mihmForum Blue & Gold: I really don’t understand the idea of trading Chris Mihm for Tyronn Lue, the rumor that has gained enough momentum to be taken seriously. But then, any Laker trade rumor is harder to kill than Freddy Krueger.

The Lakers don’t save any money in this proposed deal — Lue actually makes more than Mihm. They trade big for small, and they do it for just a back-up guy to fill in for two months. Because if you’ve seen Lue play at all recently, you know he is no Jordan Farmar.

The Bucks gave Lue the old trade spotlight game Saturday, giving him key minutes against Detroit. What did he do with it: 0-7 from the floor, 0-5 from three, and made Allen Iverson look a decade younger on defense.

Did you watch Sasha Vujacic last night? He can play the point in the triangle. He had 17 points on 6 of 10 shooting, 4 of 7 from three, had a season best six assists to just two turnovers, and looked solid on defense.

Some Lakers fans have this odd, unnatural affection for Lue and think he’s a good defender. He is not. So far this season, opposing point guards are shooting over 60% (eFG%) against him, scoring 23 points per 48 minutes and have a PER of 22.7. That is the same as having a Tony Parker or Chauncey Billups playing against you every night.

And if you thought he played stellar defense against Iverson in the finals seven years ago, you must not remember The Answer stepping over him after hitting a key three late in game one. I remember that.

In the end, this trade would not be a big deal if it went down because neither Lue nor Mihm will see key minutes in the playoffs. (If they do, the Lakers have some serious problems.) But it still makes no sense to me.

A lot of Lakers fans think that this team, this 25-5 team, needs to make a trade. If you think so, this is the rare comment thread here to throw it out.

But, remember, if you want to trade Lamar Odom, you have to remember he is part of a winning three-man front line for the Lakers. You have to replace his production and role on the team, and as much as I think the Lakers can get more from Josh Powell, he is not Odom (the guy with the best +/- on the team).

And, one more thing in your trade suggestions — make sure it makes sense for both teams. Just because you want Devin Harris doesn’t mean the Nets are going to trade him.

  • Maor Barsano



    my ideal trade would be

    A) Odom for Gerald Wallace
    B) Sign Earl Boykins

    C) Wait for buyout and sign Marbury for MLE

  • 1ofMany

    Couldnt agree more with you article Kurt.

    Everyone wants to dismantle the team at the first sign of troubled waters. The team just beat the Celtics a few days ago, without Farmar, and yet the trade talks are as strong as ever. What more proof do you need that we have a strong team? Farmar will be back for most of the second half and in the meantime guys off the bench picking up those extra minutes have a chance to gain confidence. Keep LO! Keep Mihm! Pick up a FA if possible. And please, whatever you do, don’t sign Marbury!!!

  • Linktu.com

    Don’t trade anyone for anyone. We’re good.

  • Ubershorty

    Don’t trade for anyone, just sign Marbury if he gets bought out!

  • Shaq786

    mihm for lue and a second round pick

    walton, LA second round pick, and MIL’s second round pick… for joe smith…. this gives us a solid vet. big man amd more salary relief


    farmar isn’t really that good on defense, lue could help the lakers guard the quicksters such as chris paul, leandro barbosa, devin harris, monta ellis, allen iverson ,nate robinson, and rajon rondo, fish can guard the strong point guards such as deron williams, chauncey billups, baron davis, steve nash, jason kidd, and kirk hinrich

  • defense the name of the game

    mihm tends to be in a lot of trade talks, like last year the lakers were thinking of involving him in a trade for kidd

  • http://lakersnation.com tony

    the guy i want is Shane Battier but i dont and cant trade LO for him unless we get another player in return.

  • http://www.lakersvolssparks.blogspot.com Margo

    I definitely WAS in favor a trade, when the “rumor” was involving getting raymond felton over to LA! But after watching them play in the last 2 games, I am becoming confident that Sasha can run this offense. So unless they get Marbury for the vet minimum, or boykins…i don’t want to give up anyone.

  • gugy

    I don’t care for Lue, what about Pargo or Boykins?

    Mihn hasn’t done much at all in the last 3 years. I don’t think he contributes on anything, plus we have Benga if we need another big man.

    I think the trade would not hurt at all, would only help.

  • lakerfan81

    Lue couldn’t help the lakers guard a chair. He is a horrible defender. Don’t know where people get the idea that he is a better defender than Farmar. Farmar has struggled on Defense (at times he has been really bad) but he is still better than Lue. Trading for Lue is a dumb idea, signing Marbury is a catastrophically dumb idea. The Lakers are good the way they are. Sure they have some weaknesses (every team does) but nothing that can’t be worked on during the season.

  • LAL8306

    We dont NEED a trade but am for the right one. We dont need another guard, were paying Sasha 5 million so let him and Trevor pick up the extra minutes. Battier is the Guy we should go after. Mihm, vlad and Yue for Battier and joey Dorsey or luther head would improve an already good team.

  • jason420_7

    no trade please..i would love battier on the team but only if it made sense..and i agree about trading odom..you would need a very productive versatile big man in return and there isnt many of them out there..i say stand pat..we showed the kinda defense we can play when we want to on christmas and a couple days before that against the hornets..i think we’re good the way we are…

  • Richard

    Trade Radman!

  • Lakersno834

    Once again.. this trade does not make any sense. NO WAY.. Mihm is a legitimate post presence. He can outplay many of the starting centers in the league. Lue is not worth Mihm. Maybe for D.J. Mbenga or Josh Powell but not Mihm. Either keep the team same or get a better guy in return.

  • LakersFirst

    I don’t think the Lakers will trade for anyone. They will probably just sign a free agent point guard that is not currently on anyone’s roster, mainly for insurance purposes (two keywords). Many people say the Lakers are good as they are, and I agree BUT…. if Fisher and/or Sasha and/or Kobe get injured, that’s a very thin backcourt.

  • Drake Hunter

    No trade needed. Slide Vujacic to the backup PG and play Radman as the backup SG and see how that works. All Vujacic does is spot up when Farmar is in there so now just slide Radman to the SG spot and spot him up for the three.

  • ignard

    Lakersno834….you think Mihm is better than Powell? Come on dude. The trade would be stupid by the way unless we get some draft picks along with Lue……it’s not gonna happen anyway.

  • lainok

    radman and mihm or luke and mihm for battier

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    with all due respect, lue is a great player and we will remember what he did in the finals few years ago…but we really dont need a trade. I think Sasha could run the point and Sun Yue will be able to step up and get a few minutes!

  • domz

    Forget about trading! Unless we are talking about Raymond Felton or Shane Battier. And we should not forget to sign Zo!

  • LO4JO

    I think the lakers need to capitalize on Toronto’s anxiety and snatch up Jermaine O’Neal for Lamar and some bit players (luke – radman).

    The dude can straight up score the basketball – remember when he dropped 55 a couple years ago – when was the last time lamar even scored half of that?

    All this talk about lamar’s production is b.s. – he shows up every now and again but is way too inconsistent (especially in the playoffs) to be worried about what happens when he leaves.

  • http://lakerliker.blogspot.com LAKERLIKER

    If it’s not broken, why fix it? If ABSOLUTE need be, trade Mihm for Kareem…Abdul Jabbar not Rush. What? I’m just saying.

  • KB24

    ship his ass out talkn bout jason kidd

  • Mitch4Pres


  • mamba818

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  • yellowpurplefever

    Look at the bigger picture pls. We do not need Mihm he cant even get off the ground those ankles are done. We got DJ and Josh for back up as PF/C . We need DEFENSE, especially against the pick and role. We need a Vet. PG no matter how you you look at it. Dont tell me about “fixing” or “not fixing” as a club you always want to IMPROVE even when its not broken. Two weeks ago we lost to the Pacers and Miami, dont tell me that the team was playing great, that BS. Some of us almost consider Marbury , no way. We dont have to lower our Laker standards.
    Pargo is option 1, tough to get from Russia
    Lue is option 2, plays D and is avail and can run the triangle.
    Boykins no D no trade
    Remember, the Celts when they pick up Sam E.T from the Clippers
    Sam was like 50 y/o and a Vet. they did OK in the Finals?

  • http://www.swishtheball.net ben lee

    les talk record, the spurs r the onnly team that we don’t know if we can beat, when is the next spurs game

  • http://myspace.com/sonicussj Whatsa

    Just sign Marbury.

  • Airrics23

    What if D-Fish, Sasha or Kobe gets injured? I think to many people are relying on our backcourt to stay healthy which I hope is the case but we need another point guard as insurance. We don’t have to rush into just yet but I would definitely consider Boykins or Marbury as potential backups at the PG position. We don’t need to trade anyone right now. In the meantime we should give more minutes to Sasha and Trevor. Phil also needs to let Sun Yue get more minutes as well.

  • baltimoresbest01


  • LakersFirst

    Last time I checked, Marbury is still on a team, as he has not yet been waived.

  • armen

    here’s an idea, don’t trade or pick up anybody, and don’t resign farmar in the offseason. sasha is getting 5 mill a year and he’s a decent player. Give him Playing time and he’ll develope into a good player. farmar is useless on the laker team.

  • bc

    dont quite agree there armen,
    just last year farmar was hailed as the lakers’ future starting pg. Not sure what was wrong with him this season, but I hope he steps it up after his surgery… Let’s have some patience, and give farmar a chance

  • Smush Walton

    Farmar is an adequate backup, but forget about him being our point guard of the future. Ain’t gonna happen. Eventually we need to acquire a real point guard of the future. Forget about Lue – he sucks.

    Long term we need to look to unload some of our inconsistent players – namely Luke, Vlad, and Lamar. Luke is too slow footed on D and he leads the team in blown shots and airballs. Vlad has about one good game every two weeks. He loves to launch those rainmaker 3’s and he really looks ridiculous on so many of his shots. Lamar has proven time and time again that he can not be counted on. He probably makes more dumb plays than anyone on the roster – he has about one good game a month. When the pressure is really on – for the most part he is a no show. He’s in his 10th season and he still makes the same dumb mistakes and his D is pretty feeble.


    Marbury once available, is and will be the absolute best player that all 29 other teams will covet and love to have for this year on the ultimate cheap!
    …Why anybody would think otherwise is; ?????? …….Geeeeeeeezus!


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  • kobe bryant

    marbury yes,wallace no,boykins no,lue no

  • laker4lyf


  • Diehardfan

    I completely agree with this article. I think that as Laker fans we tend to have a soft spot for certain players. Just Like we have had for Turiaf, Eddie Jones, Luke Walton and T. Lue. But the reality of the situation is that we have to win a title and if the Lakers are going to bring someone in it should be someone who is a lot better pg than Lue is. We have to stop thinking of him in past tense terms. What about Pargo?

  • basketbolista!

    don’t trade anyone.
    we have sasha as a PG he’s a natural PG.
    look what he did against GSW.
    he played well.
    just give him playing time.

  • Smush Walton

    Seems to me that in the Magic era Riley ran the team with basically three guards – Magic, Byron, and Cooper.

    I would think we can get by with Kobe, Fisher, and Sasha. Farmar is certainly no All Star so Sasha should be able to step it up.

  • Smush Walton

    Of course, Sasha is no Cooper.

    By the way Laker Management, we need to get Cooper’s and Byron’s numbers hung up at Staples Center. The SucDics have everybody and their brother’s number retired. Its a Joke! Its a wonder that they have any numbers left!

    But of our long list of Laker stars, Coop and Byron are deserving of the recognition.

  • xtro

    sign starbury!

  • xtro

    Ok, fellas. Seriously speaking. This might work: OKC Thunder trade Earl Watson and Joe Smith for the Lakers’ Chris Mihm, Luke Walton, and Sun Yue. Might work for both teams.

  • http://www.swishtheball.net ben lee

    [Comment ID #57319 Will Be Quoted Here]
    have vlad be sg on offense and small forward on defense and have trevor be sf on offense and sg on d

  • DwiZ

    For some reason a lot of people here still are under the assumption that moving Luke or Vlad and both of their terrible contracts is an easy feat. By saying “MOVE VLAD” or “MOVE LUKE” is not a plausible scenario… much the way the Lakers dislike both of their terrible contracts other teams stay away from them as well. If either of their contracts ended in the 09′-10′ season though, they would probably be a lot easier to move.

    Now onto the trade discussions at hand. I believe there really isnt a reason to make a move. The back up point maned by Sasha/Trevor worked extremely well in both the Celts game and GSW game. I believe Sasha/Trevor/Kobe were able to adequately cover the “fast and quick” Rondo, so I really do not know why everyone is fretting over it. Bringing over Ty Lue doesnt seem logical either; I watched the first Millwauke game after Farmar went down, and needless to say, I don’t think age has hit him well.

    Finally, we do not need Marbury. 1)We cant even get Marbury due to the fact he is still on a team 2)The guy is cancer, he doesnt help the team 3)I highly doubt he will take the vets minimum, the guy is too self-centered and full of himself to humble himself in any manner

  • Anonymous

    Obviously you don’t know all the charity and community work marbury has done in NY.

  • lakerferlife7

    we dont need a trade….especialy involving lo….he doesnt bitchch when he doesnt start and he doesnt complain when he doesnt get 10-20 shots a night…u think a player like gerald wallace would act the same way?


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    No trade or acquisition is needed? …Yeah Right!
    …This line of thinking lends to another year of looking up to the Celtics, Cavs, or who knows else!
    …Does any fool think; The Celtics, or The Cavs, or any other playoff contender, are going to sit on their butts, and not take a feasible opportunity to upgrade their roster & make them selves significantly stronger, and is going to think around these same lines? ….Give me break!


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  • Mamba San Mamba Sah Mama Cusa

    Marbury is the interesting acquisition. You can sign him to a veteran minimum contract and have him come off of the bench. The Triangle offensive system isn’t run by the point guard – per say – so he could be a nice fit. It’s notorious for its difficulty, but I think he could do it. He has the confidence and determination to learn and excel.

    He conducted himself well at the beginning of this season, and I believe that the media is treating him unfairly as the fall guy in NY. D’antoni has a known agenda against Marbury, so they both hold blame, and I blame A) Walsh for not trading him and B) D’Antoni for crippling his team by not playing their best player. (Marbury)

    Many people forget that Phil Jackson dealt with Dennis Rodman and turned him into an essential component for the Bulls championship teams. He could do the same thing with Stephon who still has plenty of game left in him. It’s a way to get a veteran player for nothing.

    As far as team chemistry, that’s always a risk, but I believe that Marbury would have enough respect for a Coach who can wear 9 rings and for a superstar who holds 3. He would fall in line for that reason and also for the fact that he’s 32 without a ring. It’s not about the money for Marbury at this point. It’s about his final legacy and winning some championships.

    People bash him now and say negative things, but if he wins several championships in LA alongside Kobe, Pau, and Drew, the media will grudgingly love him again. They’re slaves to the story, not the truth. Remember that when they try to formulate your opinions of people.