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Phil Jackson sat down with a group of traveling beat reporters on Thursday night, as the Lakers gear up for a game against the Portland Trailblazers.

Jackson spoke in depth about his plans to retire after the season, and how he has been anticipating retirement for the last two seasons.

An interesting story was told when he was asked about his 11 seasons coaching Kobe Bryant, and the evolution of Kobe as a player.

Kevin Ding, from the Orange County Register, wrote about Jackson and Bryant’s relationship, and how earlier in Kobe’s career Jackson arranged Michael Jordan to sit down and talk with Kobe Bryant:

Jackson told the story of arranging a first meaningful meeting between Bryant and Michael Jordan in the 2000-01 season, which was filled with Kobe-driven friction after the first championship the previous season. Jackson’s goal was for the learned Jordan to get the eager Bryant “to understand he didn’t have to stray outside the offense” and the Zen idea to “wait till the game presents itself.”

Jackson said Bryant’s first comment to Jordan, however, was: “I can take you one-on-one.”

  • Inverse

    That’s mah boyyy

  • i0ioooooi0i

    same old stubbron-ass kobe.
    ain’t know way that Jackson was happy with that. Kobe is annoying as fuck.
    as a long-time/die-hard laker fan, i will say this: Kobe is one of the worst things to happen to the Lakers.
    Not THE worst, but he has done more harm than good to the Lakers organization. If you don’t agree, you are not a Lakers’ fan, but a “Kobe” fan.

    • lakerman1

      Its not whether anyone is a Kobe fan vesrsus a Laker fan. Sure Kobe does tends to shoot to much and it is evident that age and injuries are catching up to him. But if you are dillusional enough to think he has done more harm then good then you my friend are not a laker fan.

    • Nicholas

      I am a Lakers fan because of Kobe and like me , there are thousands of people who admire his will and determination. It’s like that old commercial “love me or hate me , it’s one or the other…always has been , hate my game , my swagger , my fadeaway , hunger etc…and hate that i’m loved for the exact same reasons”

    • lakersfan

      Kobe has done more harm then good? I’m sorry, we would not have had a championship the last 2 years without Kobe. We wouldn’t have gotten to the finals 3 years ago without Kobe. When it was the shaq and Kobe era, we would have been good, maybe gotten a couple of championships, but not the 3-peat. You are a Laker fan, but more of a typical “Kobe Hater”

    • AGV

      The most ridiculous statement about Kobe ever written.

    • lakerdude

      man you have NO clue about ANYTHING if you think Kobe has done more harm to the LAKERS than GOOD. That comment could be classified as the worst comment made in the last 15 years. If it was not for KOBE, the lakers would not even be a contender and this is including the Shaq years. When it is all said and done, he will have a statue outside of Staples just like Magic. Dude, switch teams. I never heard of a kobe hater and a laker fan. Dumb Azz statement. Statement has me lost for words. DIE HARD laker fan….get the hell outta here with that BS!!! And to say if someone doesnt agree with you they arent a fan….hahahaha…that is why kobe has the number one selling jersey in league…kobe is why stadiums sell out on the road…stadiums dont sell our for GASOL, ODOM or BYNUM….they sell out cause of the MAMBA and the lake show. That is like saying Michael Jackson was the worst thing that happened to the Jackson 5. Next time keep those dumb azz comments to yourself. GO cheer for the CLIPPERS!!!



      • Adam Trujillo

        couldn’t have said it any better myself; WTF is that guy smoking??? GO LAKERS GO KOBE!!!!! BACK2BACK2BACK!!!!

      • lakerman1

        Dude you are right on the money.

      • Deemac1

        Actually that WAS the “worst comment” ever in basketball and critical history! lol ioiooo either A) knows absolutely nothing about bball ob B) just a flat out hater

    • i0ioooooi0i

      substitute any NBA Shooting Guard (not named OJ Mayo) in for Kobe this season and the Lakers would still be in contention (probably would even have a better record). That’s inarguable.

      • lakerman1

        Dude you just said probably. Probaly is arguable. Different player different chemistry. The truth is the Lakers have 5 Titles with Kobe and any shooting guard is laughable.

        • i0ioooooi0i

          them being in contention for the title with a different starting SG is inarguable.
          the thing that IS arguable is how good their record would be.

      • ilikebasketball

        stop it.

        you are embarrassing yourself.

        • Los Lakers

          thank you

    • Harrison

      getting the organization five championships and nearly catching up to the celtics for the most in the league isnt harming the organization.

    • OK

      No duh I’m a Kobe fan but not a lakers fan. only Kobe knows how to play real bball on both ends and its been proven for years. The rest of lakers just keep wishing to get carried and suck so much.

    • Righty

      @ i0ioooooi0i : Stick to your guns….and don’t let these Kobe ass kissers, not real Laker fans get to you. All they are….are a bunch of Laker apologists like Vic the Dick…oops I meant Brick….lolol. Seriously though….Kobe is a cancer not only to the Laker organization…..but the NBA, too. He has no respect for the greats that have come before him….you don’t talk to the greatest player ever like that.

  • Mamba4Life

    Dat Kobe.

    Nothing is wrong with what he said. Those two are competitive as Didn’t MJ say like 2 years ago that Kobe wouldn’t be able to score 81 if he had defended him? and that’s old Jordan saying that, not young Kobe. Kobe still respects MJ.. but if a time comes so that he has to defend his honour, he’ll do that.

  • LakerMarc


    • Los Lakers

      whoah bro, don’t get ahead of yourself, nobody comes close to jordan, jordan was great in his generation and kobe is great for this generation, but jordan was a beast man… end of story…

  • Laker Warrior

    Kobe is geat Jordan GREATEST. Period.

    M.J. was the most talented player ,then Magic then Kobe.

    • Pizzaman24

      MJ played alongside Scottie Pippen (one of the best defenders ever to play the game) and Dennis Rodman (Who held the record for most rebounds for 7 consecutive seasons). All this while Kobe played alongside the likes of Kwame Brown and Smush Parker during his prime. Kobe has always been double, triple, or even quadruple teamed and still pulled off ridiculously high PPG. Dont get ahead of yourself buddy

      • NoDefense

        agree,Kobe for 3 1/2 years had no help and was the best in the nba,,,,,,what a waste.

      • Drew

        I would argue that Kobe isnt as talanted as MJ and Magic. They have one thing over Kobe, their size. They were somewhat freaks of nature like LeBron is so yes, they are more talanted. Harder working? I would say Kobe wins that one.

    • lakerman34

      I think Magic was more talented than MJ. The reason that MJ is considered ‘better’ is because his athleticism put him over the top. Had Magic had the ability to fly like MJ, then Magic Johnson would HANDS DOWN be the best player EVER. Wouldn’t even be an argument.

      • Sir

        We have a winner! Someone who finally gets it!! Magic wasn’t exactly the most athletic guy around, and had he been as athletic as MJ he would’ve been an absolute monster. This is the same thing that makes lebron so hard to stop- the dude is built like a freaking gorilla, with speed to boot. You’re not going to stop a really fast gorilla (most of the time)!

  • DCLakeshow

    Don’t want to turn this into a Jordan vs Kobe post, but let’s not kid ourselves. It’s well documented that Jordan was one of the most competitive trash talkers in the NBA. Just because the NBA chose not to highlight the fact, doesn’t mean we should ignore it.

    With that being said, this wasn’t the first time the two had met. MAYBE the first time they had a one on one sit down, but certainly not the first time the two had exchanged words.

    Phil keeps letting these comments “slip out,” when they do nothing to better the team. That and his inability to but Bynum in the game in the closing mins of a close game where we need all of our bigs, COMPLETELY baffles me. And NO…it’s not the ZEN.

    Yes…it does kind of piss me off. Its like finding out a close friend goes out of his way to make innuendo comments about you at every chance he gets.

    • Anonymous


      The 1st time Phil Jackson met Pat Riley:
      “You know I’ll end up with more rings then you… right?”

      Anonymous source

  • steve

    fraid not… as much as i love kb24, he is not and no one will ever be greater than mj

    • i0ioooooi0i

      not sure about the “no one will ever be greater than mj” (can’t see the future), but the first part is right on. Kobe is not even close to MJ. probably not even top 25 ever.

      • ^ dumbshit

        I would like to see your top 25 and i know paul pierce is probably on your list cuz you like to suck green dicks

        • Kings of the West

          haha I would also love to see your top 25

      • ilikebasketball

        i warned you.
        you should’ve stopped when i told you to.

        you went and embarrassed yourself again.

        even that boston ‘tard bill simmons had to rewrite his book and put kobe in the top 10 after leaving him out. or maybe it was top 15….

      • i0ioooooi0i

        0. Jordan
        1. Magic
        2. Kareem
        3. Worthy
        4. West
        5. Baylor
        6. Wilt
        7. Moses Malone
        8. Olajuwon
        9. Shaq
        10. Pippen
        11. Dr. J
        12. Bird
        13. Steve Nash
        14. Kidd
        15. Duncan
        16. Garnett
        17. Ginobili
        18. Lebron
        20. Wade
        21. Odom
        22. Dirk
        23. Blake Griffin
        24. D-Rose
        25. Iverson

        • ahhh

          one mans opinion and your opinion isnt the best

        • Lolololololol!!


      • bees

        your just fucking retarded i dont know you and i wanna slap u with my dick

        • Los Lakers

          iooioo whatever the f is your name… you should be banned for having the audacity to put up such a ridiculous, asinine list , ginobli, iverson, odom, nash, dirk, blake in front of kobe…. wow!!

  • pricelesst

    classsssssic kobe!

  • Lake show 2012

    Kobe could retire with 7 rings!!! Jordan only has 6…

  • boma357

    Kobe is just Kobe. He can’t be anybody else other than himself. He has a goal, that goal is shared with the rest of his teammates. Not to say that everyone’s at a loss if he’s not with the Lakers but in reality, his teammates become better players because of him. He guides everyone to become better players. Derek Fisher has utmost respect for Kobe not because he’s a great player but because he sticks up for everyone. When the nuggets wanted Bynum to trade for Anthony, Kobe was there to say something that they needed Bynum. The controversy about Artest calling Kobe to get him to play with the Lakers might be a little fabricated but we all know Kobe’s had altercations with Artest before the Lakers but now look at Artest. How is he a “harm” than “good”? Kobe can’t please everyone but we can all agree on one thing, he has skills to back up his shit.

  • Sam

    Look lets say it how it really is:

    ya look i love kobe, he’s great. But unforutnately he’s too stubborn to realize where the best play is at times if not most. Everyone talks about why his is the #1 jersey, does that really matter; yao ming was selected to the all star game w/o playing a game this season that doesnt mean sh*t…anyways, look kobe is the SECOND best sg of our time…there is a debate if he’s better than west and its granted, west could be better, but just because none of us have enjoyed the greatness of west does not mean west is not as good if not better. Anyway, Kobe at times DOES shoot our team out of games; come on, he’s made 2 jumpers and then shoots a half court three; really, you’re telling me gasol against david lee is not a better shot than kobe jackin’ up a 3/4 three point shot. Kobe has saved our a*ses from games and puts us in games, but thats besides the points.

  • edselPinoy2

    i’m amazed by the amount of basketball experts. might as well read some espn blogs.
    let’s enjoy the guy while his at it. no one except dwade(if he develops a lethal post up) comes close to kobe’s bball completeness skill. u name it from offense(perimeter, midrange, low post) to defense ( sagging, 1on1, triangle, to zone) to smarts (getting off 2 – 3 defenders).
    man oh man. kobe’s the sweet science of basketball, tho u could argue that when his shooting sucks its ugly. but i wouldn’t change kobe for what he is.

    HE IS KOBE. nough said.

  • i0ioooooi0i

    kobe is whack.

    • djpatel24

      I was listening to 710 a few days ago and John Ireland made this comment about the Shaq Kobe Era ” Shaq can get us there, but Kobe is the one that everyone fears, hes the killer, without him who would fear the Lakers?” i have to admit its completely true. He might jack up some questionable shots now, cuz honestly hes beat up and getting old and cant dunk over everyone like he usto.. and his legs wont allow him to certain things he could. But for someone so beatup for the last 3yrs he plays at a fucking high level and his drive and determination is what puts him in the Jordan vs. Kobe debate. If he wasn’t good enough then there would not be any debate. Both Jordan and Kobe were cocky ass players, they believed they could do anything and thats why they succeed. You gotta be sure of yourself to do the things Kobe and MJ could do. If they were not as stubborn and cocky they would not be willing to take game winning shots, they know they could fail but they worked at what they do so much it gives then confidence to do such things. And as for Dwade being the only one with that same competitive nature i completely disagree with whomever said that, Lets not forget TOP MVP candidate Derek Rose, he has the drive and dedication, hes gonna be one of the best.

  • MJ>KB

    there is no question that michael jordan is better than kobe bryant. I am a die hard laker fan and i love kobe, but as a basketball fan those of you who think he’s on the same level as MJ are just foolish. and to that “ioooioooioo” whatever the hell your name is, you sir are just an idiot. how the hell do you not have kobe bryant in your top 25, and have the audacity to put blake griffin over oscar robinson? gtfo

  • R Richard1982

    Well I must start by saying most of y’all don’t know what ur talking about, yes michael jordan is the man without questioonn he paved the way, but that was how long ago? Look how much better players are now and how much harder the competition is and look at what kobes done so far.. 5 rings soon to be 6, 81 points in a game, 62 in 3 qtrs outscoring the mavs, and the last two, three years doing it with bbroken fingers and what not and still dominating… yea its safe to say kobe and mj are on the same level and for the record anyone who says kobe is whack is retarted and doesn’t deserve to watch basketball