Lakers Examiner: The Los Angeles Lakers eked out a narrow victory over the visiting Denver Nuggets in game one of the Western Conferece finals Tuesday night.

It’s pretty much consensus that the Nuggets outplayed the Lakers for the better part of the game, but the Lakers managed to come away with the win due to better basketball down the stretch.

Here are five things we learned from game one…

  1. Carmelo Anthony is very good. Laker fans hadn’t seen it during the regular season (Melo averaged 14 ppg against the Lakers), but boy did they see it last night. In fact, they were probably sick of seeing it. Not only did Melo put on a show on offense, proving that nobody on the Lakers is even close to being able to guard him, but he locked down on Kobe Bryant on DEFENSE in the second half. We all knew Carmelo was a good scorer, but if he can put up 39 on 20 shots while playing some of the best defense Kobe has seen this season, the Lakers could be in trouble.
  2. Derek Fisher actually is capable of making shots. Look, I’ve been calling for Derek Fisher’s head for the past month or so, and with good reason. He’s been awful. Just flat out awful. But it seems as if the cagy veteran just needed the pressure to be turned up a little bit before he could perform. Fish hit big shots, including a momentum-changing corner three in the final minutes of the fourth quarter to help complete the Lakers comeback. We’ll have to see this again, however, before we can announce Fisher’s comeback complete.

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  • Bryan

    Is this write an idiot or what. How was MELOS defence the best we’ve seen on the MAMBA this year when KOBE dropped 18 Points on him in the fourth alone? Kobe did a stellar job at defending BILLUPS, SMITH, THEN MELO in the crucial moments of the game. Leading him into a charge and a blocked shot. Only giving up a offensive putback, and a lay up off of a cut that he was picked off on. He needs not to write about bball anymore! Its apparent hes an idiot and doesnt know what hes talking about.

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    Yes, i think this writer does not totally understand BB….If you look at the fouls that Bynum picked up last night…they were all on “help” defense..because Melo got by his defenders..and there was an intentional foul by Bynum on melo to prevent an easy layup….the big guy will be OK…we all talked about how much we needed him last we have him,..pray and have faith that he will be big for us when on the court…

  • WifelovesLuke

    Melo locked down on Kobe? WTF. He put up 18 in the 4th quarter on Melo. Maybe the reason why Melo didn’t take a shot in the last 5 minutes of the game was because he was spending so much energy guarding Kobe. Great analysis, idiot!

  • Lakers 24 7

    When Kobe scores 40, it’s considered shutting him down. We don’t wanna see what happens when there are poor defenders on Bryant.

  • Babak

    Hes right Carmelo is vey good…but do you think hes always going to score 40 on only 20 shots? i doubt it..and if melo guards kobe the whole game hes going to foul out for sure…..