Impressive play by Caracter led him to being #3. It was well earned.

NBA: Caracter finished off his impressive Summer League with 10 points and six rebounds in the Lakers’ 80-71 loss to the Spurs. L.A. finished 0-5 in Las Vegas, but Caracter may have earned a long look from the Lakers’ brass with his size, aggressiveness and array of low-post moves.

  • LakErS 3 pEaT

    Sign the rookies Mitch!

  • So

    What of the one named Ebanks.

  • Jonny

    this guy is really worthed to sign…

  • Jack Y.

    Wow. EBanks fell off top 10. That’s not surprising I guess since he struggled in the last three games.

  • Joseph

    see how he fares against Mbenga and Powell in training camp

    • Marwan Marzina

      Powell and Mbenga don’t play for the Lakers anymore because they are free agents and the Lakers let them walk. So Caracter is most likely going to take their role with more playing time, depending if Phil decides to put rookies in.

  • Sheds

    Well deserved. The guy can play! Now sign him and see if he can produce some quality minutes in a backup role.

  • Ingram

    After watching Summer league play, I believe Derrick was the best low post player at Vegas…I think the Lakers got a steal. If the guard play would have ran the triangle offense, Derrick would dominated even more. The guards jacked up too many jumpers, without running the offense. Derrick is a keeper…I think he is going to be a beast. The future is Bynum and Derrick in the low post. Derrick has great footwork and great low post moves.


      I agree. He had moves and showed discipline in the post. He is right handed but loves using his left hand. This really throws off defenders because it’s natural for someone that is right handed to try to block the right side of a person. And most importantly, he is a 2nd round rookie = cheap $$$. Ebanks is also a good pickup, a bit slower than ariza, and at times I saw that he would try to fingerroll a shot when a dunk was available in the lane. Things that he can most definetly work on but again, 2nd round rookie = cheap $$$. Mitch, sign these rookies, try to sign Lin and a backup big (mbenga)fine w/ me, and lets get started.

  • nick

    Sign both these guys please! Forget Larry Hughes, he is way over rated and sucks big time. This guy does not have my vote. I would rather gamble on Jeremy Lin in a heart beat over Larry!

  • rondo

    Derrick Caracter reminds me of a old school power foward( Paul Silas Kermit Washington and Charles Oakley) to name a few, Caracter has more offense and has a better jump shot. This guy was one the best players in high school in the New York New Jersey area. If Derrick developes a kick ass attitude like Charles Oakley he’s going to be awesome.

    • gus26

      he is already getting there… before summer league he said he is taking it to everyone who got picked before him, his motto was “bring your game, not your name”…

      • No-Look Pass!

        I love it! thats the attitude we need too.

        • Andrew Bynum Jersey

          Character reminds me of David West but more of a post player.. but with Charles Oakley’s mentality the kid can be good! Good call.

  • Laker s Army

    Grab this guy he s a animal. What about Luke who would rather sit that play ? And did Ammo go also.
    Sasha is under contract right and luke to. Is that the reason they cant get rid of them plus nobody wants over paid bums.

    • KM

      Luke is under contract til 2013 (you could say til 2030.. at this point heck). At 31 yrs of age Tmac and if Steve Blake is 30 then I sense a double standard.. He is not old I don’t care what anybody says and he can still play, I think he will turn out to be like Grant Hill and jump from team to team til he’s like 37 without any rings if he doesn’t accept the remaining MLE if they don’t re-sign Shannon what is it 1.8mle + whatever Shannon frees up? then you get a vet min and the #’s add up. You got your 2 drafts and thats pretty much what you need.. a vet who wants to prove himself in L.A. with Kobe, in t-mac/hughes/etc etc etc etc. 2 lengthy draftees who are 6’9 can play D and are hungry to show what they have, and a vet big who will back Bynum. Then you got Steve Blake and Odom showing they can annihilate teams by themselves.. Then aside from that you have a driven Kobe with a regained sense of the self.. Artest he’s gym ratting it, the big Spaniard and Bynum showing everybody how you get better year by year.. nothing to fear. Anybody trying to get a ring is welcome to the Lakers

  • Schism

    The only problem with Caracter is that he gets about as many PF’s as RPG, and thats against rookie squads. Because they can’t foul out in Summer League, maybe he played over the top to bring in big #’s. Those PF #’s won’t translate well into NBA games.
    Ebanks had good games early, then fizzled a bit, but the #’s were good overall, with some good D. In the last half of Summer League, the Top picks came out to play, and overran the stats, to knock Ebanks from the ladder. Also, 5 games in 7 days tired them both out, as probably the top players as well.
    The Lakers had said that good summer league play gets an invite to training camp. Signings won’t happen til after the FA’s are settled…probably.

    • 242LakerFan

      Hey, don’t worry, I guarantee you, absolutely, that he will NOT average 8 fouls a game in the NBA. Bet the house on it.

      • Schism

        He’ll probably play only 6 mins a game in his rookie season, and if he gets 1 foul per 6min, what would that average out to? In any case, with good coaching, some refinement, and less over-eagerness to impress during training camp should do some good. Caracter was impressive nonetheless in SL.

      • kobe-wan kenobi

        he will avg 6 a game though which is a lot…
        if a player has tendency to foul is not going to stop doing it especially playing against better players
        that is a real concern

  • KM

    Lakers are in no rush to sign anybody- to mitch its all about the #’s and the bottom line: willingness to learn and the intangibles they bring that Shannon does or doesn’t bring. Fans are asking for Tmac like throwing darts at a pizza box. Right now, everything they sought out to do has been accomplished, bringing a different PG re-signing Fish, and agreeing with Phil in principle. They’ve already gotten deep 2nd round draft picks with tons of upside. Everything else will be icing on the cake I am feeling pretty good about the season already.

    • Schism

      Agreed… 90% of the cake is made. The Lakers are just determining the flavor of the icing.
      T-Mac couldn’t get Houston out of the 1st round when he played w/them, but the Rockets took L.A. to 7 games w/o him. That tells you alot about team chemistry.
      Also, Show me a former 25-PPG player with chronic knee and back problems, and I’ll show you a player that sits on the bench because of chronic knee and back problems.
      The Lakers could use a backup G that could score some and/or play D, and decent C that can play more mins than Mbenga to give Bynum better rest. There are about a half/dozen of each still on the market. L.A. is not in desperation mode.

  • gus26

    the lakers will sign plaers once all the teams that have cap space finish spending… hurry up CLIPPERS!!!!!