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Announcement: Posting articles, especially those behind pay walls

Posted by Real Deal

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Read carefully.

1) All free articles posted in our topics, initial posts or replies, must be a few blocks of text (3-4 blocks), and linking to the rest. Posting full articles will not be tolerated.

2) Any articles that are behind pay walls (meaning, you must have a paid subscription to read them) are not to be posted here. Only the links can be shared.

Examples of pay wall sites are the OC Register (which just turned into one) and ESPN Insider. The Insider articles will give you a short preview, which CAN be added to the post.


Members violating the new guidelines concerning articles behind pay walls (again, requiring a subscription to read) will be suspended indefinitely, no excuses.

Those posting free articles in full will be subject to warnings + a suspension, depending on past occurrences.

- Brandon