Derek Fisher gave reporters a cold stare when asked about his reaction to Pierce’s comments about not coming back to L.A.

Fisher reacted much like when Ray Allen made the comment, “another win in L.A.” during the 2008 ESPY awards show.

Boston continues to run their mouth, but knowing Fish and the Lakers, they won’t have it end in Boston quite so simply.

You can watch the entire interview here at CBS: Derek Fisher

  • sai

    lol fish! maaaan. that was even embarrassing for the reporter than kobe’s “i don’t give a fuck”

  • Laker4 Life

    Well that look on his face explains it. Which means they will come back to LA.

  • sh0wt1me

    dang…that look was hilarious. lol. i know fish means business now. he ain’t havin’ it. this series will be back in l.a. let’s make it happen, lakers.

  • sh0wt1me

    47 fouls called for game 3

  • LakersFirst

    Have to go out and prove it. Take back control of the series. Words and mean faces mean nothing anymore. SHOW US!!!

    • 151rummer

      i agree…..motivation and redemption for 2008 was supposed to be the reason the Lakers would be locked in for Game 2 at home….that didnt work. MAKE IT HAPPEN ON THE COURT FELLAS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BigplayDA10

    Pierce is right, they won’t be coming back to LA because the Lakers are gonna finish the series off in Boston. Here we go Lakeshow!

  • chot

    fish’s look is sending a message right there..alright boston keep running your mouth..

  • kobebyrantfinalmvp

    damn that wheelchair bitch peeprice fuck boston fisher look stone cold they ready for game 3

  • lakers2000

    We need to pull out the pimp hand and slap these hoes! Just kidding, but kill them Lakers!!!!! We will not sleep for months if these bitches eliminate us. Sasha needs to sacrifice himself and bite Ray Allens shooting hand! Let’s get ‘em boys!!!!!!!

  • Toni

    The look that Fisher gave the reporter spoke volumes! – Everytime Pierce opens his mouth, things do the complete opposite so perhaps his statement is in our favor!

  • Kobe24Bauer

    Come LAkers, Let’s beat Boston tonight and send a message to PP, KG and the rest of those fu-ckers!

  • comeflywithme

    It’s difficult to beat the celtics.. cuz it’s 8 celtics against 5 lakers on the floor.. 5 celtics + 3 refs + doc runnin on the court WTF! Boston will do everything to win including cheating man.. NBA SUCKS! game 2 of 2008 nba finals is no difference in this year’s game 2.. it’s all the same scenario..


    L.A will repeat as champs no matter what!

  • 09champs!

    so pumped up by this, Derek´s face tells it all.

  • lakeb

    Guys pierce scored 10 pts. this guy means business

  • bdmf

    ohh shitttt
    no comments

  • Sasha4Lvp

    lol fish…man i hope we bring this guy back, but to come off the bench, not start.

    • KindSir


      • Lakerman1

        These are the stupid A$$ comments i am talking about. Come back to me if you saw the game tonight because all you are doing is talking out of your A$$. Fisher deserves everything he gets because he worked for it. How about you.

  • lakerfan_4ever

    Fish’s face said it all…we are not here doing the talk,we came to Boston to do the walk!!!!….up by 12 pts. at halftime,so far so good,let’s just stay focus and close out this game…

  • Lakerman1

    You know the sad thing the worthless scum, pathetic crybaby malcontents will still have the audacity to say trade the greatest asset the lakers have in a complete standup guy like Dfish. Forget Kobe, Fisher is a CLASS ACT. The next time any body has anything to say about a person who gives his heart & soul for his team look in the mirror and ask yourself what the hell have i ever contributed to anything or anyone. Fisher and fisher alone won tonight’s game. Think about what you have done before you diss or think its your stupid decision to decide another persons life. Its the shots that he made in the waning minutes that show his true worth. Fisher truly has the heart of a champion. Thank you for all you have given me Mr Fisher, thank you very much.

  • David from redlands

    Fish you gave it your all tonight! thank you for all your hard work you truly are a class act and a role model .. P.S. GO LAKERS!!

  • sh0wt1me

    i called 47 fouls for game 3. does this mean i win the novelty bracelets?

  • Josh Herrington

    I think Paul WANTS to come back to LA, now, and yes showtime, if you guessed it first or second then you win.

  • rondo

    You know Pierce might be right. Maybe he knows the Celts are not going to win no more games in Boston.