Let’s stop skirting around the issue, & address the big purple and gold clad elephant in the room shall we? With Christmas right around the corner, & the jewelry store commercials coming at us faster than the Wizards are losing games, it’s time to talk turkey. Not the kind we will be eating on Thursday, but cold hard factoids about the Lakers.

As I write this, we are staring at a .500 team. One that has played the majority of their games at home I might add. Generally that means a team is average, at best. But we at Laker Nation know better than that. This is not an average collection of talent. There are several franchises in the league you can say that about, but not our Lakers. So what gets these guys to the finals this year? It surely can’t be the win one lose one theory. That rarely works. They squeaked by the Nets last night, but how about reeling off some quality wins on the road? That would be what I would call a good start. Consistency is a trait. We need to see some of it over the next month or so.

I, for one, believe we will. Nash will be back in another week or so, but the kid Darius Morris is getting valuable on the job training in his absence. The run & gun mentality is starting to pay dividends, & the fellas actually look like they enjoy playing the game again. For awhile they looked like someone trying to break in a new pair of shoes. You know what I’m talking about. Kobe looks rejuvenated, Howard is starting to attack the rim more often, Gasol is dishing dimes, & MWP is looking like he did when he played college ball for St. Johns.

The bench guys are becoming involved, both on the sideline & in the games. This team is about ready for lift off. Mark the date Laker Nation, you heard it here first. When it comes to winning, that’s all we around here are accustomed to. Has there been pain in the past? Sure there has, but most of the pain was when something like a championship was at stake. Pain like that is easier to tolerate. You think a fan that has never seen their team in the playoffs wouldn’t trade that in for some of our pain?

This year is not about mediocrity, it’s not about near misses, it’s about getting Kobe & the gang sized for some more hardware for their fingers. It’s about the Buss family paying a visit to their local diamond broker to order some more bling. It’s about another banner hanging from the rafters. No more fooling around boys, it’s go time. The fun stuff is just beginning