One writer explains why we will beat the Jazz in 5!

ohnoyoudidntNBC Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Lakers will beat the Utah Jazz in five games. And here are five good reasons why.

1) Los Angeles Is Too Big. Utah has the reputation of being a very physical team, but in sort of a Napoleonic way they do it to make up for a lack of size. And size is what the Lakers roll out in abundance. Mehmet Okur may be the strongest man in Turkey but he can’t move Andrew Bynum off the low block. Pau Gasol will shoot over Carlos Boozer — particularly a still slowed by injury version — all day long. The best big man the Jazz have is Paul Millsap, and he comes off the bench and will lose the quickness battle with Lamar Odom.

The Lakers have a tendency to get away from running the offense through their big men, to become a jump shooting team. That is about the only way the Jazz can beat them, if the Lakers feed Bynum and Gasol Utah will have no good answers.

2) Kobe Bryant. The Jazz also have nobody who can slow down Kobe, who averaged 31 a game against Utah this season. In the final meeting of the regular season between these teams Kobe played facilitator, fed the post and the Lakers romped. That will likely be how things start again, but if Los Angeles gets stuck Kobe can take over and there is nothing the Jazz can do about it.

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  • lakrfan4life

    yup, i agree

  • paulpierce_best

    i say utah in 6. cuz first utah is good in ther home court. theyre gonna steal game 1 then win each on ther home thats the way its gonna happen folks. quit dreamin. boston all the way

  • lakers2000

    ^^^Your team sucks so bad, you have to visit a real teams site. Wish I could say “see ya in the finals, chump”

  • Billy Kupchak

    Reason #6: TLN! :cool:

  • WifelovesLuke

    Enough talk. Let’s get it started!