That’s minutes-per-game not age, and the Lakers are concerned about “over-extension.”

only40O.C. Register: Believe it or not, there are days when playing 40-plus minutes catches up with Derek Fisher.

His 34-year-old legs are slow to move, his back perhaps a bit achy and getting out of car can take a few moments.

Yet, there he will be the next game, ready and waiting for tip-off. The Lakers guard bounces up and down on those same 34-year legs, waving well-defined biceps as another game is set to begin.

Coach Phil Jackson worries about playing Fisher long minutes in Jordan Farmar’s absence. The players voice concern as well. He has averaged 35 minutes, 6 seconds over the past six games and twice played more than 40 minutes.

Fisher, though, shrugs. He said he’ll play as long Jackson needs him to be on the court and looks forward to testing his stamina against younger guards, such as New Orleans’ Chris Paul, who visits Staples Center on Tuesday.

“I’m great. It’s easy to start kicking the dirt on the over-30 guys,” he told reporters after practice last week. “But if you look at a lot of the consecutive game streaks, tell me how many over-30 guys you see on the list. Those are the guys that are coming to work every night.”

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  • Whatsa

    Give Sun Yue more minutes so he can become more experienced and learn the Lakers’ way so while we wait for Farmar.. we can improve our scrub.