am570 KLACOur boy Shane Bien was on the this afternoon’s Loose Canons and he was rad enough to mention LD2k, hZm and the Nugget by name and also plug our little website,

Thanks, playa.

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  • http://thrrhtrh joge

    is ot possible for boston to get oneal and murphy

    KOBE and KG will =championchips LAKERS4life lets make the deal for kg do it and do it know mitch!!!!!!!!

  • Kenny

    Gotta pray man we got get our hope and pray u had a great point i mwan magic and kareem , west and wilt, kobe and shaq, kobe and KG we need this man dont matter WAT

  • darkice18


  • Mr.47

    I’ve been a laker fan for a long time and I’m glad is getting well deserved attention. There’s nothing like fellow laker fans being in a position to make something happen based on a laker fans dream.

    I would bet that some of the hype behind this site contributed to the overall hype for KG. I’ve been coming here since it got started and never stopped.

  • Fredos

    Build around KB, KG and for some reason I think Farmar. Don’t know why, but I think he is going to be a great PG.

  • Bryan

    Awesome Shane. I just need to get some stuff off my chest. I’m very happy that there is at least talk between the Lakers and the Timberwolves, but is it me or does everyone just love to hate Kobe and the Lakers? Yahoo sports writers are on Kobe and the Lakers whenever something bad happens or when they have any opportunity at all to Kobe-bash. But when something good is going for the Lakers, they don’t mention it whatsoever. Did anyone else notice that they didn’t cover the Lakers-Garnett talk? Instead, they had the Kobe unlikely to go to Bulls article. KG to the Lakers should be the TOP news on every sports site. Instead, Yahoo chose to headline YAO MING TO GET MARRIED. Wtf is that shit? And.. Ric Bucher………… OMG… someone mentioned in the shout box about watching Sports Center and if no one saw it, let me tell you what happened. I forgot who was covering the story but it wasn’t Bucher himself. It was somebody else and he mentioned Bucher so quickly that you had to almost rewind and watch it again to hear his name. He said something like “And what I hear from Kobe’s camp. Ric says that his position stands on wanting to be traded.” Bucher, the man that said there is a ZERO percent chance of Lakers landing KG must be shitting in his pants right now. After getting bashed by the Times and now a KG to LA possibility right after he stated there would be no way in hell, I would be surprised if they didn’t let his ass go. Anyway… I’m a huge Odom fan but very much like Kobe, I like winning more than anything too. Lets get this deal done and win!

  • Jason

    FREKING SELFISH BOSTON! Don’t they realize the NBA, as a WHOLE ASSOCIATION, NEED THIS!!!!!???!!!

  • LD2k

    Shane, you’re the man. Mad props for that and great stuff there man. :)

    It makes us feel great with all the fan support and love.