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As new information beings to trickle in every few hours, the tale of Javaris Crittenton’s involvement in the Aug. 19 Atlanta shooting death of Jullian Jones has reached a level rivaling a TV crime drama.

After being detained and arrested last night in a Southern California airport on his way back to Atlanta, it has become apparent that Crittenton’s actions came as a retaliation for a robbery that cost Crittenton over $50,000 in stolen jewelry. Via the Associated Press:

Crittenton told police he and a friend were leaving a barbershop around 10:50 p.m. April 21 when two teenagers surprised them as they returned to their car, according to a police report released to The Associated Press.

One teenager held Crittenton at gunpoint and ordered him to “give me what you got,” he told police. He said he handed over a $25,000 black diamond necklace, a $30,000 black diamond watch, an iPhone and $25 cash, according to the report.

Jones, a 22-year-old mother of four, was outside her house with 18-year-old Trontavious Stephens when a black Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid pulled up and opened fire. Authorities have said they don’t believe Jones was the intended target, but they haven’t said who they think the gunman was after.

Stephens told The Associated Press he had never met Crittenton and wasn’t involved in the robbery.

Crittenton’s defense team is currently pleading their client’s innocence, stating that Crittenton was not in the car that fired shots at Jones.

According to the LA Times and, Crittenton posted the following Friday to his now-deleted Twitter account: “This is crazy. Trouble seems to follow me for some reason.”

Crittenton’s team has repeatedly stated that they expect Crittenton to be fully exonerated, and that his failed return flight to Atlanta was his attempt at turning himself over to authorities. More details will be forthcoming as this story progresses.


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