odomFor those who don’t roam around The Lakers Nation Forums, there’s currently a discussion going on about rumors of Lamar Odom accepting a 4 year/36 million deal from the Lakers.

While we can’t officially confirm this information, I think it’s fair to give you guys the heads up on what’s being discussed on the other side of TLN and invite you guys to partake in this conversation. Just a rumor, people!

LO back to the Lakers (4-year, $36 million)? [TLN Forums]

  • 123kid

    just sign it already odom! the market isnt any better and then fire your agent for his lame antics!

  • Bizdady

    Page 76.

  • Robert

    How long will this go on? So far, it seems as thought everything is a rumor. Does anyone really know what’s going on? Not even ESPN knows. Everyone (including myself) is guessing, speculating, etc. Everything taken together seems odd. This has got to be the worst ‘player signing’ story in the history of the NBA. At least the Ariza/Lakers issue got it done quickly.

    This is ridiculous. It’s GOT to end quickly. We Lakers fans need to concentrate on celebrating the Championship, and the ESPY for best team, for the SUMMER. Where’s our summer, LO? Get done with this.

  • Lex

    regardless of whether or not this is true, i wont look at him in the same light ever again

  • http://myspace.com/3wyshes 3 wyshes

    Sign it LO you know u wont win anything out in MIA. This is your home and your best shot to compoete for a title the rest of your career.

  • ceballos_neverforget

    Lex, you’re negativity is laughable…He’ll re-sign, and come october, we’re all going to forget this ever happened, as we start on our way to another championship!

  • KrAzMeX

    Just sign already…geeesh!

  • Lex

    i hope youre right

  • Billionaire Ladi

    Come Odom, you know u need to go ahead & sign the deal and not break up this potential dynasty. Plus you always said that you wanted to be a Laker, well here’s your chance….

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    It’s time to end all the posturing, Lamar. Sign!

  • Lien

    Be done with it Lamar…I can forgive you with all the games that you’ve never showed up, but this stress that you are causing me will be hard to forget. There is a very fine line between love and hate. You are stressing every fiber that define that line. We love you very very much but there comes a point where you will plunge us deep into that hatred mode. Please sign the contract so we all can go enjoy the rest of our summer and gear up for November.
    Lakers 4ever.

  • TonyFisch

    Great If true. If true, I think Odem’s agent knew that Miami would not pay more than the rumored contract, and the possibility that Portland would was Nill If.

    Milsap falls back to Utah. This is business, but I think Lamar could have done it a little better. If true, he better play every night.

  • http://twitter.com/ItsJustBrandt Brandtyyyboy

    I’m not wearing any pants… oh.. yeah… sign the damn contract!

  • kb824

    ah. jst do it lamar.!
    cnt picture the lakers without youu.!

  • Sancarrworkout

    come on L.O. sign already….

  • http://blah Tony LA

    If lamar odom and carlos boozer signs with miami heat that is going to be some big dynamite xplosions in the east conference

  • Milo

    Lamar is not worth the 10 million per season! at most i would pay him 8, take it or leave it! he was way overpaid last season anyway @ 14 mill!!!

  • 242LakerFan

    This is great if it turns out to be true. I can only hope it means that he kicked his lame-ass agent to the curb and did what he wanted to do all along.
    Welcome home, big man.
    If this is true.

  • http://janesinsane.com jane

    Heat is gonna have to be more than “some big dynamite xplosions,” because they’ll be facing the likes of Orlando, Boston & Cleveland.
    Lex, I’m with you ~ I’ll never look @ Odom the same. Sure, come October I’ll be 100% behind the Lakers, how could I not be? But Odom will never again be my favorite player
    Tony Fisch, if Odom can do better, let him. I believe he’s been trying to “do better” this week. He’s not staying with the Lakers out of loyalty, it’s pure greed. He’ll be extremely lucky if the Lakers pay him $36M for 4 years. VERY lucky.

  • bigfanoflakers

    hope he will sign now. so that lakers is strong next year

  • Drake Hunter

    Utah just matched Portland’s offer for Milsap. We’ll find out soon if this is true or not because Portland could make Odom a big offer!

  • lakers4life.

    and whos fido?

  • TonyFisch

    I do not think Portland is motivated to pay LO what the lakers offered. There seems to be a difference of opinion between the coach and GM on strategy. They could not close Hedo, did not get Milsap at just under 7mm per. There were sokome rumors that they felt Lo did not show up every night and his pot history is an issue for Paul Allen. would be nice to hear either way soon, but we are all Laker/LO slaves for now.

  • http://nba.com lakersvascular

    check out tweet from ric bucher….states just a few minutes ago lamar’s ship has sailed


  • John

    this website is lacking lately. We all supported the website in its campaign of “getgarnett” and it evolved into what it is now.. now whom ever runs this website, i havent seen any campaigning about resigning him or getLO.. we need lamar odom bad, from the way i see, he is our x factor, and he is alway valuable in crunch time. say what you want about him, he stepped up big time everytime bynum got hurt/foul trouble.. plus we need to keep up with boston with their signing of sheed. josh powell is going to get hammered if he’s our primary back up. unless dj mbenga black belts his way into the lineup. SO GET LO !

  • Gish

    I’m a bit torn. On the one hand, we need odom when facing the elite teams. But signing him to 4 yrs @ 9 mil? Good chance he’ll go back to his lazy ways. Kinda sounds like his stomach is full after winning the title sometimes. He better bring that same intensity from the finals, and work on that right. I mean, you play ball as your job and you can’t work on your right hand? If he only shows up for the big games, is he worth it? I say yes, granted he at least shows up for the big ones.

  • http://sportstalk.com Inside scoop

    its official!!!!

  • LakerLoverCelticsHater

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  • ME



  • mastarockafella

    i’m gonna forgive you for almost leaving the ship. Inked it LO and lets party!

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #79960 Will Be Quoted Here]

    what is this about?

    worth much???????!?!!?!?

  • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

    [Comment ID #79963 Will Be Quoted Here]

    no link.. or a source of where you heard it= no news…

  • Isaiah

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  • Lakers_The_Truth

    Lamar stop being a bi-tch.
    You have a fantastic offer from the Lakers. The truth is you usually do not show up and you are not consistent, so you cannot and do not deserve too much money.
    Yes, you are versatile and you did help us win a title, but you are worth exactly what the Lakers are offering, plus if you want another title, there is no better place than LA.
    So fire this fu-cer that is your agent and stop this whole soap opera.
    Relax and go back to smoke pot and eat candy.

  • RoWyN

    Odom bashers don’t get me wrong, I hate Stephen A. Smith just as much, but he kind of makes sense in his blog http://stephena.com/?p=227

  • LakeShowFan

    Ric Pucher has never been that reliable but here is what he said early this evening on Mason & Ireland:

    He heard that Buss was initially reluctant to spend $9mil a year on Odom considering with the luxury tax it would cost him $18mil. He extended the offer anyways for 3 years. After 5 days past and not one word from Odom’s camp, he became very angry. The fact that they didn’t call Schwartz and tell him he has one more day or hour to respond, implies that they think Buss was not only angry but also had second thoughts (buyers remorse) on spending that kind of money and yanked his offer off the table. Pucher is saying the Lakers are done with Odom, the ship has sailed according to his sources. Ireland said that Sean May worked out for the Lakers earlier in the day. It is not looking good and it looks as if another agent screwed a player out of a good deal. Bynum better stay healthy and have a huge year, if we want to get back to the Finals.


    Tonyfisch made a good point, on why portland hasn’t seemed too interested in trying to sign lo. Hopefully it’s true, Lamar has had a history with maryjane, so being that the blazers organization have greatly improved the culture of that team from what it was a few years back, they’d be taking a high risk on signing him to a big contract. I mean theres absolutely nothing to do in portland, odom’s personality doesn’t fit with the city, he might end up getting so bored out of his mind that he might occasionally pick up some swishers…again! N if he does go there, I sure hope thats what happens, it’s a curse for leaving the greatest franchise ever!

  • The Spector

    Lamar Scrotum. LOL

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

    [Comment ID #79973 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I have trouble taking Stephen A. seriously, BUT he’s right: this is a love/hate thing –

    We love the 15/10 L.O. who gets up close and personal with the rim;

    We hate the “The Phantom” who drifts into a few fouls and hangs around the 3-pt line vaguely watching the game.

    Maybe we should start thinking of him as this era’s Robert Horry or “Son of ‘Big (Post Season) Game James'”.

    Come on, L.O., accept that challenge!

  • Pistol Pete

    LO I have always respected you for being so real and for your talent. but cmom already are you already loosing your hunger? Is taking a few more million more important then being a part of history and getting rings? Remember what pippen did when he left mj? We love you lo and were so happy for you when we won and all you have been through. Now is not the time too loose your head and regreat what might have been if your leave.


  • Robert

    I suppose we really don’t know exactly what is happening behind the scenes. I would also say that this ‘thread’ is based on ‘someone’s speculation of a rumor’, so I think it’s getting out of hand.

    What all of us have thought were facts were ALL rumors. We have no idea what is really going on, do we? And now we are just blogging to rumors? What’s left?

    Well, whatever happens, we’ll be just fine. If we lose the LO piece of the Lakers puzzle, it may not be that bad. Since we have Ron-Ron, it already changes things. Maybe a different ‘other’ piece will actually work better. And if LO stays, then we’re still ok. Either way, it’s ok. ok?

  • Portman

    finally there’s “good news”.

  • roskoe420


  • NBA executive

    Dont know if this rumor has any truth, tmrw will tell

  • lakerferlife7

    sh!it happens

  • the ape

    that thread was crazy! but i’m thinking…. we get beasley and whatever for lamar – ship his ass out! beasley will be more consistent than lamar ever was

  • Robert

    That will only happen if we sign & trade. It seems that all the ‘former’ players from the Lakers tend to vaporize. E.g., Chucky Atkins, Kareem Rush, Brian Cook, our fave Smush Parker, Von Wafer, Ronny Turiaf … the list goes on. (Shaq was prob. the only one that did ok after leaving, but he’s on the downturn). Even Shaq ‘reminisces’ about the Laker days. There is nothing like the Lakers franchise. It is the most exciting in basketball. (Once you’ve had ‘Lakes’, there’s no turning back). LO might party on in South Beach, but he’ll be thinking about how nice it was riding on that bus down Figueroa.

  • http://deejaybuzz.blogspot.com/ dj buzz

    Why is everyone surprised about this whole situation? Lakers = DRAMA we all know that! Its like the Kobe situation when he flirted on signing with the clippers. LO will eventually sign the contract. Artest will not allow LO to go elsewhere LO is one of the reasons why Artest signed with us in the first place aside from winning a championship and during the season I know for a fact that some of us will start talking about trading him again like we’ve always been since we’ve had Lamar. Just sit back and relax until we start defending out title this upcoming season.

  • FarmarAllStar

    Don’t worry. I talked to LO last night. It’s all good. He will sign and we will all celebrate and be ready for the season to come.

  • joedirt

    [Comment ID #80001 Will Be Quoted Here]

    There is actually one guy that we traded that ended up being an all-star – Caron Butler.

  • http://lakernation Laker4life

    Everyone on here knows absolutely nothing about basketball. Hedo was overpaid noone said anything. How Quickly dumb fans forget without Odem and Ariza putting great defence on Hedo and Rashard the Lakers would have gotten nowhere near the championship. There is a thing called Basketball IQ and Chemistry, Odem has both. If the lakers move on to Shawn May or Bass or another power forward without a 3 point shot and quickness mark my words you can kiss the championships good bye and Kobe will have a baby and asked to be traded again. Kobe also takes nights off or does not play well and is overpaid also, but noone ever complains…lol


    [Comment ID #79948 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • http://www.inverter-china.com/ servo-motor

    I don’t know why he can’t accept this deal. I don’t know what will happen in reality.

  • Pistol pete

    Hey ” Farmar all star” did you really talk to LO?
    Is the former bruin JF or just a imposter?

  • tdoom15


    I know it doesn’t mean anything, but how do the heat offer 9 mil a season with their payroll already being 69xx million?

  • tdoom15

    Nm…i saw it was close to the salary bc of tax purposes

  • Geloman

    Wade wants Odom to come back home: http://tinyurl.com/n4d99f

  • Robert

    Yes, ESPN is now reporting that Riley made an offer to LO.


    Does Lakers Nation have more information on this? Isn’t today judgment day? (when players make commitments to teams, so that we will finally get some resolution on this)?

  • Odomisouttahere

    Breaking news… Odom is going to the heat.

  • Willmo

    ESPN has not cited any sources yet and they are the only website that has posted this. There is no Marc Stein or Ric Pucher on this report.
    Remember these are the same people that said that Kobe would never play for the Lakers again and Ric Bucher was on Sportscenter every night saying he was talking everyday to the Lakers.
    Take it with a grain of salt until it’s official.
    If anything it will speed up the process for the Lakers to make another pitch or work it out. The only way Miami can pull off signing LO for 9 mill/per year is through a sign and trade because they are already over the cap and please don’t put these let’s get Beasley posting anymore or Carlos Boozer, these guys are both unproven and Beasley is the most selfish player in the league.

  • Robert

    LO should consider that if he does go to Miami just to be with DWade, there’s no guarantee that 1) DWade will stick around after next year, 2) the Heat will ever get to a championship again. LO likes playing alongside superstars (like Kobe, etc.). Who will Miami get after DWade leaves? LO would just have to keep partying and eating the munchies in South Beach.

    The only good thing about the Miami offer (as pointed out above) is that things are moving forward. At least LO has an offer (that’s all he wanted), and can ‘make a decision’ now. If he doesn’t make a decision soon, then this would be the pissiest state of affairs ever. If he re-signs w/Lakers, there had better be fireworks next year.

    Whatever happens, it will be OK for Lakers Nation. If we lose LO, there will be another piece added, certainly by February of next year. If he comes back, that’s ok too. Let’s please move on and get our summer going.

  • Lakers_The_Truth

    LO might indeed go to Miami. but I doubt he will have a shot for a ring anytime soon. His best option would be in LA with our team.
    But hey, if he wants money, what can we do.

    The truth is, LO has been so inconsistent that I think if we lose him will not be a big deal. Sure he helped us big time on the playoffs, but with Artest, Lakers are a better team this season. If LO was a consistent player, I would be the first one to pray asking him to stay.

    I am not too worried. Mitch has done a fantastic job in the last couple of years and in the end we might add a better piece to our team than Lamar.
    So I will let this thing sort out and relax and enjoy summer. If LO leaves, thanks and good luck, if he stays thanks and good luck.

  • J

    “Breaking news… Odom is going to the heat.”

    How does them offering him a contract equal him going to the Heat?

    Are people seriously this retarded?

  • Drewskeelove

    4 Yrs/36 Mil to play for the Lakers or 5 Yrs/35 Mil to play with the Heat…

    I’m wondering if the CA state taxes will influence his decision.



  • Robert

    LO works better when there are already bigs on the team. Where are the bigs in Miami? He’s going to have to run and gun, which is a bit more challenging at 29 than at 22. Also, he works better w/Kobe, a mid-range/long-range shooter (well, Kobe can do it all, but, lately that’s his game) than with DWade, a slasher. LO’s going to have to up his D.

    But the Lakers have ‘already’ upped their D w/Artest, in a great way! (Defensive Player of the Year? Can we do better than that?). So, we don’t need LO’s D anymore. Artest will stop the PG/SG defending problem we had last year. We will no longer have problems with small/fast guards running through our D!! LO didn’t help there.

    We will only have issues with what was called ‘matchup problems’ that other teams had with us. Where were the matchup problems w/LO? On offense? defense? If offense, well we just get another big to clog up the lane, or pound the boards. Our defense is already good.

    Remember that we have the Greatest Of All Time coach. Please, let’s all give Phil credit for playing a crafty game this year. Even though the Lakers are a deep team, they had struggles all year long (including LO!). Yet, they dominated in playoffs. Phil has a ‘great’ piece in Artest. Just wait and see what he does with the team next year, LO or not.

    We just want this situation to be over. Once it’s over, we’re good to go for the next few years, right? We can only get better, whatever happens.

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #80025 Will Be Quoted Here]

    did you even read the article, you dolt.

    stop being such an alarmist, and panicing us.

    it just says they are interested.

  • Robert

    Remember also that Kobe has the summer off – his first ‘break’ in 2 1/2 years (which included Olympic ‘runs’ in the summers, and 2 years of playoff runs to the Finals). People are deluded if they think that Kobe is on the decline. He’s just getting started. He needed LO this year because of the ‘long 2 1/2 year run’. This summer it’s time to rest and recharge.

    Same is true for Gasol. Not sure if he’s playing EuroLeague. If not, he’ll be fresh for the next year, and his new role will make the Lakers unstoppable. It takes ‘3 stars’ to win a championship. We have 3 bonafide stars now. It’s looking good no matter what LO decides to do.

  • Drake Hunter

    If there was such a big difference in the state tax don’t you think all the free agents would want to play in the state of Texas or Florida since they won’t have to pay it. It’s not a big difference. Odom just prefers to go back to Miami because in all honesty, that was where he had the most success of his career stat wise. He was putting up all-star numbers because A: He gets to start B: He handles the ball 90% of the time and C: Becomes the 2nd option to Wade in what is a very very weak Eastern Conference of course with the exception of the three powerhouses Boston, Cleveland, and Orlando! He already has a ring, now he can go to Miami and TRY to be the person everyone thinks he has the potential to be. He doesn’t have to care about winning a championship because he already has.

  • Pistol pete

    Drake I concur. he has his ring and is no longer hungry. just like ariza. i dont get it, maybe cause never played pro ball, but isnt there more glory and historical sigficance in winning rings and being remembered with the great teams? sure individual glory stokes the ego and such, but for posterity sakes no one will remember lo if he scores 20 pts if he leaves rings on table

  • Robert

    Drake makes complete sense. I think LO is leaving. So, get ready for the Laker haters to start gloating (including ESPN). Lakers Nation: please ignore the haters. We’re going to be fine.

    LO was a ‘role player’ on the Lakers, *not* a primary scorer (esp. during the regular season). Even though everyone is saying it is hard to replace him, doesn’t anyone think that we can put in ‘some role player’ to help out in some way? We already upgraded w/Artest, so perhaps someone who ‘isn’t as key’ as LO, would just make us sort of break-even with respect to last year’s Championship. In that case, we’re still good to go for another run.

    Keep the faith, Lakers Nation!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #80041 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Roberts, competely agree. LO was just a role player. Yes, I’m sure we would all like him back because he can contribute but if LO does not want to be a Laker, then so be it. Let him go back to mediocre Miami. The Lakers can find a replacement for LO that can buy Gasol (our starting power forward) some minues on the bench.

    LO leaving (if he does leave) could actually be a positive because Andrew Bynum will now get more minutes now that he has had the summer to get healthy. I know many supposed fans here don’t think much of Bynum, but remember, when healthy, Bynum was a pretty decent center.

    The Lakers will survive without LO (should he choose to go to Miami)

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #80039 Will Be Quoted Here]

    but he already had that with miami.
    he already had that year with the best stats of his career.
    it doesn’t make sense to go back there just to give his stats another try for padding’s sake. that makes no sense.

    of course, money goes into it.

    but i think there are only a handful of players that do have that drive to go for more rings than one when there are other options, pride issues and such.

    i do remember vividly how inconsistent odom was during the season, how frustrating it was.
    but better we have him than not, by a long shot.
    we got ron in place of ariza.
    but we need something to pad us for what odom gave us when he did
    show up.

    i do believe odom rally wants to stay in la. when after that long road trip he said “i just wanna get back and put my feet in the sand”
    it just seemed so authentic. and him talking about how the negotiations, he seems like he really does hate it. it’s not all the agents fault, but i’m sure he wants some due for what he gave us during the finals, after a career of being told he never reaches his potential.
    plus he is friends with ron artest.
    none of this adds up for me really, the reasons for him leaving, and going to miami for raelly teh same amount of money.

    odom has a chance to be apart of the history of the nba, not just a blip. he must see that.

  • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/2009/07/16/forum-discussion-lamar-accepting-4-year-deal/ PURPLEandGOLD

    Laker4life said “Kobe also takes nights off or does not play well and is overpaid also, but noone ever complains…lol” before you start talking about basketball IQ you might want to check your own lol.

    A true Lakers fan supports the team no matter what it seems everytime something is going on yall always turn on them and start talking non-sense wait until its official then you can talk. Yall always say Kobe is acting like a baby Lamar, etc etc when yall are doing exactly the same thing lol hypocrites!

    Support the PURPLE and GOLD with PRIDE stop the non-sense. Chick Hearn would have said to yall “what a bonehead play”! ha!

  • Pistol pete

    Many salient points but think we are being very casual about the damage that will occur if lo leaves. With him, we are formidable beyond belief with all the match up issues and attributes mentioned before. I think we are deceiving ourselves if we think we can loose him and just plug in someone like a may etc. I am frustrated as all hell by his intransigence but we should all hope that he stays.

  • Lakernut

    It’s too bad if he does not want to take the offer from the Lakers. Maybe he is forgetting all the previous mediocre years that he had with the lakers. Now he thinks he is Kobe!!!
    LO great (on/off) player, not a star.
    We need consistent players (Kobe, Gasol…) you know what they bring to the table EVERY night. Lamar, you never know…
    LO hope you find a team that can put up with your inconsistent playing the same way that the lakers did for several years… Good luck!!!

  • http://www.klac.com Vic

    The Warrior is always focused on the goal. The goal of your 2nd Championship will only be made here in LA. LAKERS FANS, FEELIN’ YOU. Lamar Must walk his own path, and the path he chooses could be the the path of a Champion. The positive vibration that the Laker Universe will give to Lamar when he signs the 4 year 36 million deal will be better than any contract, better than any sum of money. Lamar will be the spiritual leader, the calming influence, the master of Jackson’s 11.

  • http://www.whoisepik.com Mr.E


  • Oh hai


  • Robert

    So, nobody knows what’s really going on, not even LakersNation.com. What to do? All we can do is rant (self included) until we know what’s going on. I’ve been patient for long enough. What looks like negotiation appears like mis-information from the media, and ‘reliable sources’.

    Does anyone know if there is a deadline for free agent signing? Could it go on all summer long? Does the ‘waiting’ create more difficult business situations for the Lakers? (i.e., are the number of options left for the Lakers dwindling even more?). This would be upsetting – then LO isn’t just making a decision for himself, he’s affecting the future of the Lakers – that is ‘unacceptable’. If he doesn’t sign, and we missed out on some possibilities because of that, there is karma to be paid the Lakers Nation.

  • http://deat.com pointre


  • kkdagoat

    we dont need odom, why pay someone that much to come off the bench. can anybody really contend with our starting 5 ? we invested into bynum, time for him to shine.

  • chris oneal

    sign and trade for beasley, PF of the future!!


    Lamar is the biggest fool in the world if he doesn’t sign this contract. You think Miami is going to get you another championship Lamar?! Hell no and plus you would go there for less money… stay a Laker and win more rings.

  • Fatty

    I thought you said Lamar would sign the deal?

    You promised! You promised!

  • http://thelakernation.com kobe mvp24

    why wont lamar sign the damn contract its not like is gonna get a championship with any other team the lakers are unstopable