From now on, Derek Fisher will be known as the Grey Mamba! Heart and soul of a Champion…

  • DMX

    Dog 4 Life!

  • TheLakerGenera11

    You know why D-Fish was emotional bc he bleeds for LA, because this is more to him then a million dollar salary, bc it crushed him to see Boston win on LA floor n then disrespectfully say “we aint comin bac 2 LA” bc he HATES seeing Boston, and “baby” pouting n making faces, seeing Scalabrini shouting like he’s an actual NBA player, Seeing Paula Pierce and her got damn dramatics, F*** outta here I got emotional with him…yea i said it but I kno theres many of yall Nation fans just like me that this is more then watching Kobe et al. play BB this is Life for us. that’s what I’m not sure ppl realize that WE LOVE our LA LAKERS I’m not from LA but no one can tell me S**t that I dnt bleed Championship Blue n Gold man…let’s go get this F’n 16th title 2 more wins. Lakers World Order Stand Up!! LETS GO!!!!

    • BE_A_LakerFan

      That was beautiful. It really is life for us. People don’t realize what it’s like to be a die-hard Laker fan.

      • Josh Herrington

        It stings to see the Celtics win, especially in Staples Center. I sulked all night and did not sleep. To be a die-hard fan is something like nothing else. The downside is that you have to constantly defend your loyalty due to all of the ” band wagoners” that LOVE the Lakers. The up side? You are apart of one of the the richest teams in sports in terms of history. To be a fan now and the past decade is something special. I’m 15 and, unfortunately, was not old enough to witness the first two championships of the three-peat or the Showtime Era of Magic, Kareem, Worthy, and the other guys. But, I do have the technology to witness though magical moments and feel the same way fans did and I think that is one of the more special things THIS franchise has to offer.

        • Josh Herrington

          Grammar correction: THOUGH- those
          the same way fans did- the same way those fans did

    • lakerman34

      Poetry. Absolute poetry. I can’t agree more.
      I’m from Allentown, PA. As a kid, I became a Laker fan cuz I loved Shaq from Kazaam haha.

      DFish, frustrated me all year, but come playoff time, I said there’s no one I’d rather have running the point. I agree with you, he does bleed for LA, he loves what he does, his passion is incredible, and those tears were him casting out his demons from 08, the real man overcame the cocky assholes. He sealed the win against the cockiest group of athletes put together.

      Fish, we love you man. As far as I’m concerned, if you are with us next year or not, you are ALWAYS gonna be a Laker legend in our hearts. (said it before, I’ll say it again. when this guy retires, he NEEDS to be put on the Lakers bench).


      • seankobe

        do we really have to correct every grammar here? we are laker fans from around the world not all of us here speak english the right way including me. we just want to express are feeling and dedication and loyalty, win or lost. But I am proud to say that I learned something in this site.

        • Josh Herrington

          Hey, I just wanted my tribute to the Lakers to be perfect and I effed up! I was just guessing you wouldn’t be able to understand what I wrote.

    • lakerfan_4ever

      awesome comment…Being a Lakers fan is a privilege that I take seriously.I live in Italy and for me to follow the games,I have to get up at 2:00 am,sometimes I stay up most of the night.I see people at Staples Center and I will be honored to be present watching the magic of Kobe,the leadership of Fish or the amazing skills of Gasol that if I was there,I’d be screaming “defense” like crazy….we are lucky to have a team and organization that proudly represents us.Just 2 more wins baby…GO LAKERS!!!

    • LakersGal

      Well Said! just one error: We bleed Purple (not blue) and Gold. GO LAKERS!!!

  • LakeSkow

    Who thinks Fisher is done now??? That cold blooded performance… Believe in your LAKERS
    GReat WIn

    • Reality

      And a big fat “FUCK YOU” to all of you bastards that were calling for Fish to be traded.
      He’s too old….he’s too slow…….HE’S PURPLE AND GOLD YOU COWARDS!

      • islandgirl

        Second that! – Fish was the Player of the Game!!!

        • Lakerman1

          Four words, no fish no win.

          • marcspector818

            cheers to that!

  • clo_iam

    definitely one of my favorite laker moments. Shows true dedication and a heart of a champion.

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    I love this guy. I’ve loved Fisher since the championship run 10 years ago. Anyone who knows me can attest to that. He’s a stand up guy. He always comes through in the clutch. Always.
    Everyone wanted to bench him during the season. But Fisher is a BIG part of this team. I hope we can find a way to keep him around.
    Great win! Go Lakers.

    • Reality

      Well said………fuck all those who doubted!

      • Lakerman1

        They’ll be back. Some people think age determines a person’s worth, no my friend its heart and dedication. I am sixty with a whole lot to give and i let everyone know i am no where near done and neither is fisher. Its what you are not how old you. You could be 25 and not have anywhere near the drive and desire Mr Fisher has. Thank’s for all the memories you will leave me with Derek.

        • Lakerman1

          I meant how old you are. Typo.

  • Mike02

    Fisher is the heart and soul of this team. He means just as much as Kobe does to this team.

  • Zahzel Rose

    Love Fish! Great Game! Fish is a true Gentleman!

  • Kivz

    Dats da heart of a champion right there…. Let’s go Lakers

  • D-Fish


  • Shara D

    I love fisher man, i used to bag on this guy but man hes the man im going to buy his jersey! I always get a warm feeling in my soul when fish is happy dude! i love you fish!

    • Reality

      At least you’re man enough to admit you bagged on him. Fuck all the other Fisher haters from this season.

  • Kobebryant24mvpfinal

    Paula Pierce is rite were not coming back to LA we taking the sucktic on there home court and get are 16 championship f*** Boston

    • Lakerman1

      You know what nothing would be sweeter then that except my wife.

  • NBAmazingkb24

    we love you fish!!!!

    • NBAmazingkb24

      you almost made me sniff sniff ;; you were the mvp of this game. It was all you baby!!

  • Betto

    Wait what? Why the grey Mamba? Looked more like a purple Mamba! that deserves gold after that great performance, sign him up for another 4 year deal!!.. xD
    Let him be a Laker till he retires, great game Fish, you saved the day!

  • LakerLand Nostradamus

    FISHER IS THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gugy

    I just love this guy.
    He is a warrior and never gives up.
    I hope he stays for another 2 to 3 years. Get a good PG, rest Fish during the season and always bring him at the 4th quarter.
    This guy is a monster!
    Mr. 0.4!!!!!!!!!!

  • the8black24mamba

    I’ll be the first to admit talking sh****t about fish alll season long with his bad pull ups and defense against quick guards, even after watching him on all 4 championship teams, and last years clut h shots in the finals….i still hated on u….and all i got to say is thank god i was wrong…FISH YOU DA MANNNNNN!!!!!!!! U MADE ME A BELIEVER IN THE UTAH SERIES, AND you desever to have your jersey retired in STAPLES MY MAN…..UR THE HEART AND SOUL OF THIS CITY…FISHER FISHER FISHER FISHER FISHER FISHER

    • Reality

      Way to show some class by admitting you were wrong. Let’s hope all the other dipshits who hated on him man up! He deserves it!

  • mecka24

    Screw all you that were saying “We need a new point guard”.. and ” Fish isnt that good, all he has an ocassional big shot.” I would like to say screw you..If you dont like Fish then your not a true Laker fan…Cause in my eyes, Fish is a Laker legend…even tho His jersy wont be hung up ….in thirty years from now..when i remember this era of The LAkers…I will always remember Derek Fisher…

    • Reality

      Right there with you, bro!

  • lakerman34

    May I add, Celtics win a big game and go out saying “we aint coming back to LA,” Lakers win a big game, our boys shed tears and say “I love this game, I love our guys, I love doing whatever it takes for my team to win.”

    What a guy. What a champion.

    Oh…….. and 5>1. Trust me, I’m a math major (haha, really, I am).

    • Lakerman1

      The lakers have class bro. And the sad thing is other cities say how arrogant people in L.A. are. I have never heard one Laker predict the outcome of the next game. Even Kobe said just like the lost on Sun we have to re focus for the next game not we got this. ( even though deep down inside he knows they do ) I am going to go out on a limb here and say a win Thurs and while I and my lovely wife are sipping Margaritas on Sunday at the MGM in Vegas the lakers will SWEEP BABY. Yeah Paul was right they won’t be coming back to L.A. What a stupid thing to say. Now he just like Amare & Steve Nash will have to wipe the eggs off his face. This ain’t the 2008 Lakers Ironsides.

      • Lakerman1

        And for those of you to young to know Ironsides was a TV show starring Raymond Burr as a super sleuth in a wheelchair. Although there is nothing super about Paul.

  • Ray Allen “LUCKY”

    Whos Lucky Now: Ray Allen… Game 2, he scored 32 point and made 8th 3s. In game 3, Ray Allen was a Garbage. He had 0-13FG.

    • NBAmazingkb24

      one more miss he would have set up a record for the worst play off shooting night.
      No wonder he didnt take the last shot.
      Record High
      1 shot away from REcord Low
      GOod D! FIsh!

      • mecka24

        Its more like Ray Alien

  • drewdeluxe

    Why did he say “I love this guy” at 36sec?

    • 09champs!

      kobe was in front of him

  • 09champs!

    you know what really gets me? That most of you that are now licking Derek´s balls , during the season wanted to ship him out or bench him. You did that last year also and he won us a game in the Finals.
    He did that again today, and has been doing it throughout his carrer. I just love that man , and some of you “fans” only embrace him when its convenient for you!
    Im sorry I´m expressing like this after a win that made me cry, but Its just not fair what you guys do with Derek.

  • inverse

    Loved fish from day 1. I think to us fans, it’s more than just a basketball player. We realize which players, are douchhes, and which players are real. Fish has always been that guy that has stood out to me as being one of the greatest gentleman in the NBA. He’s been with us through the ups and the downs, left for a while, then came back, and it always seems like whenever we need a big shot, the little man with the big heart is going to step up. This is why I’ve been an avid fisher fan, this is why he’s a laker legend. Real people show their emotions, and that was one of the most genuine moments i have ever had the pleasure of watching

  • KindSir

    I ain’t gonna lie, I’ve been hating on his D all season but after this game I’m not gonna hate anymore. He truly loves this team and will do whatever it takes for them to win. While Kobe was shooting us out of the game, Fish picked up the slack and won it for us. Thank you Fish.

  • Day

    I wonder how many of you will be calling for him to be traded the next time he doesn’t have a perfect game.

  • kobez

    Really disappointed in Shannon Browns performance in the playoffs and finals in general. He really looks lost out there, and I believe shouldnt be given any minutes. Give them to sasha, farmar, and walton. His speed and size can make it difficult for Rondo but he is struggling. Dont sign him to a contract extension, trade him in a package if needed.

    Agree or Disagree LakersNation

    Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 09champs!

      100 & agree!
      Phil shows too much trust in him , and i think Sasha has been playing extremely well in his limited time. GIVE HIM SHANNON´S MINUTES!

      And I´m very happy to see some of you admit that you hated Fish but now respect him, I guess that´s better than hating him and not comment to not expose yourself.

  • MichaelAKERS

    Honestly, I hope we sign this guy. Ever since 04, when he made that clutch winning shot against the Spurs, he’s become the heart of that team. He’ll take a bullet for him, so Mitch don’t shoot him with a bullet.

  • MichaelAKERS

    He’ll take a bullet for *THEM, not him. Sorry typo.

  • rynorod32

    Fish tough as nails. Love the man… My fav moment was when he bull rushed Scola last year. Well 2nd fav. My fav was .4secs moment.

  • lakerfan_4ever

    Talent wise,we are the best team on the court,they needed a record game by Allen and an amazing performance by Rondo to win game 2…but in game 3,where were they?..gone!!! KG was their unlikely hero…but I bet you he won’t have his legs ready for game 4….Let’s not get crazy we still have a lot of work to do…Kobe said it right “just one game at the time”…..Eminem said
    ” Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
    To seize everything you ever wanted-One moment
    Would you capture it or just let it slip?”…

    Let’s seize the moment!!! GO LAKERS!!!!

  • Anna Gonda

    I’m seriously running out of good things to say about Derek Fisher. I love this guy, as a Laker, as a player in general, as a person. The man exudes class and an equal share of confidence and humility. I don’t know what this Lakers team or even Kobe Bryant would be like without him.

  • lakerman34

    I know you guys don’t like to hear it, but we still do need a PG. Facts are he IS getting older, and we need to search for a replacement (just a reality check).

    HOWEVER, I DO see the Lakers signing him to an extension b/c hes not the most talented guy out there, but he plays on sheer will and heart alone. Give me a guy who plays his heart out over talent any day.

    Who knows, maybe he takes over for Phil when he retires? (or at least an assistant coaching job).

    • KindSir

      True enough man. I’ll take Fish off the bench and in clutch situations any day though. Let’s get another good PG who can play a lot of minutes and have Fish save his energy, and have him in there with the game on the line.

  • marcspector818

    Dam I love this guy. Leads by example. Never backs down. Respect your elders kids. How many of you want him gone NOW?!

  • trippleocho

    This is why I respect Fish even more than my favorite player (Kobe). He never trash talks, he’s not cocky, he just goes out there and literally give everything he’s got for this team.


    fish always answers the bell.every year,he’s got heart.he’s the kind of spark plug that we need,to counter that “on and off switch” i’ve said through out the year.we need an energy guy. and fish still has that.i hope we repay him with two more wins go lakers!! lets not bring boston back to l.a.

  • Toni

    I have always liked Derek Fisher, even when he went away for a while, I have always liked his demeanor and his grace!

    Even with all the younger guys in the league who are considerably faster than he is, when the game is on the line, there is no other player that I would like to have the ball (that is not named Kobe Bryant), in their hands to take the last shot!!!!

    He is clutch, he is genuine, he is the heart & soul of the team and he definitely DESERVES to be resigned to an extension after they win Championship #16!!!!

    Give credit where the credit is more than definitely due!!!

  • Edmontonoilerseskimoslakers

    I love D-Fish, I hope we resign him for next year or however long he wants to play, he has done so much for our orginization I hope when he does retire he retires a Laker and takes up a coaching job with us.

  • Long

    People dont realize how important Dfish is to the Lakers organization. He does so much for our team. Just his leadership alone and his voice in the huddles are immeasurable. His numbers will never pop out at you but what he brings behind closed doors and his mental toughness on the floor is priceless and we’re lucky to have him in our team. Fish for Mayor!

    Lakers in 5!!!