vetL.A. Times: He had swiveled on defense, bricked on offense, the aging point guard scuffling through a long night in this longest of springs.

But in the waning moments of the furious storm that was Game 3 of the Western Conference finals against the Denver Nuggets on Saturday night, Derek Fisher knew he had one thing that his younger teammates didn’t.

Some would call it wisdom. Some would call it experience. Some would forgo any definition and just call it soul.

Whatever it was, Fisher gave it to the Lakers, dug deep through his three championship rings and gave it all, calling them together during a fourth-quarter timeout and shouting above the Pepsi Center madness in words they will remember all spring.

“Derek pulled us all in the huddle and just reminded everybody, this is what it’s about,” said Kobe Bryant. “This is where you’re tested. To be a champion, you’ve got to respond.”

Standing in front of his sagging body, their young hearts listened.

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  • LakersOwnTheWest

    even when Fishes shot isnt fallin hes still got Great Leadership! an sometimes thats more important

  • lakeshow

    love fish but after this season is over him sashsa and luke should find another team kobe alone will especially see to it that luke and sasha are gone.

  • Lakerfan101

    Dont hate one Fisher…….
    “Never Doubt a Heart of a Champion”


    FISH SUCKS. This fish is like a salmon ready to die. Give it up fish you have hurt the lakers too much this year. You don’t have it so like a salmon go and swim up the river and DIE. Lakers don’t need pep talk they need a guard who can shoot and defend. Quit hurting us and ask Phil to take you out. We would be up 3-0 if it wasn’t for you. The fish smells and needs to be thrown onto dry land and rot.

  • Tim

    lmao @ juan, without him we never would have won that game vs the Hornets, without fish we wouldve had to stick with Sun Yue or Sasha playing point while farmar was out. Fishers done many things to help out the team. yeah Fishers in a horrible slump but i assure you it will go away, Fisher’s leadership is just what we need though, to get the young guys to play hard and to motivate them

  • Lakers_TheTruth

    We all know Fisher has been playing bad, but he brings leadership and experience on though moments. That’s very important right now for our young team.
    Have faith that he will bounce back.
    Mr. 0.4

  • Michael Perez

    Fish is the heart and soul of this team.
    Sure, he’s getting older and all, but he brings the wisdom to this team.
    Way to go Fish.


    [Comment ID #72724 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Fish needs to lay on dry land and soak up the sun. The Fish is Cooked. He hasn’t helped us win one game in the playoffs. This Fish is fried nice and crispy just the way I like my fish. Kobe is the only thing good on this team. He is like a good kobe steak. He is rare and juicy.

  • Joey numbers

    Fish rocks he has two more good years left. He doesn’t turn the ball over, that alone is huge as a starting point guard in this league, and underappreciated that is not at the top of the stat sheet. But in response to lake show, Sasha might be out maybe not, Lukes defense in last nights third qrtr against mellow really helped set the tone to keeep mello at 3 points in the second half, he stepped up in arizas absense. mellos foul trouble im sure helped too. Luke does make some money though so he may be the cap room in keeping shannon brown and lamar next year.

  • J

    Oh god Juan enough with the puns.

  • kobe8

    All you dudes talking bad about Fisher need to chill. He’s the leader of the team and he’s the only one who can keep Kobe in check because they know each other’s game.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Lakeshow wrote: “love fish but after this season is over him sashsa and luke should find another team kobe alone will especially see to it that luke and sasha are gone.”

    Way to show lack of basketball IQ. Luke did not receive a contract extension with the the Lakers because of his outside shooting. He is a big part of what PJ wants from players utilizing the triangle offense. Ball and player movement. Oh…and last night Luke played great D while on the floor. Turn up the volume of your TV and listen to what the experts have to say about Lukes value to the team.

    As far as Fish goes: there is something to be said about leadership and experience. His shot is failing him right now, but Fish continues to find a way to contribute to this championship run.

  • Ryan Eusebio

    Fully agree with you.

    Luke has a lot value to this team. Even tho he isnt scoring 15 pts per game, he makes the team flow a lot better. Great passer and play maker. I got tons of respect for Luke, never hated him. He tries hard especially during the play offs.

    Lets go Lakers!

  • LakersFirst

    Fisher may not be having the greatest playoffs, but he’s still contributing as a vocal leader on this team. I hope those who have been hating on Fisher understand this.

  • lakeshow

    [Comment ID #72788 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i rather here fisher speak on the field instead because hes been sucking really bad.