Derek doesn’t look like he wants to let go of this game after he’s done.

ESPN: Derek Fisher has steadfastly maintained plans to keep playing after his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers expires, but when retirement beckons, coaching is one of the options Fisher is considering.

“I think about a number of different things that I feel like I enjoy doing and could be committed to and passionate about doing,” said Fisher after Sunday’s practice in El Segundo. “That’s probably what would be the most important thing in terms of the impact of my decision about what I do after I’m done.”

Having always been observant of coaching strategies and approaches, Fisher said he finds himself thinking even more at this stage of his career about how he’d handle issues during a game.

“I think we all have a natural instinct to visualize ourselves in certain positions and places in our lives. Obviously being closer to the end than the beginning, those pictures are coming into vision clearer and better than they did when I first came into the league.”

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