mitchForum Blue & Gold: First off, sad news about Greg Oden losing this season to a fractured patella.  Much as I dislike the Blazers, sports-hate only goes so far (I feel so dirty using a Bill Simmons term).  We Laker fans can sympathize with seeing your young big man go down for the season; it’s a feeling like a punch to the gut that won’t go away.  Best wishes to Oden and a quick, full recovery.

Now, I wonder: after a pretty busy summer, it seems like Mitch Kupchak has it pretty easy these days.  However, I wanted to take a look at what is potentially on his plate and I came up with three things: getting Kobe to sign a contract extension, shedding salary, and bringing in someone to improve the bench play.

1.) According to the LATimes, the Lakers have offered Kobe a max extension, which he summarily rejected.  In a recent article for the NYTimes, Larry Coon tells us that this was probably the smart move, given that the CBA will expire in 2 years at which time the formula for the calculation of maximum salary (Kobe’s salary) may be decreased.  All signs point to Bryant coming back to LA (he’d be pretty crazy to leave), so it’s just a matter of when and at what price.  Perhaps we should just take our minds off it with another look at the ridiculousness from Friday night.  Boy am I glad I didn’t go to bed early.

2.) Going along with our recent discussion of the Taco Unit (love the name, btw) and Adrian Wojnarowski’s couple lines about the Lakers FO wanting to cut salary, I figured I would also take a look at his options to purely cut salary.

Disclaimer: There will be no overt trade speculation allowed in this thread.  This means no statements in a form isomorphic to “the Lakers should trade Player X for Player Y.”  In short, I want to limit the discussion of players.

According to Wojnarowski, Mitch Kupchak is looking to cut salary from the Lakers monolithic $91, 377,313 pay roll.  Frankly, I wouldn’t blame the FO is this was the case.  With a pay roll that size, I can imagine Dr. Buss staring at his poker funds while sitting at some table second-guessing an all-in decision.  He has already shelled out a ton of cash for the team; asking much more of him is just greedy.

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  • Salty

    I hope all the kiddie fanboys read this so they can stop with all the “trade Sasha, Farmar, Walton for Player x” fantasy nonsense.

  • sep08

    It’ll be very hard to trade anyone in the lakers. The only player that I can potentially see leaving is Farmar. Vujacic will be very hard to move, unless he is paired with a player like Farmar or Brown. I would rather the lakers keep Brown or Farmar but I highly doubt the lakers will be able to make any changes.

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    I wouldnt really wanna talk about trades in this thread but, I’m 100% sure that the Lakers wouldnt want to trade Brown for any player unless they were Lebron or DWade and chances of those is like having another “Kwame for Pau trade”

    With the way Farmar is playing, 10+ points the past 4 games, I’m sure they wouldnt trade him, especially since Farmar and Brown are effective together on the court.

    The Lakers MIGHT be able to trade Sasha if the right offer came by. If they want to get rid of him that badly, Im sure Lakers will take a dive and get an expiring contract for a scrub. After that scrub’s contract expires, the Lakers have a free spot for a draft pick or a free agent.

    I say that Lakers should keep their 1st round draft pick this year becuase the draft can surprise everyone. 10th overall pick Brandon Jennings is like the 1st overall, and he is playing better than any of the first 9. Kobe was 13th overall and look at where he is now.

  • drive-for-16th

    we should try to trade sasha and ammo together to teams wanting expiring contracts. And vujacic only has one more year on his contract. Ammo is done after this year

  • LakersAllTheWay

    Kobe and Phil should be kissing Mitch’s feet and sucking his toes for giving them all the talent to win a championship. It was just over two years ago when Phil and Kobe wanted Bynum traded for more talent to win. Thank you Mitch.

  • Andrew Rafner is back

    Idk Mitch is doing but I do know TNL is begging for Andrew ” you already knew that” Rafner to once again to leave rants and blogs and contributions, well sorry guess you had your chance!

    • http://LakersNation Marwan

      OK, explain why you left TLN and now you want back. I dont wanna start telling you off, but this time, tell us, why did you leave TLN?