The Lakers need to make a serious push for Fish.

Inside SoCal: Fisher also has not ruled out a return to the Lakers. Talks between Fisher’s agent, Rob Pelinka, and Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak are said to be ongoing. In addition to the Heat, the Chicago Bulls, the Minnesota Timberwolves and the New Jersey Nets are believed to be interested in signing Fisher.

  • f*ck LeBron!

    pls fish

  • RockstarsoftheNBA

    COME ON NOW!….JESUSf%$^&CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!….NO MO BS!

  • Laker s Army

    Fisher is only worth 2.5 million. Yes he won some big games but the man is 36 and was tourched bye younger gaurds. Nash kills this guy and Daron Williams and Tony Parker so all the best gaurds in the west torch him.
    Oh and oklhomas guards.
    The east gaurds are less talented . If he gets a pay day go.We can get T Mac who stll can play and is bigger quicker and can hit outside. Plus Steve Blake is going to make a diffrence. Also remember Shaun Livingston is stll out there.
    So Derek go on be a band wagoneer like Shaq and Payton see where it gets you .
    Your a fake . Once a Laker always a LAKER.

    • LakersReloaded

      I totally agree. The Lakers are the reason Fisher is who he is. I wouldnt care where he signs aslong as its not with Miami. Fisher is exactly what the Heat need. not a scorer or even an assist guy. All they need is a veteran leader who has championship experience. It gives me goosbumbs just to think about it.

  • Gotta Admit

    Hahahahahaha T-wolves and Nets

  • KB 24

    Fish go fck urself we have to get t-mac Kobe, t-mac, gasol vs lebumm, bosh, Wade.

    • klubbs

      dumb ass

      • lakers0828


    • gus26

      sorry i just saw a trend developing and decided to end it.. hahaha

  • 24allup inya

    id rather see Shanon walk! if sasha and luke deserve 5 mill i think Fisher does too!!!it seems to me that Mitch overpaid the wrong players (cough cough) lamar!!!

    • YES

      I AGREE!!!!!!! 100 %

    • gus26

      sasha and luke will get traded for hedo… ssssssshhhhhh… don’t say anything!!!!… no comments on this if everyone comments its not gonna happen… sssshhhhhh.. just read it and comment to yourself, don’t even say.. “ddduuuuuuumbb” nothing… just read and now read the next comment under this one..

      • BosnianBullet21

        All of y’all are retarded, Sasha is good. Hedo can go somewhere else, no need for him. We got Ron, Kobe, Pau. If we let Shannon walk..Our bench would the worst in the league even with Hedo, cause Hedo needs that big man with him to run that pick and roll…too bad we run the triangle. Go ahead and walk Hedo. Sign fish, lamar,and shannon and the rest we can spend on t-mac. RELEASE STEVE BLAKE.

  • xxv112002

    Hope he doesn’t Leave. Lakers need this guy so bad. SIGN HIM MITCH! But it would hurt less if he signs with Minny and help Rambis with the triple post offense. =)


    Bell still available

    Veteran free-agent forward Raja Bell refuted an Internet story that reported the 33-year-old rejected a contract offer by the Lakers.

    “I have not expressed any disinterest in joining the Lakers,” Bell told in a phone interview Friday. “I have not been extended an offer that I could have rejected. They are one of several teams I am in contact with.”

    Bell said he has received several phone calls from former nemesis Kobe Bryant recruiting his services for next season.

    In a radio interview with’s Tim McMahon earlier in the week, Bell ranked his top-three preferred destinations as Florida (the Heat or Magic), New York (Knicks or Nets), or Dallas. Bell played for the Mavericks in 2002-03.

  • Sir

    Fish needs to quit being selfish cause there’s no way in hell he’s worth 5 mil a year especially at his age and with his production. Take less money and quit being an ass, Fish. And don’t you dare go to the heat unless you want to become LAs version of lebron.

  • 123kid

    buss and mitch needa discuss with fish a fair amount of money. obviously buss likes to do that whole poker player type of deal, but he needs to put that aside and bring fish back with a fair amount. on the other hand, fish needs to get the facts straight that ya you bring experience and leadership to the team, but he is not getting any younger and last time i check, it was kobe mainly guarding the top guards like rondo and westbrook. fish may have an edge against d. will and nash, but against other top guards, he needs to get his head straight and understand if you cant get that done, then you deserve to be paid a lil less.

    • LakErS 3 pEaT

      I agreed they need to discussed to a fair amount but if fish doesn’t want to take it then just leave and be trade us… Fisher is getting older anyways… he can’t handle the elite east or west conference guards…

  • LakErS 3 pEaT

    And beside that I remembered in 08 season we didn’t win the title with him as a pg. Remembered that Lakers Nation…? If he wants to leave then GO!

  • lakers0828

    Its all about the Money I think Lakers are gonna regret it if they dont Sign Fisher

  • Lakers Reloaded

    C’mon Laker fans get on twitter and keep pushing
    Quote from Tracy McGrady

    @jammer429 laker nation is coming hard for me… no talks with front office yet tho….. much love to that laker nation! knicks too!

    • gus26

      oh snaps… thats kinda cool…

      i don’t have twitter but if you can twitt him to just wait it out… we’ll come for him at the end of july…

    • ilikebasketball

      fuck T-Mac!

      • Get Settled

        that’s great insight ilikebasketball thanks. +(note sarcasm)

  • Lakers Reloaded

    click here and get on it!

    • ilikebasketball

      fuck T-Mac!
      we don’t need his tired, injured ass.

  • Str8 Ballin

    WTF Mitch! Wat ar u waiting fo? Just RE-SIGN D-Fish already….

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    Lakers are really scaring me now with stupidity

  • Fact

    Lebron met Fish at the Miami airport. Dun Dun Dun

    • gus26

      i think pat riley is the devil… seriously… thats what i think the devil looks like… hair slicked back… mmmmm maybe with a little skinny mustache though… oh he probably shaved the moustache to throw us off

  • Rio Rondo

    lakers need to pick up Josh Howard for reals it would be very sick seeing him come of the bench, may very unrealstic byt hey who knos

    • gus26

      there you go… we need a pot head off the bench to get odom to start smoking pot again… and playing like he did with the heat and the clippers… :/
      seriously… the lakers will be fine did you guys see how ebanks and caracter played yesterday???

      • Rio Rondo

        lol i forgot about that hah,, lakers need a proven scorer off the bench, tmac ? havent heard anything form him

  • The Real T-Mac

    Hey lakers nation, I’m already a Laker Mitch is such a smart guy his biding his time to announce it in the meantime i’m talking to fisher and he assures me he’s coming back… I’m hungry I think i’m gonna try that king taco place i’ve been hearing about… See you guys next year. I Love LA

    • Get Settled

      Welcome to LAHS -AN-GELES SON! What’d KHOB say? PAYCE

  • D-Fish on the wing

    Everyone thinking Fish should go is a retard.
    That is all.


  • Patrick Chewing

    After I ate my snickers bar, the cool website has a poster saying he was offered 3.5 million by the Heat

  • Kobe4Life

    I am so dam tired of this drama crap! Fisher, make up your mind on where you plan on going! STOP with this ongoing drama. This is not The Young and the Restless! The Lakers need to start building the team who will win the three peat this year.