Richard Jefferson and Nenad Kristic seen in Indiana.

Pacer’s Digest: “I don’t know if it means anything but I did see Jefferson and Kristic downtown in the Circle Centre Mall…”

“Another poster on the star message board reported seeing him at the airport yesterday…”

Who knows what this all means, but last time I checked Indiana was not an ideal place for summer vacations.

IndyStar: Club promoters are billing the evening as “Jason Gardner’s NBA High Society Affair.” The invitation list includes some of Gardner’s college teammates: Gilbert Arenas, now of the Washington Wizards, Richard Jefferson of the New Jersey Nets, Channing Frye of the Portland Trailblazers and Luke Walton of the Los Angeles Lakers, according to the club.

  • rpouncy14

    them for JO?!!

  • cyrus

    So what???

  • nyla

    Strange. Prob a charity event.

    Jefferson and Kristic isn’t rebuilding. Weren’t they both injured for like half the year last year anyway? It might not have been that long, but it seemed like it.

  • hZm

    This stuff is always interesting. Especially when the two guys seen are more than likely be in a deal for O’Neal.

  • BEC

    We need some real news on whats REALLY going in with the Lakers. This silence gets to me, because 1)no talks could mean no trades or 2)with all this talk lately a trade could be done but now silently due to all the talk. But I am guessing, Mitch hasnt changed his stance and Bird hasnt either, thus no talk no trade.

  • lakersfan17


  • Ed

    I read that Luke Walton was with them, so it was probably a charity event.

  • Ed

    The Lakers don’t need to worry about the Nets, because they can’t offer the Pacers anything better than the Lakers can. Plus, Bird is NOT going to trade in the same conference unless he gets an All-Star in return and that means Kidd or Carter. The Lakers are the only team that the Pacers can trade with and get close to even value for JO, it is just a matter of time, so I am not worried at all.

  • lafanfromindiana

    Kobe’s days are over in LA if we don’t get JO. Plain and simple.

  • hZm

    [quote comment=”11640″]Kobe’s days are over in LA if we don’t get JO. Plain and simple.[/quote]

    Kobe’s days will be reduced to around 365 if we don’t get JO.

  • kb24 4life

    So what?
    That doesn’t mean anything
    Kobe or anyone can go to indiana and that doesn’t mean that he is going to be traded

  • Rpoc

    Charity event notion agreed.

  • kisofdeath

    doesnt mean a thing…JO was out here, so was KG, KG has a house in malibu did that mean anything? nope nil nada

  • DeepFrost

    when I heard of KG goin’ to the Celtics I wished I lived in L.A. so I could set his estate on fire… lol

  • nyla

    [quote comment=”11651″]when I heard of KG goin’ to the Celtics I wished I lived in L.A. so I could set his estate on fire… lol[/quote]

    haha I had similar thoughts.