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Yahoo! Sports: Kobe Bryant is pursuing his sixth NBA championship, a benchmark that would match Michael Jordan’s career total and immediately launch a debate about how the Los Angeles Lakers star measures up to the league’s greatest player ever.

Jordan, however, doesn’t sound quite ready to allow Bryant to stand toe to toe with him.

“He is always going to be within the conversations of some of the greatest players who’ve played, by the time he is finished,” Jordan recently told USA Today about Bryant. “Where does he rank among those, if you are talking about positions? If you are talking about guards, I would say he has got to be in the top 10.”

Not top five. And certainly not top two.

Top 10.

Bryant didn’t take Jordan’s comments as an insult.

“It’s an accurate statement,” Bryant said. “I’m definitely one of the top 10 guards. It could mean two, it could mean one, it could mean four or five. I’m definitely one of the top thousand. Look, I know how he feels about me.

“There have been a lot of great guards to play the game. For me to sit here and say, ‘He should have said top five,’ that’s disrespectful to the other guards that I’ve watched.”

When asked whether Jordan’s words were motivating, Bryant said: “That stuff doesn’t get to me. You can’t motivate me or take me to a place that I’m not already at.”

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    michael jordan(just like kobe) is too competitive and good for him. kobe is definetly top 3 but that’s for us to decide and for them to prove. kobe has definetly proved to be top 3 all time period.

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