Blog: i am compelled to write a blog today to comment on the tragic passing of eddie griffin just really makes me wish that he could have gotten help and been ok god bless his soul

in other news well, there was no way an ex celtic laker hater like kevin mchale was gonna let kevin garnett end up on the lakers
those old moldy greens got together and put him on boston darn it! the laker/celtic rivalry ended in the eighties but as far as i’m concerned it’s back in full effect bird, mchale, and ainge would have had to all agree to make that 3 way trade that put KG on the lakes and those guys hate the lakes i dont care what anyone says about who wants to rebuild, and who want cap room etc…. it is an evil celtic conspiracy against the lakers and it will all come out in the wash larry bird does not want market value for jermaine oneal the lakers offered him cookie, kwame, and the future great andrew bynum and he said no, it is more than a fair value, he just wants the lakers to suffer……. go lakers go lakers

it has been said that i have terrible grammar because i dont use punctuation dont people know poetry when they see it philistines one and all!

  • rpouncy14

    I needs sum trades.

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