Flo’z continues to come out with TLN exclusive Lakers music, and with the Finals he continues to step his game up.

The Lakers need to get a win in Game 4 to take a huge 3-1 series advantage against the Orlando Magic. We were battle tested in Game 3, and the song “Plight of a Champion”, talks about Game 4 and how the Lakers team will show the heart of a champion.

Also, check out TLN’s official finals song, “Where we Belong” ft. C-Lo’s. A great song to play throughout the finals. We are in fact where WE BELONG! Cherish the MOMENT. It’s not the end result, its the journey that we will remember.

Both songs are available in Flo’z official player. The button can be found on the right panel.

You can also download the songs here…

Download Link: Plight of A Champion
Download Link: Where We Belong ft. C-Lo’s

  • pricelesst

    trax are dope as always keep em comin