clutchL.A. Times: The criticism was coming from everywhere — pundits, fans, NBA scouts, anyone who had a thought on basketball. And yet no one felt worse than Derek Fisher. No one felt the strain, the burden, the weight more than the Lakers’ veteran guard.

His shot had betrayed him in the postseason, the ball hardly ever finding the rim, but Fisher never game up, never stopped believing.

In Game 1 of the Western Conference finals against the Denver Nuggets, the basketball gods shined down on Fisher, rewarding him for keeping his faith, for working even harder despite his woes.

Fisher scored 13 points in helping the Lakers defeat the Nuggets, 105-103, Tuesday night at Staples Center. He was five for 13 from the field, three for six from three-point range. He also had six assists, two rebounds and played his normal solid defense.

Before this series began, Fisher was shooting a miserable 36.6% from the field, 19.4% (six for 31) from three-point range, in the first 12 playoff games.

“I’m not the only one that goes through it,” Fisher said. “But in the past, I would get down. But these last four, five, six years, it’s really hard to take away or allow myself to give away my confidence. I worked too hard.”

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  • baltimoresbest01

    I love Fish but he does not normally have “solid defense.”

  • FreakinCrod

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    Yea that line really confused me also. Since when has he ever been known for solid defense?

  • Michael_23

    The match ups are just much better for fish. Billups is a bit slower than Deron Williams and Aaron Brooks.

    He’ll get better.

  • jc

    this was written way too soon. he had one good game. then he had his stinker in game 2. i really dont know what to think of fish anymore. i keep thinking he’ll start hitting shots again but im let down everytime. 0-5 from the line? come on man. you were +80% on the year.

    with all that, can we please get more shannon brown? he doesnt have the greatest shot. but hes super athletic. over the last 5 min of the game all fisher did was stay at a corner three and on defense get blown by and miss def. rebounds. tell me why brown cant get more time!!!!