Should the Lakers sign-off on $5 million per? Sound-off!

Press Enterprise: With the Turiaf situation behind them, Kupchak said the Lakers will turn their attention to negotiating with restricted free agent Sasha Vujacic.

Vujacic recently changed agents, from Bill Duffy to Rob Pelinka, and “that slowed things down for obvious reasons,” Kupchak said. “I’ve been talking to his representatives a couple of times this week, and he is going to be a priority that we’re shifting our attention to fully.”

Vujacic reportedly is seeking about $5 million per season.

  • mr.laker19

    We need Sasha now that Ronny is gone. He has the potential to be a great shooter and defender in this league. If we can just shed are dead weight (cough, Luke, Vlad) we can have a pretty solid bench next season. We still need another key addition to our bench that brings toughness, determination, and a winning attitude to the table along with the machine

  • varsityoptimism

    worth every penny.

    no better way to spend the midlevel now that posey is buzzing with the hurrrrrrrrrnets.

  • Billy Kupchak

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    If we can just shed [coughs] OUR dead weight, we can have a pretty solid bench next season.

  • Jloyola

    Im thinking the Clippers may offer Sasha the MLE. It solves some of their weakness such as scoring. Plus they need a SG!!

  • Jloyola

    Clippers starting line up

    PG – Davis
    SG – Sasha
    SF – Thorton
    PF – Camby
    C – Kaman

  • e

    this much would be worth spending for all for signing him to a contract of 5 million a year..hopefully he doesnt pull what vlad rad did

  • Edward

    No. Go for a different shooter.

  • andrewho

    Sasha has a swagger that is good for the second unit. $5M is a little pricey, I would start my offer at $3M-$3.5M/yr and match up to $5M, but definitely not pay that much unless the Clips or another team forces me to

  • RD

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    no way. sasha has alot more potential and he knows it. sasha wants to get better. raddamn just wanted to get his paycheck and do enough to get by, which he hasn’t even come close to doing. sign sasha ALREADY!

    PG – DFish / Farmar / Yue
    SG – KB24 / Sasha
    SF – LO / Ariza / Vlad? / fluke?
    PF – PAU! / LO
    C – Bynum / Pau / Mihm

    without ronny, we are STILL a solid lineup! though, we can use another solid PF/C who can bring defense and toughness.

  • dub824

    i wouldnt sign him for 5 mil a year.. this was his only good year (his contract year)

  • maccassedy

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    Cuttino Mobley

  • maccassedy

    [Comment ID #46333 Will Be Quoted Here]

    if dat happen ill take Cuttino Mobley

  • D Lo

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    they can’t. the MLE is only given to teams that started out free agency over the cap. hence the term “exception”. since they weren’t over the cap, they get no exceptions this off-season.

  • maccassedy

    j/p around but thiz helps us
    Andres Nocioni/Ariza/Fluke
    Andres Nocioni/Ariza/Fluke

  • Lakers Fan 4 Life

    5 million seems reasonable for Sasha. He has shown improvement in his defense and shooting, and he isn’t one of those players whose confidence diminishes after a bad game or a few missed shots. Plus he already knows the triangle offense. Sign him Mitch!

  • maccassedy

    juss havin fun wit da tradechecker

  • Ko8e_f@n

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    ohh… learned a new thing today! :D

    it’s a little expensive for sasha though, was really hoping we could somehow split the 5.8mil between sasha and ronny.

  • SliqRiq

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    I agree he’s not worth that much, shooters come a dime a dozen.

    3 year 10 million is good

  • Freshh

    He’s worth iT
    like VO said

  • Mitch4Pres

    honestly 5 mil is a little too much for sasha but we gotta do it. we need him and theres no better option out there to spend our MLE on anyway.

  • maccassedy

    Aaron Gray/Tyrus Thomas/Kirk/Nocioni 4 Jordan Farmar/Chris Mihm/RadmanovicOdom

  • go lakers!!

    Bring back THE MACHINE!!!!

  • ak24

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    KIrk hinrick and nocoini both play great defence
    unlike pus sy as-s odom and vladi

    MITCH GET THIS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ak24

    OOO and i forgot about tyrus thomas BEAST!!! haha

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    We don’t need to use the mid-level exception. We can offer him any amount with the “bird-rights”. However, I think we can get something done for 3.5 mil per season.

  • maccassedy

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    yea he is a beast lol thnx

  • LakersFirst

    Will other teams make a multi-year, $5M per year offer to Sasha?? Other than the Houston rumor, which you can now put to bed becuase they have come to agreement with Brent Barry, I have heard nothing about other teams having any interest in Sasha (that could change though because all the priority free agents have come to agreements with their respective teams).

    Technically the Lakers don’t really need to make an offer because Sasha is a restricted free agent (i.e. the Lakers can match any offer). However, it is better to finalize a deal before any team can make an offer, but I think $5M/year is too much for Sasha.

  • lakerschamps09

    sasha vujacic or sasha pavlovic??? is pavlovic available??? umm but our sasha should get 2.5 to 4 million a yr..

  • Sako

    If we don’t get Sasha back, i think we should aim to J.R. Smith. 13 ppg, 39% 3pt.

  • SliqRiq

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    That would be nice!!!! J.R. would be a great asset to our team another guy with unlimited range

  • MILO

    Todos chingen a su madre! Lakers are winin it all next season ehhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  • lskerfan567


  • lskerfan567
  • yellowpurplefever

    Yeah, $5mil is too much for Sash. If he was abit stronger on Defense then I have no problem. He’s a pest that’s great but not a strong Defense dude. Propose, 3yrs/$10-11 mils or 4yrs/$15-16 mils. He knows that if he walks then he’ll regret playing with a contender. Also, only playing with the Kobe, Pau, & Andrew drawing double team every night, this gave Sash great open looks. They made his game easier. I don’t think he’ll be good on any other teams. He is a streaky set shooter and not a guy that can create his own shots. Mitch knows and he knows it. Remember, Ray Allen(34 yrs old)walked around him did that layup in the Finals. that still hurts

  • Sako
  • cummlaker

    2 years 10 million is perfect compromise. Sasha gets his 5 mil and the lakers dont obligate themselves to anything longterm in case he pans out like vlad. by the way luke walton is worth his money he does everything well.

  • Parich

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    Don’t the Clippers have Mobley or is he gone? Erick Gordon is also going play SG. What do you mean they need SG?

  • Parich

    [Comment ID #46352 Will Be Quoted Here]

    No, both don’t play defense well you got it wrong. Have you ever seen them play? They’re not tough nor do they play defense so we don’t need any of them. Soft, slow, no hops, that’s what you want from Heinrich and Nocioni? I don’t. The story is, Nocioni is worse than the average NBA SF and Heinrich is not an average PG either. Like a smart analyst would say, “never make a trade just to get a trade done” or “the better trade sometimes could be the one that you don’t make.” Why would you trade just to get a trade done anyway?

  • Parich

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    This looks ridiculous. This trade WILL NOT happen. The Lakers will not get any better with this dream trade. Nocioni will not replace Odom at SF. With that replacement you lose rebounding, length, defense, passing, handling, speed. True, you get Tyrus, but then lose Odom? BTW I’d be fine having Farmar off the bench so we don’t need Heinrich. I think Farmar is already better than him. Why would you guys be such idiots? The team will actually get worse with this dream trade. Try using your brain for once.

    To sum it up again why this dream trade is bad:
    -Lose Odom.
    -Farmar is already a great backup PG
    -Sure we will need a backup PF and Tyrus Thomas seems like a beast, but the trade will put the Lakers in ruins so don’t do it.
    -I would rather sign a free agent PF to a cheap contract.

  • joseph

    defense? hahaha man! this guy is not even worth a mil, no defense at all plus he is a flopper hahaha… two quick ray allen plays 24 point lead down to 0..

    faker all the way! this guy isnt going nowhere because no team wants him bwahahaha…

    So better eat a big pile of sh!T fools… hahaha

    bye Losers!

  • Sako

    [Comment ID #46377 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • Smush Walton

    Thanks joseph,
    We all enjoy reading your diarrea – I wish you a speedy recovery from your lobotomy.

  • http://deleted kb4sure

    no for 5mil.I don’t believe hell get that offer on the other team if he does then let go.coby karl still there you only have to trust this kid hell be great.don’t trade odom if not for matrix let us see first the dominance of the laker five(bynum/pau/odom/kobe/fish)=5rings
    let as give joseph a chance to celebrate here save the best for last.coz bron n kobe will be facing next years nba finals.but ofcors it is still be the lakers!

  • K0be08-09

    dont lose this guy now he is a key to our Bench, sign him and try geting some body like Turaif, and mabe look to Trade odom for Artest and thats it we are good to go.

    PG:Fish/Farmar/Sue Yue
    SG:Kobe/Sasha/Sue Yue
    C:Bynum/Mihm/…… CHAMPS


    Tyrus Thomas is all we need(just trade Vlad and Mihm).

    Imagine the HAVOC and FEAR that would be spread when those 2 hit the floor together,plus he wore The Purple n Gold in LSU,check this,

  • Rasar

    Sasha has not shown the consistency in shooting, and shooting is supposed to be his strength. To make it worse, his defense is severely lacking for a team in bad need of good D. Anyone who remembers the monumental game 4 collapse should remember how Ray Allen simply walked around Sasha in the closing moments. He lacks defensive fundamentals, and I don’t think shooting alone is enough to secure him 5 mil. I hope he settles for less (~10-11 mil for 3 years) because I’d love to have him back on the team to see him improve his game.

  • http://- Kobefan11

    Get a good PF/C
    That is all we need!

  • ak24

    [Comment ID #46375 Will Be Quoted Here]

    cant play defense

  • ak24

    [Comment ID #46376 Will Be Quoted Here]
    TRUE RETARD- ey foo do u watch basketball?

    maccassedy this guyz a joke haaha

  • Kb24mx

    3.5 mil per year its ok, no more.

  • lakerschamps09

    ummm we not getting jr smith hes a thug who dont play plus kobbe dont like him… and we not trading LO..

  • T-Dub

    You people who think Sasha is worth 5mil per must be crack addicts! Sasha didn’t even have a good year…some good games maybe. No other team in the league is offering that type of money to him, so why should the Lakers? Luke Walton all over again! If some other team gives him that, let him go. The Lakers are over the Tax so 5mil will actually be 10mil! Is Sasha worth $10,000,000 per year because that what he will cost!!!!!!!

  • maccassedy
    Andres Nocioni dunks on kg
    thank ak24 he stupid lol

  • ak24

    [Comment ID #46402 Will Be Quoted Here]

    haaha sick dunk that foo is retarddd

  • lskerfan567

    josh childress


    Andrew Bynum and Tyrus Thomas,OMG! The more I think about it….WHOA, is all I can say.

    …but getting Nocioni would be a BIG PLUS….BUT IN THE EVENT that we don’t get either(I am goin’ to SCREAM GETTYRUS ‘TIL I’M TIRED OF IT),JoSh or jR.,please.

  • lskerfan567

    tyrus, why tyrus

  • lskerfan567

    tyrus thomas is ok, but we have to rade somebody who ctually could played the game without being a bonified scrub


    I’ll tell you why,Ickerfan…’cause we a good shot blocker,somebody that can go up for loose balls when shots are blocked…AND ESPECIALLY A GUY THAT CAN DO THIS…….

  • lskerfan567

    [Comment ID #46420 Will Be Quoted Here]

    we gotta get sebastion telafair to go with him


    DAMN ICKERFAN! I forgot all about him,GOOD PICK.

    The thing I like about’em is HE’S A KNUCKLEHEAD just like The Lakers we have and his style of play fits us to a “T”.

  • fernie alellano

    sign sasha back we need another shoot ..i think lakers are ok without turiaf becuase of bynum coming back but they need sasha ..vlad is not consistent enough.