A lot of fans believe it may be time to bring Fisher off the bench, while I disagree, Fish is very confident in himself.

L.A.Times: Lakers guard Derek Fisher has shot more than 50% only once in the last nine games, has sat out the entire fourth quarter three times in a little more than a week and is on pace to finish with his lowest scoring output per game since the 2003-04 season.

Yet, Fisher said after Thursday’s practice that he was more worried about team chemistry than individual slumps, and that included himself.

“No,” was the answer Fisher provided when he was asked if he thinks he has been struggling.

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  • Baron Davis

    Fisher is definitely NOT struggling. He played a great game last Wednesday and I’m looking forward to blowing by him, er, I mean competing against him next time.

  • Kid Kaos 310

    The mind believes what it want’s to believe, even if the body is not responding in its premier state.

  • 242LakerFan

    Of course he’s struggling, but too much of a warrior to admit it. Fish can still be Fish, but not for 35 min./night. The problem has been the inconsistency off the bench. Brown is getting better all the time, but doesn’t have the complete awareness of the game that Fish has. He doesn’t think the game like Fish. Farmar has shown signs of being ready lately, but that has happened before, just before he turns back into a rookie backup again. Sasha…Sasha…
    If there was more confidence being inspired by the guys behind him, I’d say sit him, but until then, you just have to keep hoping that there’s still that magic in him when it counts, that one incandescent burst that makes up for the long periods of slowly dimming light that come before.
    We live with this Fish, just waiting for that next :0.4.


    I love D Fish and respect all he’s done for our franchise, he’s a stand up guy and is great for the nba. With that said, BENCH HIM! At least once or twice a game, he’ll attempt a horrible post entry pass from frickin HALF COURT, only to get it stolen! He seems to have this problem where, if his man scores on him, he will take it upon himself to try and score the next trip down off an iso! Fish, off a ISO?? He gets way too aggressive offensively for someone who is struggling, and he doesn’t have a 1 on 1 game, he’s a simple spot up shooter! His pg play on the breaks are horrible, once he gets into the lane he flings up a hail mary hoping to get a call, there are times when we need a basket he HAS OPTED TO PASS AWAY FROM KOBE!! We need him more as a mentor and locker room presence rather than be on the court. Farmar and Shannon need to more pt in hopes become more consistant. Fish won’t be a starter for sure next year so we might as well let them get their share of chances to build with our other starters this season.


    *build chemistry

  • LAKERS#1


    • 09champs!

      Wow, Fish scares you at the free throw line? He is almost automatic from there; he misses more layups than free throws. And Miller signed a ridiculous contract so the Lakers obviously wont want to take on it. And BTW, Derek is the 3rd Laker I have more confidence when he shoots behind Kobe and Pau.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Amazing how little some of you understand the game of basketball. Fish is not as bad on defense as some of you imply. The defensive scheme of this team is to funnel opponents in the direction where help defense is “supposed” to be. If Fish allows a guy to go left, it’s usually because that’s where the help is coming from in the interior. If that player doesn’t rotate in time, it appears that old man fish just got nailed to the floor.

    And for the record (coming from a Laker fan of 20+ years) DFish has always had difficulty guarding the speed guys. It was the case when he was 24 and it’s the case at 32 so enough with this “over the hill” “lost a step” crap.

    Come on guys, don’t sway back and forth with your emotions from game to game. Fish fills a roll for this team and has and will continue to do so as long as Phil is the coach. I trust Phil, not you!

  • juice

    I keep seeing people’s posts of how you guys should proof read your sh!t before posting it, and I never really cared much about it! But, this is the Heading of the article man! This is the Title and no one sees this before posting? C’mon man, this isn’t a Celd!cks blog site, it’s a Lakers blog site! We’ve gotta be better than this! Let’s take a little more time and care in what we do ok?

  • LAtimes

    nobody is bashing fish but fish is older and has more defective than pleasant moments now. What he brings to the team is invaluable but just because of this it seems like people want to keep him for five more years. Fish knows when its his time to step down (im not saying its now); i think phil should give farmar a start against speedy guards or just experiment. Until we can sign a player/upgrade our pg position fish should start but should have reduced minutes. I’ve been a [hardcore] fan for 10 years now and love dfish and truly respect the guy (him and kobe are an awesome clutch duo) but just imagine how good wed be a pg like dwill, parker, nash rose etc. Every team in the nba knows that they can beat us with SPEED, something that fish is a liability in…

    Nonetheless hopefully we can finally get a win in portland considering all the players the blazers have lost to injury.


    • daboss1848

      flip that: imagine how good UT, SA, PHX, CHI would be with KB.

      fan for 10 years now but still cant comprehend that u cant have a superstar at every position?

  • Robert

    Fish is a veteran, leader of the team, and clutch player. Phil will ‘tend’ to play veterans, which is generally good. However, I think Phil should ‘optimize’ Fish’s playing. I would start Fish, when he’s fresh in the game, and let him play his balls off. Then take him out early. Play him at the start (or end) of each quarter, and give him few minutes. Then, save him for the last few minutes of the game.
    Playing him at the start shows respect, and then taking him out early optimizes his strengths. It would save face for both him and the team, to play him at the start, and for key moments of a game (like the last 8 minutes).

  • yash

    lol typo stuggling

  • Robert

    Turn out ‘stuggling’ is much worse than ‘struggling':

    From the Urban Dictionary, word: “Stuggle”:


    1. Stuggle: Meaning something bad.

    “Today was so stuggle.”
    “That’s stuggle.”
    or just

    Geez, Chris, I hope you didn’t mean that Fish is stuggling.

  • eddyacer

    C’mon guys, get it together, it looks like you guys are “stuggling” to get words spelled right!

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    he`s never in the game money time(last two minutes), farmer ripped his playing time. watching fish shoot is always good for a laugh.same with his o-lay defense he learned from kobe.