Inside The Lakers: After today’s practice went well, Andrew Bynum said he plans to play Sunday against the Memphis Grizzlies and April 14 against the Utah Jazz. Those are the Lakers’ final regular-season games. Bynum has said all along that he hoped to play in a couple of regular-season games before rejoining the active roster for the playoffs.

Bynum has been sidelined since tearing the MCL in his right knee Jan. 31 against Memphis. He suffered a season-ending left kneecap injury Jan. 13, 2008 against Memphis. So a return against Memphis on Sunday seemed like the right time to come back to the court.

“I just have to get my timing back,” said Bynum, who did not travel with the team for Tuesday night’s game against the Kings in Sacramento. “Other than that, I’m ready to go.”

  • paulpierce_best

    boooooo beat la beat la beat la. were gonna beat lakers like the kings did before……….. celtics all the way.

  • ko8e_f@n

    …almost makes me wish he wouldn’t play against Memphis again! he’s cursed against that team! lol

  • purp and gold

    celts sucks balls!!!! good news about bynum! but why against the grizzlies?

  • Andrew Rafner

    good. it’ll be good to see him face that grizzly fear

  • farmabrick

    Lakers/Cavs Finals, if the Lakers can get past the Blazers and the Nuggets.

  • Saber

    Drew playing against the Grizzlies bothers me a lot…

  • kobe8

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t play against the Grizzlies. PLEASE..

  • BostonBlowsMyBalls

    It’s good the kid is finally coming back, but who knows what kind of condition he’s going to be in? Also, he will NOT be the answer to the bench mop struggles. They were playin with Gasol and Odumb, who are in better shape than Bynum, and they still managed to screw things up.

  • farmabrick

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    Sorry, but check out the stats on for 5 Man Unit play for the Lakers: Farmar and Sasha play much better with Andrew on the floor. Interestingly, Kobe does not. But Kobe does play better with Luke on the floor. Go figure.

  • Diehardfan

    I would rather him play against Portland. That game is so much more important as far as him playing. The Lakers have such a tough time beating them in their own home court. That is a huge game and it could help determine who gets home court advantage between the Lakers and Cleveland. I wish that Boston would beat Cleveland so the Lakers could play them in the finals but it’s not happening. It’s over for the Celtics.

  • lainok

    the biggest challenge this year is not getting to finals, not puting teams away when we have a lead, not the inconsistency of our bench, not kobe going thru dryspells, not playing down to their opponants….


  • e-bucher

    yikes a/ memphis???…is that really a good idea…

  • 123kid

    maybe the reason why bynum wants to play against memphis is it could be psycholigcal. he thinks if he plays them again and gets through 48 min without gettin hurt, then he’ll break the curse and gain confidence that hez fine and he can just keep attacking in the middle without that back of the mind thought of gettin injured again. hope it never happens ever again (knock on wood)!

  • Geloman

    Man, I thought he was gonna play against Denver. I think he needs more than a couple of games to get ready for the playoffs. Denver and Portland would be a great test not just for him but for the Lakers as a team.

  • gugy

    I am happy Bynum is finally back and we do not need to keep hearing again and again this same story over and over. but could he wait one more game and skip Memphis?

  • LakersFirst

    Bynum return completes the Lakers. The rest of the NBA is f*cked.

  • Alli

    pppfftt… yea right, grizzzz’z aint gonna wine
    LAKES ALLLLLL THE WAY.. i think you must have said it wrong.. go hate on other pages…… karmas a bitch and youll notice that when we kiccccckkkk yoouurrr asssss..


  • Greg

    Memphis – Forget superstition! The BEAST is baaaack!!!!

  • kwame4mvp

    why memphis? damn…

  • Billy Kupchak

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    don’t you have your own site to whine on? :cool:

  • HereWeGo

    im already nervous thinking of bynum playing against memphis.. i might have to cover my eyes that game

  • WifelovesLuke

    While I would love to see Bynum get a few more games than 2, I for one am not concerned. The playoffs are weeks long and our first round opponent (Mavs) will be a great fit for Bynum to build confidence. Having Bynum return to play 15-20 minutes against the Grizzlies is a great idea for phsycological reasons. Final home games of the season for his coming out party? Make it rain, Drew!

  • Bynum_giant


    WISH NOT!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • FT

    this is what needs to go on b4 the memphis game.
    Phil: alright guys lets go out there and get a win, but please please please stay the f*** away from drew!!! when he jumps run away from him, when u drive to the basket fall foward, not back, just dont touch him!!haha

  • BostonBlowsMyBalls

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    Those stats are before he got injured. I’m taking about now. Bench mops haven’t played with Drew since Jan. Who knows if the chemistry is still there?

    There have been reports of the kid being out of shape and getting winded in practice. IF the kid manages to play in the regular season, I see him coming off the bench playing no more than 15 minutes a game. Nothing to really get excited about until we see him play. It may take him a few games to get back to where he was, but who knows?

  • Chris Manning

    Time to cue up my new video.

  • 2Anush4

    I read a funny comment that PJ didnt want Bynum developing a complex, he doesnt want him scared of bears lol… maybe thats why hes playing.

  • sejhsekh

    [Comment ID #67096 Will Be Quoted Here]

    are u stupid? We sweeped them last year and your scared of them, Oh big deal they have billups. i will twist his balls sack around 3 times and make him eat it. And portland????? Sure we lost to them terribly last time but what happened the first game of the season WITH BYNUM! Oh pleez grow up

  • Dracul

    UGH! Not the Grizzlies! Godammit that team has a hex on Bynum. I wish he’d play against Portland, SIT against Memphis and then play again.


  • AllthewayLA

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    they have their wn site. they just dont have anything in boooston. haha