leaderL.A. Times: Forty-eight minutes were in the books but Game 2 of the NBA Finals between the Lakers and Orlando Magic had yet to be settled Sunday at Staples Center.

Right before the five-minute overtime started, Derek Fisher gathered his teammates around and implored them to seize the moment, to push forward, to not give in.

And then the 34-year-old Fisher went out and played all five minutes of the overtime, part of his 41-minute night in which the 6-1 guard produced across the board.

“As we thankfully got into that overtime, that’s where I sat there and kept telling myself and telling the guys, ‘Five more minutes, man,’ ” Fisher said. “Being the best is not supposed to be easy. These are the type of games that make it memorable.”

It was the most minutes Fisher had played in a playoff game this postseason.

“Whatever it takes at this point,” Fisher said.

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  • Dwight Howard

    I’ll muscle the Fish just like he did to Scola. See you all in Orlando…Go Magics!

  • Lakers_TheTruth

    Glad to know Fisher is back. I knew it PJ would never give up on him. The guy is so instrumental for our team.

    Where are the Fisher haters bandwagon fans?

    Hey Dwight Howard,
    dude, I feel sorry for you. Maybe next year.

  • My Spa Journeys

    This is why Fisher gets more playing time over Farmar and Brown (regardless of how bad of a shooting slump Fisher is in). Fisher is simply a reliable warrior.

    Hey Dwight Howard: Why are you even here?

  • barcalakerfan4life

    respect fisher but hes done unfortunately the lakers are weak on the point guard postion and also power forward and thats a fact.

  • WifelovesLuke

    barcalakerfan4life, brother. Isn’t Pau our Power Forward? How are we weak at that position? And when Pau moves to the 5 spot, LO takes the 4. And we’re weak there? Come on, dude. One of the shining positives in these Finals is how well our bigs are doing in the paint.

    I, for one, would not be surprised if D Fish retires after winning this championship. What a great way to go out. The problem is that he is only 34, still in great shape and is a hell of a competitor. He will be back next year and the debate about D Fish will continue.

  • Tim

    i agree Wifelovesluke, PF isnt weak one bit

    i love Fisher and i always loved him, he was always a leader and now it looks like hes got out of his shooting slump, nothing but positives :D

  • lakers4life.

    hahhah now everyone is back on fishers nuts cuz hes doin good