This is wild, and def. news worthy. The New York Post is reporting that the F.B.I. is getting involved in investigating an NBA official who “fixed” games on which he bet on. If they find out this official worked the contraversial NBA Finals of 2006, the NBA could be in BIG trouble. Also, remember this very suspicious Lakers/Cleaveland game in the ’05-’06 season?

predictable.New York Post: The FBI is investigating an NBA referee who allegedly was betting on basketball games – including ones he was officiating during the past two seasons – as part of an organized-crime probe in the Big Apple, The Post has learned.

The investigation, which began more than a year ago, is zeroing in on blockbuster allegations that the referee was making calls that affected the point spread to guarantee that he — and the hoods who had their hooks in him — cashed in on large bets.

A law enforcement official told the AP on the condition of anonymity that the referee was aware of the investigation and was planning to surrender next week.

The official said the bets involved thousands of dollars and were made on games during the 2005-2006 and the 2006-2007 seasons.

The NBA issued a brief statement: “We have been asked by the FBI, with whom we are working closely, not to comment on this matter at this time.”

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  • lakerfan81

    I mentioned this earlier. This will be interesting to watch unfold. Are these nationally televised games (TNT, ESPN) or less advertised games? This cold have pretty big implications.

  • kobeguru

    Ithink it is bennoit salvatoire, he did the cavs games, and he does a lot of laker games.

  • KBisDarthVader

    i remember that cavs game…..suuuuper shady.

    by the way, Kobe bryant is really, really good at basketball

  • Papihitman

    Kuprach and this referee, STole every day.

  • Billy Kupchak

    you can go see the controversial lakers vs. cavaliers game on

  • Brandon

    I just watched that youtube clip..and i remember that game. Kobe and the Lakers get no love from the refs. Look at the Suns series in 2006. It seems every ref is out for the lakers. Just happened this ref is actually fixing games. Won’t suprise me if he did alot of laker games. Or miami games..HINT…Dwade and his 100 free throws a game.

  • LD2k

    I remember these games – doing highlights – like they were just finished today. That Cle/LAL game was very frusterating… something def. was up that night.

    Honestly, I hope the FBI finds no proof in this; as it would be very bad for the NBA :(

  • saipanlakerfan

    Let’s hope its not. Seeing that on i couldn’t even believe my fucking eyes. for true lovers of the game, this is DEVASTATING news. jesus, what if they find out this shit went down in the playoffs to? probably would have, as there would be heavier betting then. fuck this.

    on another note, did anyone else have a mini heart attack seeing espn.coms headline “kobe’s new colors” earlier today. i thought he was traded, which is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! It was of course about the red white and blue. But jesus christ, that was fucked up.

  • Lakerboy248
  • fred0s

    You know what, I think the team that was screwed the most by this were the Los Angeles Lakers. I mean what bigger target in the NBA is there than Kobe Bryant? Sure you see it in a minor degree in some games, but if look at how many times Kobe gets fouled and not called, I mean its incredible.

  • LD2k

    Found the guy:


  • los24
  • mj2kb

    their talkin about referees in general. not just him

  • lakersforlife77

    I hope this ref gets put in his place