Courtesy of Bleacher Report

There is a saying, “The fish stinks from the head down”. Unfortunately, this term applies to our beloved Lakers and head coach Mike Brown. Brown, who was the wrong choice to lead this team from the beginning, must be fired immediately and replaced with a competent coach who is respected by the players and fans. In a preseason game last year, Brown inserted Kobe Bryant late in the 3rd quarter where he injured his wrist. Brown attempted to justify his move by saying he “wanted to see the guys fight”. Such idiotic decisions and statements not only leads to losses but directly led to an injury of our star player. This man is not only a hinderance in our road to a championship but a threat to the health and cohesiveness of our team. He is 100 percent dispensable and must be fired.

A. Martinez of 710 ESPN gave an excellent analogy to the situation the Lakers currently find themselves in. Martinez said on “Lakers Line” after Friday night’s loss to the Clippers that as a young kid he was forced by his dad to edge the grass of his family lawn. He despised the task and would do such a bad job that his dad would eventually tell him to stop and do something else. I want to take this comparison further by saying that the Lakers are doing a terrible job at running the Princeton offense in order to resort to a different offensive scheme as well as a new head coach.

Brown’s supposed pedigree as a defensive specialist is not evident on the Staples Center floor. The Lakers are not communicating on the defensive end, are consistently late on defensive assignments, and are getting burned by wide open shooters beyond the arc. It’s not that this team is incapable of playing defense but such atrocious displays of basketball is evidence of a group of men unwilling to work with their coach. Mike Brown does not have the ears of these players and he never will. He needs to go back and coach his son’s JV football team or whatever he was doing before Jim Buss mistakenly hired him.

This season is crucial for the legacy of the franchise and it cannot rest on whether the Lakers can win despite Mike Brown at the helm. This team, this stage, and these fans are much bigger and deserve better than the likes of Brown. There was a moment at the end of Friday night’s game where the Laker-hating/Lebron-loving cameras of ESPN zoomed in on Dwight Howard. His pursed lips and low eyes conveyed an air of dissatisfaction and anger that gave this Laker fan a mini-heart attack. We cannot allow him to second-guess his place as a Laker. We have to win and we have to win now. The cancer that is Mike Brown needs to be cut out early for us to hoist banner #17.