Lakers Examiner: The officiating in this year’s playoffs has been horrible. Pretty much every coach has complained at one time or another about flagrant fouls, a disparity in calls, or some other shenanigans.

It even prompted me to propose a new system of officiating for NBA refs.

However, Los Angeles Lakers guard Derek Fisher is sick of all the complaining…

Both coaches have coached enough basketball to know the officiating is going to vary at times. It’s never the same. Still, coaches feel compelled sometimes to state their cases for their teams.

We’ll go to Denver (today for Game 6), and the game will be called differently. That’s just the way it is. I mean, in high school, you go across town, and you know you aren’t getting calls. At the highest level of the sport, why would it be any different?

We would expect this kind of sound, logical thinking from the veteran leader.

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