone to read.


LakerNation.com has undoubtedly the best Lakers forum on the Internet today.  I have yet to come across a forum that has the type of activity and number of members Laker Nation has, which is such a great thing for our fan base.

I really appreciate all the activity members bring to the forums. If you need Lakers news, our forums are the place to go.  Even in a rough year for the Lakers, our forum is never lacking content and is always active.

It is no secret that Laker Nation has gone through changes since 2007, when it was first created.  Over time, we have seen both high points and low points of the site, but as a community, we have only gotten stronger.

Our forum staff is one of the best on the internet and have done a great job.  None of us are paid for our time and effort we put in to make sure the forums run smoothly.  As I've told others, we see everything but we also have lives outside of the forums.  So while we may not get to something simple such as editing a thread title quickly, we know that it needs to happen and we do get around to it.  So please, be patient with stuff like that.  


In regards to the Laker Nation blog, we have had an overhaul in terms of staff since the summer. I am personally apart of the new staff and I can say that the staff in place is committed to bringing Laker Nation back to where it belongs.

The one thing I ask from our community is to have PATIENCE.  With any successful sports blog, changes aren’t made over night.   It takes time for things to take effect and that is exactly the situation right now as we are in a transition period.

So while many of you think there is no “passion” or “commitment” in regards to content produced from the staff and the website, I want to tell you that is 100% UNTRUE.

Below is the staff that will be ringing in a new era at LakerNation.com:
  • Alex Lambeth: Editor-In-Chief (@AlexLambeth)
  • Jory Dreher: Senior Editor (@Jay_Laker)
  • Anna Lisa Gonda: Staff Writer (@AnnaLBG)
  • Garrett Garcia: Staff Writer (@GarretGarcia)
  • Ash Kargaran: Staff Writer (@aakargaran)
  • Johnny Navarrette: Staff Writer (@JohnnyNav)
  • Kanta Ito: Staff Writer (@Kanta_B_Ito)
  • Robert Benitez: Staff Writer (@beeb0)
  • Oren Levy: Staff Writer (@LakerOren)

In addition, Jamie, Kam, Shane, David, and Jason are also part of this and will continue to be a driving force behind Laker Nation.

The Future of Laker Nation

While I will not go into detail about the plans of the staff, I can say we have a vision for this website that will bring us back to the elite Laker fan site we once were and to even exceed those expectations.

For those asking about behind-the-scenes material, we already have had Alex Lambeth out at practices, staff writers taking in games, as well as other things that will produce content fans will be excited about.

Again, this is a process that does not happen right away.  We take great pride in our work and are committed to righting the ship but we cannot do it without the support of our community.  

Unfortunately members have recently crossed the line of being disrespectful to our forum staff and our blog staff.    As of this announcement, the disrespectful bashing of Laker Nation is over.  We have no problem with criticism because we are in that business and are used to it, but there is a difference between constructive criticism and just going off on a disrespectful rant.  

To put it simply, you are not obligated to be part of our community.  If the disrespectful comments continue, I will take it upon myself to make sure you are not part of this site anymore.   I do not want things to get to that point, but if you are going to blatantly disrespect our community, I’m not going to stand by and let Laker Nation have those types of members.

With that said, one of the main goals of our staff is to bring the blog and forums communities together.  Over the last few years, both have played separate roles in the website and it should not be that way.  

As we start implementing new things to the site, we will let you know.  If you have questions or comments about something you would like to see, please feel free to let us know.

We do this because we love the LAKERS.

Most importantly?

We do this for the FANS.  At the end of the day, we are in this together and cannot do this without you.


#922131 My take on the Lakers organizational changes - From a 40+ year Laker fan

Posted by Lakers_55 on May 27, 2011 - 06:02 PM

Geez, I know a good portion of Lakers fandom is in a tizzy with the recent organizational changes. I am not going to call any of you out individually, but collectively, give this team a chance, ok? I thought I would counter some of the main objections with simple, rational facts. Consider this, a few weeks ago when we were 17-1, we were popping corks for the 3peat. It was possible for us to be in the finals this year, and the excitement would still be sky high.

1) Mike Brown as coach.. Never won before. Ok, let me ask you this, who else is out there that won? Phil was a planned exit. Popovich is sticking with San Antonio until Duncan retires, and he'll follow. Larry Brown won in 2004, but he tends to flee his teams. How is he doing in Charlotte? I preferred Adelman, but like Brown and Phil, he's up there in years. Pat Riley won in 2006, but he's back upstairs. Doc Rivers won in 2008 and he's done, he signed on for 5 more years in Boston. Do you think we can realistically pull a good coach away from a rising team? Mike Brown is young, and could be with us for years if he works out. complaints are he just gives the ball to the superstar, Kobe, and lets him run iso's. Let's see what does happen before we guess what will occur. Maybe we can pry Russell Westbrook away from OKC and get his head on straight. I'm certain he would love to be a Laker Speaking of changes, lets see what happens first. THe Lakers are known to be contenders, trust them.

2) Jim Buss. Ok, I am going to take a Dodger angle on this first, then come back to the Lakers. Walter O'Malley brought the team to LA from Brooklyn. Vin Scully is still on board from those days. His son Peter ran the team next. The Dodgers would have stayed in the family but they sold because of inheritance tax laws. Turned out they would lose millions if they passed the team along and they chose to unload. The family loved the Dodgers, selling them was like the Lone Ranger giving up Silver, or Roy Rogers giving Trigger away, it hurt. While the O'Malley's ran the show, the Dodgers were a rare team indeed. Every other team, in virtually every other sport fires the coach or manager when things go sour. Not the Dodgers. Walter Alston came from Brooklyn and Tommy Lasorda was groomed as his successor. Former shortstop Bill Russell was next in line for the Dodger manager job and was carefully trained to take the role. When the Dodgers were sold, Bill was soon fired. I can't tell you how many managers the Dodgers have gone through since, but if the O'Malley's still owned them, Russell would still be in charge and we would have a title or two more here in LA. The Dodgers are just like the other baseball clubs now, the uniqueness is gone.

Back to the Lakers. I wasn't a fan during Bob Short's ownership, but he couldn't get Baylor and West the help they needed. He did see to it the NBA territorial draft pick rule was abolished, our last two picks were Gail Goodrich and Walt Hazzard. We could have had Kareem and every other UCLA great. Anyway, Jack Kent Cooke bought the Lakes with the intent of winning a chamionship.He built the Fabulous Forum, getting us out of the Sports Arena. Chick Hearn referred to the Forum as "The House that Jack Built". Jack got us Wilt Chamberlain. It took a few yeras, but that elusive title came in 1972. Cooke also destroyed that Lakers team after 1973. He forced Wilt out, and soon Goodrich, but Gail's free agency turned into Magic Johnson, who Jack insisted with his final ownership decison we pick in the 1979 draft. Other Lakers top brass wanted us to select Sidney Moncreif, for crying out loud. Jack did get us Kareem but we traded our youth away to get him. It took a few years to surround Kareem with the talent to win.

Now on to the Buss era. Let me ask you this, do you know the number one reason Jerry Buss bought the Lakers? If you think it was to win championships, you are dead wrong, but still on the right track in a way, because his reason would bring a championship. Dr. Buss bought the Lakers with the primary goal of beating the Boston Celtics in the finals. If Boston hadn't have ducked us in 1980, it would have happened in Jerry's first season as owner. So, it took until 1985. Then we did it two more times for good measure; 1987, and 2010. We would have done it this year too had we both shown up.

Ok, now on to Jim Buss. I don't know his exact age, but he and Jeannie were about 18-20 years old when Jerry bought the team. Quite an imprssionable age, stepping into the Showtime era of a multitude of success. Kind of like an instant college degree and immediate hire into a phenominally successful enterprise. Of course Jerry's children knew the reason why their dad bought the team. Flash forward to the 2009 finals trophy presentation when Jim Buss announced the Lakers intend to get the most titles. Beating Boston in 1985 closed the title count to 15-9. In nearly 32 years of Buss ownership the count has changed from 13-6 Boston to  17-16. Certainly Jim Buss has watched us draw ever closer and now be on the doorstep. He wants to pass Boston, and has been driven for years to do it. If you or I somehow bought the Lakers, yeah, we would want to pass Boston too, but Jim Buss has been living this for 32 years. The Buss family loves the Lakers as much as the O'Malley family loved the Dodgers. Lakers history says we are usually competitive. Give Jim a chance. Some fans can't buy a team and be successful. Art Moreno got the Angels after their first title and still hasn't won. Hopefully, he will. Mark Cuban is in position to win fnally with Dallas. that Mavericks team is a lot like the 1960's Los Angeles Lakers, always close, never there. Mavs will beat the Heat this time though, and that's good for Lakers fans. We will have the defending champs to deal with in our conference next year, a good motivator. Miami will begin entering panic mode and their premature clebrations will haunt them for years.

I could probably add more here, let's see where this thread goes.No materr who coaches us, what decisons Jim Buss makes, the Lakers will be competing for titles. We won't win them all, but while Kobe's playing, I like our chances. Once this core is done, you know we will rebuild and we have a young owner to help lead us there.Maybe we will have a young successful coach as well.

Quit panicking, this the the Lakers, the greatest francchise in NBA history. Don't worry what others think, we will rise again!

#749314 When Will Steve Blake Be Introduced?

Posted by True Lakers Fan on July 12, 2010 - 07:35 PM

Conference, jersey, speech, the whole enchilada...


Wednesday via his wife's twitter

#1686397 2015-16 Offseason: Cap situation, available exceptions, salaries, cap holds

Posted by dazz on May 23, 2015 - 06:43 PM

This is something I wanted to do last season. The idea is to keep track of our salary situation, available exceptions and all that CBA related stuff to be able to project realistic trades or free agent additions.


The main idea is to calculate the maximum potential cap space available, and available exceptions.


It's still far too soon but I guess it won't hurt to have it here and revisit it after the draft.


Salary cap: $70,000,000


Salary committed:


Kobe Bryant..................................: $ 25,000,000

Roy Hibbert..................................: $ 15,592,216

Lou Williams.................................: $  7,000,000

Nick Young...................................: $  5,219,169

D'Angelo Russell.............................: $  5,103,120

Julius Randle................................: $  3,132,240

Brandon Bass.................................: $  3,000,000

Ryan Kelly...................................: $  1,724,250

Larry Nance..................................: $  1,155,600

Robert Sacre.................................: $    981,348

Jordan Clarkson..............................: $    845,059

Tarik Black..................................: $    845,059

Jabari Brown.................................: $    845,059

Anthony Brown................................: $    700,000

Robert Upshaw................................: $    525,093


Roster Spots: 15 / 15



Cap holds:


D'Angelo Russell, 1st round, 2nd draft pick..: $  4,252,600 Signed

Larry Nance, 1st round, 27th draft pick......: $    963,000 Signed

Incomplete roster charges (0 * $525,093).....: $          0


Rest of players:


Anthony Brown: Second rounder, typically signed for the minimum, no impact on cap. Signed

Tarik Black: $845,059, Team option Signed

Jabari Brown: $1M. Team option. assumed to be renounced Signed

Robert Sacre: $1M. Team option. assumed to be renounced Option exercised

Wayne Ellington: UFA. assumed to be renounced To Brooklin

Ed Davis: $1.100.602. Player option. To Portland

Ronnie Price: UFA. assumed to be renounced To Phoenix

Wesley Johnson: UFA. assumed to be renounced To Clippers (LOL)

Jordan Hill: 9M team option, is assumed to be declined. Cap hold: 13M Renounced

Jeremy Lin: UFA. assumed to be renounced. Cap hold: 12.5M To Charlotte

Carlos Boozer: UFA. assumed to be renounced. Cap hold: 20.6M Renounced (To Indiana)

Steve Nash: UFA. Cap hold: 14.5M Renounced





We are currently well above the salary cap including the free agent cap holds. Granted we'll go bellow the cap after we renounce Nash, Lin, Boozer, Hill, even if we re-sign some of them for much less, at some point we're pretty much guaranteed to go below the cap. That means that we will have the room mid level exception:


ROOM MID-LEVEL EXCEPTION: $2,814,000 - Max two seasons (exception doesn't count against the cap)*




Total salary + cap holds + exceptions*: $71,668,213


ABOVE THE CAP: $1,668,213


No Cap space left to sign free agents

#1228745 Purple & Gold TV (Backstage Lakers + Other Documentaries)

Posted by Air on November 30, 2012 - 08:44 AM


Kobe Bryant: Beyond the Glory
Big Game James: The James Worthy Story
The Association: Los Angeles Lakers
NBA Unscripted: Los Angeles Lakers
Kobe Doin' Work
Lakers Roundtable
Magic & Bird: A Courtship Of Rivals
Real NBA: Kobe’s 81 Point Game
ESPN Films: The Announcement


Dwight Howard Convo
Kobe Bryant Convo
Connected With… Dwight Howard
Connected With… Kobe Bryant
Connected With… Kobe Bryant 2


Jerry West
Wilt Chamberlain
Magic Johnson
Shaquille O'Neal
Kobe Bryant

The Lakers Dynasty

The Lakers Dynasty
NBA's First Dynasty Overview
That Magic Season
Something to Prove
Return to Glory
The Drive for Five
Back to Back
2000 NBA Championship
2001 NBA Championship
2002 NBA Championship
2009 NBA Championship
2010 NBA Championship

Through the Lens

Episode 1


Vintage NBA

George Mikan
Elgin Baylor
Jerry West
Wilt Chamberlain
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Michael Cooper
Magic Johnson

#1642137 Lakers Booed By Fans At Staples

Posted by LakerGeezer on December 08, 2014 - 02:51 PM

They should get on Lakers boards, pretend to be fans, and create troll posts.

#1408812 Saw Kobe yesterday

Posted by Ventiquattro on September 07, 2013 - 11:33 AM






Saw him yesterday at SLS hotel. Had a drink with him  :beers:

#1052262 I met Ramon Sessions today

Posted by MDI on March 24, 2012 - 06:41 PM

So I went to his signing in Long Beach, there were a good 2 dozen people waiting there 2 hours ahead of his scheduled time, some people were there from 7 AM. NUTS

So here's the crowd

Posted Image

He arrived right on time from practice in El Segundo (well thats what the organizers told us)

2 Laker girls showed up, maybe 10 people went up to their table   :laughing:
Posted Image

Few more pics

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Hes a super skinny dude

Posted Image

So he was pretty quiet the 1st 10 minutes or so and then he saw these chicks pumping the fans up and introducing him and he loosened up   :laughing:

Posted Image

The girls were taking a picture with him and he said "I want one more"   :shifty: :shifty:   :laughing:

Posted Image

^ pardon that dude in the suit, he was the branch manager I think, he was a hardazz

Posted Image

This dude was just SQUEALING out loud "RAMON RAMON" the whole time until he got to see him, he looks pretty happy to get a pic with him  

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

When I came up to him I asked "Do you miss Dan Gilbert?" he just laughed it off and said "Nah."   :laughing:

He said he doesn't have a nickname.

Posted Image

So the 1st 200 who showed up got wristbands & needed it to get something signed and there were some people who came late and couldn't get it. He stayed an extra 10 minutes to take pictures and sign their stuff too. Very laid back and chill guy.

I yelled at him "We going to get the ring"   :laughing:  and he waved back

Posted Image

He autographed an 8x11 and a shirt

Posted Image

Posted Image

#1569857 LakerNation Exclusive Interview: Zach LaVine

Posted by West Coast on June 19, 2014 - 10:18 AM

As promised (although there was a delay), here is LakerNation's exclusive interview with draft prospect Zach LaVine. Enjoy!


NBA draft prospect Zach LaVine spoke with Laker Nation’s Johnny Navarrette in an exclusive interview to discuss the draft process experience, comparisons to Russell Westbrook, and also shared his thoughts about growing up a Lakers fan, Kobe Bryant, and the current state of basketball in Los Angeles. Be sure to watch LaVine’s pre-draft workout below, presented by PureSweat and Laker Nation’s own Sam Limon.


JN: Since leaving UCLA, how has the entire draft process experience been for you? Competing against the best young talent in the world, meeting with teams and media? 


ZL: “It’s been a lot of fun, just enjoying the process.  You only get to go through it once or twice so it is definitely something that is enjoyable. I’m going in it full-hearted, very confident, and just ride through this process.”


JN: There are some who feel you will be a shooting guard at the next level and some who feel you will be a point guard, what position do you see yourself playing in the NBA?


ZL: “A lot of people haven’t seen me play point guard yet so they can’t really play judgment on to it until they see me in person.  I feel like I have been proving in these workouts that I can play and compete at the point guard position.  I definitely feel comfortable with the ball in my hands but I am also not scared to shoot or score the ball as well because I feel that comes easy to me. I’m a player first so wherever the coach needs me to play at I’ll do it but I definitely feel comfortable with the ball in my hand.”


JN: Do you feel that you are underrated in this draft?


ZL: “I wouldn’t say underrated.  I’m going up and competing against dudes everyday, holding my own, and I feel like my stock keeps rising because I’ve been doing very well against everybody else, stacking up against the competition.  I’ve been doubted a couple times so I guess you can say I’m underrated but I really don’t let outside voices get to me or anything like that.  I know what I can do, I’m a very confident person, and I put in the hard work so I don’t let any of those distractions really mess with me.”


JN: What areas of your game do you feel you need to improve in?


ZL: “I’m still 19-years old so my body is still maturing. I feel like I’ve added strength, I feel that will come naturally.  I want to get my body stronger, add some weight like I said before and just learn a little bit more about off-ball defense, I feel like I am a pretty good on-ball defender.   The grind and the process of the NBA lifestyle as well, you know you mess with 35-year old men so becoming more mature on and off the court as well.”


JN: How big has working with Drew Hanlen (@DrewHanlen) been to you?


ZL: “It’s been really good.  I’ve been working a lot on pick-and-roll reads, sharpening up my ball handling skills, and just becoming more consistent with my jump shot, getting all these different finishes and getting in condition so it has been a lot of fun.”

JN: What is one thing that he has taught you that changed who you are as a player?



ZL: “He’s a really cool dude and one of my close friends now. He’s been teaching me little tricks of the trade, dealing with NBA players before.  I feel like I’m going to be working out with him in the future as well.”


JN: The constant comparison when it comes to you is that of Russell Westbrook, another guard out of UCLA with elite athleticism.  Do you think those comparisons are fair and who is the NBA player you model your game after the most?


ZL: “I see the Russell Westbrook comparisons a lot. I feel like we do don’t play in the same way, he’s a little bit more reckless than I am.  He has a stronger body but athletically I feel we are on the same page.  He pulls up on the break a lot, I like to pull up and I feel like I can get to the lane very easy and create.  I feel like I play like Steph Curry as well with his dribbling and shooting ability off the dribble and one of my good friends Jamal Crawford, same body type, loose handles but still not that conventional point guard but has a lot of different moves to get a shot off on anybody. So I feel I have a little bit of all three of those players.”


JN:  With Jamal Crawford being a close friend, what has he done for you throughout this process?


ZL: “Jamal is a really cool dude and you can talk to him about anything.  He’s from the town like me so all the players from Seattle are definitely close to each other.  He gives me little tricks of the trade, been around the block a couple of times so it’s definitely something you look forward to talking to him about whenever you’re struggling with something and need to know something.”


JN: How was your experience at UCLA? Some questioned your decision to leave after one season, but what did you learn in college that made you feel that you were prepared to make the jump to the NBA?


ZL: “I felt it was my decision and felt it was the right time in my career to take that step.  I’m a confident person; I’m not scared of challenges and feel that my game translates to the NBA pretty well.  I learned life lessons, I had to deal with adversity, play at a level where you could see yourself at and just getting another year of experience.  It was my freshman year, I enjoyed it, living and dying with the guys every game so it was definitely a great experience for me.”


JN: Growing up a Lakers fan, was it surreal to workout for the Lakers in the pre-draft workout? How was the experience?


ZL: “It was a lot of fun. Growing up being a Laker fan, watching everything they do has been really fun for me. Then actually getting to workout for them, getting to put on that jersey is really cool and I took it all in, but at the same time I knew I had a job to do, try the best I could, and just impress.”


JN: You set a Laker pre-draft workout record with a 46-inch vertical, are you surprised by the reaction it’s getting?


ZL: “I mean I could see why, you don’t see that everyday (laughs).  I had I think a 45-inch vertical before at UCLA, 42 at the draft combine, so it depends some days on how you’re feeling, I was little more pumped up that day.  I feel like I did good overall. On the three quarter sprint I ran a 2.95 or something like that and the fastest at the combine was a 3.1, so I don’t know if that is a record for the Lakers or not, but I feel like I did pretty well in all of them.”


JN: Aaron Gordon said in an interview that he would be “tied at the hip” with Kobe Bryant if drafted by the Lakers, what would it mean to you to get drafted by the franchise and what would you hope to learn playing under Kobe?


ZL: “He’s been my favorite player growing up. Not just because of his flashy game, but I love his demeanor. He’s a killer, he puts in the work. I pat myself on always being one of the hardest workers on the team so you can learn everything from him.  He’s one of the greatest of all-time so it’s definitely something I can look forward to picking his brain from.”


JN: His work ethic and competitiveness is considered to be second to none, how do you think your work ethic and attitude would mesh with Kobe, someone who demands greatness from his teammates?


ZL: “He can see someone who he can see as his younger self. I feel like I have a very high competitive nature as well, someone that works extremely hard and is very focused.  Hopefully he would have a good reaction to it, I know at the end of the day he’s still going out there trying to kill you, it’s Kobe Bryant.”


JN: Being a fan, you know the expectations of the team and players are high in Los Angeles when it comes to the Lakers.  How would you handle those expectations?


ZL: “There are expectations but you can only handle what you can handle.  You go out there and try to do the best you can, work hard, try to win, and do the best to your abilities. Knowing me, if I got dressed up to be a Laker, I would be extremely happy.  I feel like my game fits LA. I’m excited to play out there, I feel like I can get the crowd off their feet.  It’s the Lakers, it’s show time, and I feel like my game is little bit of show time. I definitely feel like I can reach those expectations.”


JN: The Lakers and Clippers have somewhat flip flopped roles in Los Angeles in terms of success. What are your feelings on the current state of LA basketball?


ZL: “Lakers are one of the best franchises of all-time, so they are going to get back where they should be in the standings and in the rankings.  Every team goes through its ups and downs, it just happens.  The Clippers are a great team as well, they had their downs and now they are at the top of the pedestal so the Lakers are trying to get back up there.”


JN: Finally, what is your message to Laker Nation about why you are the right choice for the Lakers?


ZL: “I’m a player you can bank on, who is always going to be in the gym working hard, working on their game.  Someone who fits the play-style, fits the face of LA that I feel that I am an exciting player and I’ll do anything to win.  I’m competitive, I’m a team player, and I just feel like my game fits LA.”


Find out where Zach LaVine is drafted on Thursday June 26, 2014, live on ESPN.  Be sure to follow Zach on Twitter at @ZachLaVine as well as Laker Nation at @LakerNation for the latest news and updates surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers.

Exclusive mix-tape released today as well by LaVine's camp:




#1554964 Game of Thrones, NBA Edition

Posted by Marc Maron on May 16, 2014 - 05:21 PM


:laughing:  :laughing:

#1502385 Whats wrong with you guys?

Posted by SuPeRmAoR on February 13, 2014 - 10:31 PM

Our team played their hearts out tonight. The game was within reach and instead of cheering I see comments like "great loss". Please. Im just as hopeful for the draft as the next guy but don't call yourself a laker fan if you're going to root for us to lose and say "great loss". Disgusting.

#1500788 Erotica Star Ava Devine On Cleveland Cavs: "If they make the playoffs, I...

Posted by jax24 on February 12, 2014 - 05:32 AM

Sadly I think the Cavs suck better than she does. :D