Mind games don’t work on Fisher, you hear that Doc?

ESPN: “I don’t have a reaction, really,” Fisher said during Thursday morning’s shootaround before Game 4. “Everybody’s entitled to their opinion. I’ll just keep doing my job. I’m sure he’ll keep doing his job.”

“What do they expect him to do?” Fisher said. “He’s coaching a team trying to win a championship. He’ll pull out every stop, so just play.”

  • 242LakerFan

    That’s what Nash should’ve said. Class. Pure class.

  • http://www.myspace.com/626bones Lakers 24 7

    Derek Fisher ain’t nun to fuck with!


    all this boston team does is complain.. i thought they wanted to P L A Y! ! for a championship,not cry for it.they bitches in boston! go lakers!! putem outta they misery!

  • lakers0828

    He Better not And DOC SHUT THE FU CK UP theres only One Zen Master and It aint YOU !!

  • lakers2000

    Fishers going to stay silent and break it off in their ass tonight. Go Lakers!!!!

  • RC

    All I have to say is if the refs are going to use instant replay, just get it right!

    Go Lakers!!!!