Fisher left in the first half last game to get treatment on his foot. Here is an update…

O.C. Register: Lakers guard Derek Fisher said Monday that his left foot is fine and he did not feel any residual effects from the pain he encountered in Sunday’s game against the Clippers.

Fisher went to the bench in the first quarter and remained there for the remainder of the first half. However, he returned to start the third quarter and ended up playing 13 1/2 minutes in the second half and 22 minutes in all.

“It’s good,” Fisher said. “It started feeling a whole lot better as the night went on and prior to going to sleep last night I called (Lakers athletic trainer) Gary Vitti and let him know that I was pretty confident that we didn’t have to do any further investigating or any testing of any kind.

Fisher said his foot felt fine when he got up Monday morning and he believes the discomfort he felt Sunday merely was a case of inflammation.

But Fisher had a bit of initial anxiety because he has had past foot problems.

“Anything that feels foreign with my feet, I get a little worked up about it,” Fisher said. “So, I’m much more on the cautious side than I probably would be if it were some other type of situation. But I feel good today and I feel like (Tuesday) at the shoot around I’ll be able to test it out much more than I did today.”

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  • PhilsArmy2K9

    Alright we need Jason Kidd or Steve Nash to L.A
    “Do something and do something now”

  • Billy Kupchak

    TLN! fixes Fisher’s foot in a jiffy! :cool:

  • purp and gold

    the lakers dont need none of thoese old heads but i woudl take kidd over nash though the lakers need a young fresh player like kevin durant.

  • Lakeshow4life

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    love how you people always look for stars as the solution.. Lakers shouldn’t change anything they are fine the way they are now

  • LakersFirst

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    Jason Kidd??/ Are you one of the guy’s that wanted the Lakers to trade Bynum for Kidd? The only way Kidd comes to L.A. is if he takes the veteran’s minimum next year.

  • Freshh

    Our season is salvaged.