ESPN: The NBA announced to its teams this week at its annual pre-draft camp that fines will be imposed on players starting next season for clear cases of “flopping,” has learned.

The league office has yet to determine exact fine amounts for offending flops and how fines might escalate for repeat offenders, but in-game arena observers and video reviewers will be instructed to report instances of theatrical flopping for potential punishment as part of postgame reports on officiating and other matters.

The league’s pledge to crack down on flopping was conveyed to team representatives at Tuesday’s competition committee meeting in Orlando.

NBA executive vice president of basketball operations Stu Jackson confirmed the new policy Wednesday night saying: “What was clearly expressed to the committee is that we would begin imposing fines next season for the most egregious type of flops. When players are taking a dive, for lack of a better term.”

Because a precise penalty system has not yet been structured, it is not yet known whether serial floppers will be subject to possible suspensions after a certain number of fines for flopping, as seen with the league’s protocol on technical fouls. Players who accrue 16 technicals during the regular season are hit with a one-game suspension when they get to No. 16 — the limit is seven technicals during the playoffs — and receive one-game suspensions for every other technical thereafter (No. 18, 20, etc.).

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  • Sopi

    oh, poor sasha~

  • carlo

    if they call/fine it consistently im fine.. players could adjust..

  • Smush Walton

    Great News!

    I am disgusted watching all of the ridiculous flopping. I like the idea proposed by Stu Lantz to get rid of the charge fouls after someone passes the ball. It makes the game a joke to have so many stupid charge calls.

  • DingleBerry

    Thank god Vlade retired his fines would exceed his paycheck…

  • lalball81

    Agreed Walton, I absolutely hate that call. It’s completely ridiculous and has to be adressed.

  • daboss1848

    I certainly hope verbal flopping is not policed – otherwise our very own almighty one will not only have to worry about suspensions for technicals but also for this . . .

  • Luis24

    damn Varejo (mispelled from cleveland) is out of a job. This is great all these floppers piss me off, It will be easier for Kobe now

  • BringDFishBack

    Sasha’s gonna need to sign a big contract this summer, he’s gonna need to be able to pay for this!

  • DoDoBallz

    I really don’t like Tony Parker
    Ive watched this series and one thing Ive
    notice every time he goes to the basket he
    purposely falls to get the call.Maybe other players
    do it but I see it so much from him that Ive lost respect.

    As for the fines its a bit much.Only because what if one of these
    flops decides a game and its a turnover for the other team.

    Then the NBA fines whoever because they saw it was a flop.
    Now in an important game how does a fine help with what actually
    goes on in the game.What are you gonna say “Hey the other team won the game but at least that other guy got fined”.

    Screw a fine just make an in game rule


    Now don’t get me wrong I hate flops it just makes you wanna
    fight that person for not being tough and playing.Yeah I know
    we love it when its our team that gets the call. but if its to better the game(without the fines) I’m for it.

    Then another question.How do you determine a flop?
    Especially if the player that took the charge has a pretty
    good case.

    NBA make sure this is something that you have thought threw.

  • Smush Walton

    I agree, Tony Parker constantly falls down, ending up with his feet up in the air. It is a joke! He runs full speed into the lane, leans into people then falls down. It makes the game a farce. Who wants to watch this kind of garbage?

  • Jimmy

    How about when a player flops, you just don’t call it.

  • willow

    How about when a player flops you kick him in the nuts? All these Euro softies brought the flop into the leauge. Like Tony Parker, Anderson Varejao, Sasha, Nesterovic, Vlade Divac, that kid who was the number one pick who turned out to be a bust. They need to toughen up and play straight up D!!!