Fisher likes the development he sees in Andrew Bynum!

Fisher & BynumTheSun: If we are to believe Derek Fisher, Lakers center Andrew Bynum is only now scratching the surface of what he can become.

Fisher sees a more mature Bynum, in this his fifth year, a more patient Bynum – and a better Bynum.

After Thursday night’s 24-point, eight-rebound effort in a 98-92 exhibition win over the Sacramento Kings in Las Vegas, Bynum is averaging more than 22 points per game on nearly 60 percent shooting in the preseason.

But Bynum hasn’t reached his potential?

“I don’t think so,” Fisher said. “I don’t think that, because of injuries and just his growth in this league, we’ve seen him reach his full potential.

“One thing that is apparent is that when he is healthy, he’s willing to do the work that’s necessary to be as good as he can be. When the work ethic is there, the timing, the training, they have a much better chance of making it to that full level.”

At the tail end of Friday’s practice, as other Lakers were working on their shooting, Bynum brought it back to basics.

Bynum toiled on footwork drills and entry passes, focusing more on the intricacies of the game that he lacks, rather than sharpening the many tools he already possesses.

“Fundamentally he’s as sound as they come; he can shoot the basketball, he can see the floor, he can pass,” Fisher said. “The little things that have to come for Andrew will come from just playing.

“Be there, night in and night outand as he continues to do what he’s doing, he’ll see double teams and where to pass the ball and how to react. Those only come from being in game situations.”

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  • brian clark

    losangles lakers will be a force to be wreckoned with this year. Not only because of the talent but also because kobe gets better as time goes on.

  • kob24

    I belive in bynum hes bin good soo far in the preseason lets hope he carrys t through the season and let get tis ring. we need everybody Healthy and then sit bak and enjoy the season.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Honestly, do you guys even proof read what you type before you post it. The murdering of the English language blows my mind. What are the teachers teaching kids these days.

    Back on topice: I believe the advancement of Bynum will have a bigger impact on our success this season than the addition of Artest. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ron Ron. He is basically fitting right into Ariza’s slot. With the improvement of the “Big Fella”, opposing offenses will have an amazing front court to contend with. Maybe we should put a titanium brace on his other knee so we don’t have a repeat of the past two seasons.

    • desecrator93

      I agree with you that our season’s success will hinge more on Bynum’s development than Ron. Although hes looked great on offense so far, hes gotta improve that screen-roll D cuz its pretty poor right now. Also needs to get a few more boards which I think he’ll do. He does those things you can pretty much hand us the trophy again!!