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With all of the flak that new Lakers coach Mike Brown has gotten over the past few days, Chris Dufresne of the LA Times took time to call up former colleagues and players for thoughts and opinions on the polarizing coach for the purple and gold.

“I did talk to him the other day,” said Geoff Probst, Brown’s teammate and roommate at the University of San Diego. “I said, ‘You do realize this is the Lakers? This is The Show. You’re going to be standing next to Jack Nicholson.’ [Mike Brown] said, ‘I’m ready.'”

In response to critics who believe that Brown may not be able to handle the high drama that comes with coaching Kobe Bryant and the Lake Show, close colleagues of Brown contend that it is simply not the case.

Those who know Brown say he is not a pushover and will not be intimidated. He is not a finger-pointer or an excuse-maker. Neither is he a caretaker.

“This guy, he never levitates”, Denver Nuggets GM Bernie Bickerstaff said, “His feet are on the ground, he never forgets where he came from. He has not been caught up in the success he has had. He is just so well rounded.”

What may be Brown’s greatest flaw is that little is known about the coach other than his brief yet successful coaching job with LeBron James and the Cavaliers.

Still though, longtime associates of Brown will tell you that he’s just as worthy a successor to Phil Jackson as anyone. “He’s willing to step up and take the heat. He doesn’t try to send it to anyone else.” Said Bickerstaff

Probst, the college roommate, says the Lakers are “getting a bulldog in terms of a competitor. You’re not going to find, in terms of character, a better quality of man.”

Mike Brown comes to the Lakers after compiling a 272-138 record in five years with the Cleveland Cavaliers, taking them to the NBA Finals in 2007. Brown also won an NBA title as an assistant with the San Antonio Spurs in 2003.

  • 123KID

    I think most people tend to forget that when Brown was coaching Lebron, it was Dan Gilbert who gave Lebron the right to do whatever he wants, how he wants, and when he wants. Brown had to follow whatever Dan Gilbert said and let Lebron be treated like a king. Thus, it did not work out, because Brown didnt have that authority to slam the sh*t out of Lebron. So that is why I feel with Brown coming to LA, it will work out. We have enough veterans on this team who want to win and have parades in June and they know that with the experience of not following the game plan and doing things on their own will lead them to another early playoff exit or a wasted season. 

    • laffsatu


      • 123KID

        Come on really. Kobe isnt some high school kid anymore that wants to score 100 pts a game and win regular season MVPs. Hes all about championships and if your gonna start calling out him busting a lebron then gtfo. Mike Brown is what the Lakers front office decided on and if they think hes the best man for the job, then just accept it. 

        The reason why the Lakers lost was due to fatigue, mental break down, and stepping away from what led them to 2 titles in 3 finals appearances, which is PURE DEFENSE. 

  • james fields

    people need too stop hateing on coach brown and give him a chance. the lakers need someone to give them some new life. what better way to start then with a guy wants to take on the challenge of lakerlands stars that look like they all didn’t have nothing left

  • Lakerssuck

    hahaha where is your 3peat now idiots

    • 03

      haha bitter loser.


        Lakers gonna keep losing!

    • Buckleystyle

      ok first of all y r u on laker nation if u r not a laker fan??? get the f out of here hater!!!!!!

    • BlackMambaBeto

      we’re gonna make up with a 4peat

  • Optimus

    when did your team win 2 in a row? moron!