Even though we fell short, Fish is willing to take the big shot.

O.C. Register: Yes, but Jackson said the other day that if Bryant weren’t around, he’d most likely turn to Fisher for a clutch shot. And Fisher said after his failure that he figured he had to be the guy in Bryant’s stead to take the shot and the heat: “If there’s anybody else on the team who is willing and can take it, it’s me.”

  • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

    i have no problem with fisher TAKING THE SHOT… its when he trys to draw a foul and doesn’t concentrate on actually making the shot or layup that pisses me off..

    • http://www.ld2k.com Chris Manning

      Fish said he knew Boston had a foul to give, but I agree. Go for the win; unless your name is LeBron James, you have a very, VERY low chance of them calling a foul unless your blatantly murdered…

  • http://www.myspace.com/626bones Lakers 24 7

    Fisher is not the one to create a shot for himself, especially with only 2 seconds left. If he was set up for a wide open shot, then I’d let him take it, but that ball should’ve went to either Artest or Odom.

    • LGM10

      since pau cant do much in the paint that late considering hes swarmed, i would have gone with lamar or ron, preferably lamar because he can create his own shot. Like ppl mention here, fish is better sited for a spot up three. In this situation i think fish should have inbounded and then quickly receive the ball back for a quick 3. WIth that little time its hard to say but LEBRON was able to do so much with 1.9 in the game before this one; interesting that the clock started late for him….so many clock issues in cleveland (the atlanta non-reset almost happened again to denver last night)…..

    • lakerfan_4ever

      I couldn’t agree more…even Vujacic can dribble to create a shot off a screen,I’m not saying he will make it but at least creates the space….Fish is not that type of player…I put this loss on Phil Jackson,fist because he didn’t design a play that will allow us to take a quality shot,what Pau was doing in the paint when he could have set up a screen on Allen to free up Fish?…secondly,with 2.2 sec we know the only player in our roster with a higher percentage is Kobe,but why set the play for Fish when he was colder than a tuna sandwich?..

  • Anthony

    Give me a damn break. He took one of the worst attempted buzzer beaters I’ve ever seen. You’ve guys have already pointed out what he did wrong, but I mean seriously he tried to draw a foul? Fish has made his fair share of huge shots and been a great player for these Lakers but little by little I wish they’d bench him.

    Taking another angle on this. Does Phil Jackson ever strike you as momentarily dumb? I’ve never seen a more poorly run out of bounds play then that one there. These Lakers need to stop depending on their talent so much and get back to some of the basics.

    • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

      you’re right about phil, sometimes he makes the dumbest substitutions.. i mean when they came back from behind and lamar hit the 3 and then they fouled brown.. why did he bring in bynum to break up the flow the players on the court had built?… i still say it should have been pau, lamar, sasha, brown and farmar who should have finished that game.. the speed was killing the celtics..


    So to add more salt to an open wound, they’re saying Fisher BROKE OFF the set play, similar to what Bryant does on inbound plays. I don’t want Fisher taking a last second shot, unless he’s spotting up ready to recieve the pass. He is not one to create or get off his own shot by himself. Also please stop looking for a foul, he does it on his LAYUPS ALL THE TIME!!

  • http://vinginor@aol.com onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    The lose is one Phil. Why the fuck didnt he call time out himself. Whenve Pau called the time out the clock was still running only one ref even heard him, Thats on Phil
    clock managment is the coaches control.
    Then fisher what the hell was that we played the whole came to piss it away on old man fish.
    Everyone knows he is in a shoting slump read the scout reports dude is shoting like 30 per cent. Then he cant create a shot and is to small Ray Allen punked him all night, PHIL WHAT THE HELL .
    This was a horrible display of coaching Fisher should have been the decoy and ball to Pau or Lamar or Arrtest
    to at least get the foul.

    • mamba1108

      Gotta disagree with you, stats prove nothing when its a last minute shot. I rather have Fisher shoot it than Lamar or Ron.
      What you are saying is that oh Kobe was 1 for 20 the entire game, let’s not make him shoot it.

    • Phil


  • http://youtube.com/mrterrific100 Mr Terrific

    Fishers play is starting to smell very fishy…

  • Green Flannel

    Fish i love you and all but if your going to take the last shot.make a better attempt..lol no matter what his stats were prior to the last shot or EVER i’d have fish take the last shot after kobe.

  • ilkebasketball

    we should be running more screen plays for vujacic, coming off picks for an open shot, like boston did with house is what vujacici needs.

    and i don’t care what fish has sone in the past(god love him for it) but int hat game, in that scenario, i give it to odom or brown. they had the hot hands. and deserve that respect.

  • walk__by__faith

    I can’t believe you guys are complaining about Fisher taking the last shot. Did you guys forget that this is the same guy who made a shot with .4 seconds left?! Did you also forget that this is the guy who made those two clutch threes against the magic?!?! I don’t care but I would’ve given the ball to Fisher because he is a veteran and he has proven himself to everyone that he can make shots in the clutch. I agree that the play that was drawn for fisher was absolutely ridiculous but still, give Fisher a break.

    • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

      no one is denying what he has done.. but its just time.. there is a fine line between “crafty veteran” and “washed up” and by not even hitting rim guess which one fisher is?.. and i love him and respect him more than the next guy.. i appreciate everything he has done for us.. but its over..

  • lakerfan_4ever

    basketball is a game of present…a game of rhythm…a game of momentum…please don’t bring up Fish famous .4 sec shot…that was then…we talking about the present,we are talking about right now..the fact is Odom and Brown has the hotter hands at that particular time in the game against Celtics…this loss is on Phil…but hey nobody say he was perfect…

  • Marwan Marzina

    If the Lakers are going to miss clutch shots (hopefully they dont miss anymore) let it be in February rather than April, May or June.

  • http://57.amklac Charles Barkley

    fishers so young and quick, never flops!…………go lakers

  • T-Dub

    there’s no one on the team who can create and get the last shot for himself other than Kobe!

    • Green Flannel

      pau might i mean he has a nice left hook we haven’t seen him in a situation like that so you never know.

  • Brian Shaw

    Fisher should have just tried to get an open look rather then looking for contact. The refs 99.999% of the time wont call a foul in that situation. They absolutely hate making a call that decides the outcome of the game…

    At the same time however, I have to pin some of the blame for the loss on Pau. In the critical minutes of the game when the lakers desperately needed points, rather then going to work in the paint, he passes the ball out to the guards who were shooting 3-287. This is especially evident on that oner play where he threw an awful pass to shannon rather then going to work in the paint, leading to a turnover, and he gets mad about not getting touches in the clutch. Please grow a pair Pau…