Fisher is NBA’s best Flopper?

    Is a good flopper or just very well at playing D? Sound-off in the comments and tell us what you think! Or the NBA’s toughest defender, depending on how you see these things. But according to the always entertaining, Derek Fisher just outflopped Milwaukee’s Andrew Bogut to take the league’s annual unofficial Vlade Divac Most Valuable Flopper award.

    Fisher drew a league-leading 54 charges this year. Bogut drew 53. Third place went to Sacramento’s Mikki Moore, with 51, Memphis Kyle Lowry and Portland’s Joel Przybilla had 47, while Denver’s Allen Iverson chipped in with 46. Who says the Nuggets don’t play defense?

    As it turns out though, Fisher was kind of lucky to win the award this year. Last year, Cleveland’s Anderson Varejao drew a ridiculous 99 offensive fouls. This year though, he missed about half the season due to a protracted contract holdout and injuries.

    In 2005-06, Phoenix Raja Bell won the award by drawing 76 offensive fouls.

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    • Whatsa


    • George

      Way to go Derek Fisher, veteran guy right there that’s not afraid to take the charge.

    • Sopi

      who cares

    • xxv112002

      Vlade Divac is the NBA’s best flopper. He did a hundred against Shaq alone on one game. Haha.

    • Kobe’s Empire

      Fish has not taken as many charges and flops this year as much as his previous years….

      you want to talk about flopping? oh man, Iverson, Ginobili, Okur, Bell, Bowen, Nash are all nasty floppers.

    • vida8

      Congrats fish ….lol

    • lakerfan81

      Its the South Americans that know how to flop: Ginobili and Verajao are the two best floppers in the game (though Vujacic is not too bad).

    • PauKobeBynumDynasty

      wow, congrats to derek fisher, i never even knew there was an award like this…

      shouldn’t vujacic win this? maybe if he gets more minutes he will in the future.