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This is a very odd decision by the league. You may remember the altercation between Derek Fisher and Chris Kaman from last week in which Kaman set a hard screen on Fisher and Fisher didn’t take very kindly to it. The two ended up staring down each other including Kaman challenging Fish to “meet him outside” WWE style.

The league announced today that Fisher’s foul has been upgraded to a flagrant 2; although no suspension will be coming per Mike Bresnahan:

Derek Fisher’s “incident” last week with Chris Kaman was retroactively upgraded by the NBA to a Flagrant Foul, Type 2. No suspension, tho.

Do you guys feel this is warranted? Let’s hear your thoughts, Lakers Nation.

  • Rich K

    Looks like the NBA is trying to stop the Lakers from winning the championship. How do you get a flagrant 2 out of a foul that didn’t harm either player? Kaman is probably 60lbs heavier than Fish and lays a nasty pick on him and Fish is the heavy?

  • Russell

    Wow. And Fisher got the flagrant? Kaman threw a nasty pick at a guy a foot shorter than him and lifted him off the ground with the impact.

    • Matt

      Fisher lifted off the ground to throw a dirty left elbow. Then he acted innocent. I call this a bitch play.

      • Short Dog Loc

        Biitch? come on man
        Fish is our leader
        Clutch shooter
        dude was getting physical and Fish takes no shiit
        The spurs need you for the rest of the games.

        • LakerMarc

          SDL Shut Up!! Go Home…or better yet, find as new kennel…..

  • BooCocky

    Who gives a fuck even if they suspended him. Fish doesn’t really help anyways

    • Short Dog Loc

      Ever since we got Fisher back we have been in the Finals.
      Get NBA tv and catch up on the old games.

  • Cali

    thats weak sauce..these officials be on sum bullshit half the time..steady sleepin

  • NoDefense

    It’s playoff time.

    • LakerMarc

      WOO Phucking HOO GO LAKERS!!!!!

  • lakerman34

    The NBA needs money. So, they’ll take it outta their players’ pockets.

    • LakerMarc

      well Fish is a very wealthy man..too bad they’re targeting him.

    • Drew

      There was no fine

      • lakerman34

        Oh. What’s the point of the upgrade then?!?

        “There you go, Kaman, feel better?”

        And that’s that. I know for every technical it’s a $2K fine (I think). No fine for flagrants?

      • Max

        There was a 5k fine… Fish is appealing it…

      • LakerMarc

        There was a fine and they mentioned it during the telecast early in the first quarter…PAY ATTENTION!!!!!

      • lakerman34

        Oh, then I was right then. Pay attention, Drew :P

  • Sheds

    This is just how the league cuts their losses before the lockout ! :D