This is one of many reasons I love D-Fish. I am glad he brought this up because a lot of fans are fed up with the blowing of leads. I think that game 4 lead blown in last year’s finals still haunts us as much, if not more, than the players themselves…

L.A. Times: Lakers Coach Phil Jackson did not like what he saw, so he picked up a marker and started writing on the white board in the locker room. When he was done, Dallas, New Orleans, Phoenix, Indiana, Philadelphia and Washington were arranged in a neat vertical line, representing the teams that had come back from double-digit deficits in the second half against the Lakers.

Derek Fisher, a veteran of five NBA Finals and 13 seasons, took it a step further. He approached the board and wrote “Boston Finals,” followed by the number 24, a reference to the 24-point lead the Lakers blew in a Game 4 loss to the Celtics in last season’s championship round.

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  • LakersLive FromDC

    I’m crazy riht now…I want Wade as a Laker in 2010,@#% a ‘Chip…LA WANTS A DYNASTY!!!

    Get some hood dudes that know how to play defense then we can compete with anybody in the east.

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    This is good. When the Lakers have large leads, they need to keep building on that lead to make it a larger lead, and a larger lead, and a larger lead, until the game is over. They can’t relax every time they are up by 15 and there is still a quarter to play.

    When you have a team by the throat, FINISH EM OFF!

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    i might not like his defense but he is still a good example in the locker room

  • 123kid

    as much as i like the lakers being 16-2, i am not happy with the way they have been playing the last few games. horrible defense! as of right now, i dont think they can beat the celtics come christmas day if they keep playing the way the are. they should be killing teams by 20 and ending things by the end of the 1st half. they got 10 games to buckle down and start ripping teams apart before boston comes into town! so they better start picking things up if they want that championship.

  • Lakers 24 7

    The Lakers are the best team in the league, best line-up, deepest bench….but they are NOT playing like it.

  • Lakers in 09!!

    Go D-Fish!

  • lainok

    I’m dissappointed in the way Fish has been playing this season, but there is no question that he demands everyones respect for the way he carries himself as an athlete and as a man. I saw an article right around election time where it stated Fisher should run for public office after his playing days. My dream is when his playing days are over and Phil is ready to retire that Fish inherits the greatest Franchise in basketball history and continues the legacy.

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    each timethelakers have a lead jackson always takes the hot or ruins the lakers rythem but substituting by putting freaking luke walton,mihms,or soon to be a luke walton sasha .quit being a spectator and coach jackson get your mind of luke he sucks also dereck needs to come of the bench with farmar sytarting as dereck is to slow and lets his rival always beat him.

  • ben lee

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    if the lakers build a large lead, it means the opposing team is to easy for the starters so put in the scrubs intil the other team catches up that way in the end, the lakers have fresh starters and the opposing team has tired starters wich will result in a double you

  • duke

    I was at that finals game in June. Every time I see a lead slip I think about the #*?@ing loss. I agree that if they played Boston tomorrow, they’d get crushed. Championship caliber teams are always in control of the game, especially defensively. They have some work to do to get to where they need to be defensively.

  • dom1020

    i agree, i watched the boston game against the blazers the other not, non-stop defense from them from quarter 1 to quarter 4. with the lakers its till 2, and in the 2nd half they are a whole different team

  • PeanutButterSpread

    yeah, never forget: Boston Finals 24.

    It should be ingrained in every Laker players brain, if not permanently tattooed across their heads until they win the championship.

    Seriously, blowing big leads again, especially after blowing the lead in game 4, I thought the team would have learned a lesson … it’s a good thing we’re early in the season but we’ve already done this losing big leads thing 6 times out of the 16 times we’ve played. That’s not a good trend, even though it’s early in the season, but that’s why it’s a bad thing. It is early in the season and if we start losing big leads early in the season, it’s going to be a hard habit to shake.

    Not trying to be chicken little, but still … I hate close games and I hate blown leads. It’s a sign of lazy defense, lazy offense, bad teamwork and I put that blame on the bench mob for letting up too quickly.

  • Franchise98bn

    Go Fisher!!!

    Boston has the killer instinct. Do the Lakers???

  • SliqRiq

    Lakers play to the level of their competition man!!!! (Lakers crushed Portland, Houston, New Orleans and Toronto) All of whom are supposed to be legit teams this year

    Do I hate their lack of focus against the mediocre teams of course I do but if they faced Boston tomorrow I have no doubt the Lakers will win. They went 6 games last year with them in the Finals blew game 4, BS calls in game 1 not to mention the bogus PP antics and they didnt have Ariza or Bynum.

    Those two will make all the difference.


    I LOVE FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    OMG DUDE, D-WADE DOESNT PLAY DEFENSE! is and off ball defender like ariza which means he’ll steal passes and block outlet passes. we need some like Ron Artest, C-Bill, Kenon Dooling, Shane Battie, Raja Bell, Bruce Bowen to get in people faces and guard em. Or Farmar just steps up

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    They dont have the deepest bench, Utah does

  • yellowpurplefever

    Way to go captain FISH !! I think we should do another trade at break for a good defensive mind player with some big GONADS. Luke, Mihn, and Sash if he continues to have the trigger happy hand. Stpo the FREAKIN turnovers.

  • ojt

    lets put freaking chicken s**t luke walton in the d league and keep sun yue where he can get into the game as luke has yet to do.Walton is a waste of time,get rid of this scrub

  • ojt

    Also get fisher a oxygen mask,he is just to slow.Fish had his days,time to wax the bench and come in to give farmer a break…no disrespect but he is just to slow that lets his man beats him all the time