Forum Blue & Gold: It’s about five weeks until the Lakers head into training camp. Five weeks with really no basketball to speak of as we watch the start of football (both American and in Europe) and writers and bloggers start working on team previews.

And when those previews come out, a lot of people are going to pick the Los Angeles Lakers to win a title. There’s good reason for that – the Lakers went six games into the NBA Finals last season without their starting center and having Kobe’s finger held in place by a piece of tape.

Lakers fans have a reputation, in some part deserved, of thinking anything short of hanging a new banner and having a parade downtown is a failed season. Going into this season that certainly will be the expectation of many.

But is that fair?

I don’t think that it is. For two primary reasons, one practical and one philosophical…

1) You never know how a season will shake out. Injuries can turn a team’s season around, plus other teams will have players emerge that we didn’t expect (as Bynum did last year). This is a deep Western Conference and the difference between winning the conference and going out in the second round is pretty slim. Then there are good teams from the East to overcome. I don’t think it’s fair to expect nothing but a title in such a close, fluid situation.

2) Focusing on the end result spoils the journey.
One of the best parts of last year’s Lakers success was the unexpected joy of watching young players (Farmar, Bynum and others) start to blossom and how that changed the team dynamic. We watched Kobe evolve over the course of the last four years. Suddenly a team we had watched struggle and grow together was very good.

And while this year’s journey starts from a different vantage point, it should still be an entertaining one. This team still needs to grow, it needs to find a defensive desire and game that can compliment what will be an explosive offense. It will have to overcome adversity.

And it may or may not end in a title. But if the title is the only goal, we as fans will look past the steps it took to get there, robbing some of the joy from that moment. And I want to completely soak in that moment.

But what do you expect this season?

  • KuyaJL

    Well said. You guys can’t predict a championship already, you have to see how it plays out first. The other West teams can be much of a surprise how good they are and if injuries haunt us like they did last year that’s not going to be a positive thing going into the playoffs.

  • Lo12

    i hope that kobe will be his old superman self this year. And if he is, the lakers are going to be on top of the nba

  • lakers08-09

    Kobe should not take all those 3 pointers.Gets away from the offense,and got lazy on D “” USA should have one by more.Not
    to say Kobe did not play great,it’s just those little things
    that don’t get noticed.He’s clutch it’s just sometimes I think
    he eases up a little for the drama.

  • xtro

    Lakers vs Rockets in the WCF. Lakers vs Celtics again in the NBA Finals. This time around, Lakers will prevail, get revenge and win the NBA title.

  • Lo12

    Lakers vs Rockets in the WCF. Lakers vs Celtics again in the NBA Finals. This time around, Lakers will prevail, get revenge and win the NBA title.

    thats a great story

    i hope the rockets will be god to


    Laker08-09,your wrong for those comments.By saying that we should’ve won by more,your disrespecting Spain and that’s all it was,SPAIN CAME TO PLAY,PERIOD!

  • Whatsa

    Man I just want to shut up all of those Celtic’s fans.. they don’t believe like we do.

    Same people that think “Kobe will never win a championship again without Shaq.”

    Shaq sucks nowadays anyway.

  • ricky

    i expect the best from the lakers this coming season because i know they are hungrier now that they got to the finals, lost, and now they want to be back there. i know phil was so damn close to his tenth ring that he will motivate his players to play their hearts out cause phil is getting closer to the end of his career and with this current lineup, its his best opportunity since the old championship team broke up. this is the best time for the lakers to dominate the nba once again. the celtics are still good, they are the damn champs after all, but they did nothing in the offseason and they lost a solid bench player and did not retain the services of two of their vets. the spurs are still probably one of the good teams, but injuries to ginobili and age is gonna hit them this season. the suns are on the decline even though they never got to the top at all and shaq feeling his age, and the mavs are going down too cause kidd is feeling his age and dirk can’t lead the team. the teams that will only give us a run for our money is new orleans, portland, houston, and utah.

  • Omie

    I disagree with this post. It’s championship or bust.


    …AND WE NEED A POST ABOUT THIS BS LO TRADE FOR RJ(Richard Jefferson),true or false?

  • xtro

    lamar for richard jefferson???? where?

  • thomas

    l think the Lakers will win the championship and that expectation or hope isn’t going to ruin the experience for me as a fan. lf anything it would enhance it because the players know that there fans will expect that of them and that will force them to rise to the occasion and that will make it more enjoyable to watch.

  • DCLAKER,don’t know who sent it but they say on other sites that it’s ‘LEGIT’…ask me I say “LE-&HIT”(Sorry but it is)….though gettin’ RJ wouldn’t hurt but THIS RUMOR IS CRAP!

  • 123KID

    its hard to predict whats gonna happen, cuz you not only gotta account what the lakers are doing but what what other teams are doing as well. the few things that i expect to happen is for the guys other the spotlight to still keep shining on (i.e. josh powell, sasha, bynum, and farmar, and ariza). i hope that this year, we can have the toughest starting line-up ever put together, that bynum makes it to the all star game, and that guys like odom, luke, mihm, and radman are not just sitting on their @$$es.


    We know Luke and Vlad are…Mihm is…just bein’ Mihm,WON’T PLAY!!

  • Mitch4Pres

    all the western teams may have gotten better but so have we. and since we got to the finals last yr, we should be expected to get there again since we have an even better team. i can still enjoy the season whether they win the ring or dont make the playoffs because im a true laker fan but in this situation for next yr its championship or bust. even if its a bust ill enjoy watching them all year but be disappointed.

  • lakaluva

    Nope… lets not start this Utah Jazz mediocracy bull crap!!! Bring home the title or trade someone until we get the right pieces to get that title. Im sure the Kings had fun watching thier team blossom, but it was a whole lot better watching the Lakers win the title during those years. LETS GO GET IT!!!

  • Mitch4Pres

    lakaluva knows whats up

  • lakrfan4life

    lakaluva indeed knows whats up

  • Kb_24mvp

    everything else is a failure when u dont win that championship!!! its time to put in work and get that championship!!!

  • Big Phil

    Mitch, if you can trade Odumb for Tayshaun Prince, I will take back everything negative I said about you…