Daily News: Maturity is one of the most talked about subjects in the NBA, sometimes more than even shooting, rebounding, passing or defense.

Growing up in the league can be an arduous process, particularly since it never seems to end. There’s always another lesson to be learned, another opportunity for a young player to prove his is more mature than yesterday or the day before.

Case in point: Kobe Bryant.

Although he’s 29-years old, a veteran of 11-plus NBA seasons and a winner of three league championships, Bryant continues to mature.

So says Derek Fisher, who has seen positive changes in Bryant since he last played with him with the Lakers in the tumultuous 2003-04 season.

Fisher spent last season with the Utah Jazz and the previous two with the Golden State Warriors after leaving the Lakers as a free agent in the summer of 2004. He re-signed with the Lakers last summer and rejoined Bryant in the backcourt.

“My observations, for sure, are that he’s a different individual,” Fisher said of Bryant. “He’s grown and matured. I personally can’t imagine coming into this (NBA) world at 18- or 19-years old, trying to maneuver around with all the things you have to figure out, and do it at the level of stardom that he was at coming out of high school.”

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    DAD’S PREDICTION: LeBron BEATS Kobe in scoring tonite, but the Lakers win!

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    Well yes Kobe will share the wealth and be more of a distributer and that is really how they’ve been getting it done so far look for Bynum to have a great night against ILL Gooden or whom ever tries to stop him.Farmar will show Gibson that he’s a good p-guard too………………….