This topic came up in a series of emails with Reed yesterday — how much do the Lakers pay Andrew Bynum?

The baseline of the market has been set with the deals for Bogut (six years possibly worth $72 million with incentives) and Okafor (six years, $72 million). It makes sense that their deals are similar in numbers, because their on-court production last season was pretty similar.

But let’s compare that to Bynum from last season…

Here’s a little guide to those stats for those that are new here…

FG%: Shooting percentage
TS%: True Shooting Percentage, think of this as points per shot attempt, it covers twos, three, free throws all adjusted to be a percentage.
Reb Rate: Percentage of available rebounds a player grabbed while on the floor.
Pts. P36: Points scored per 36 minutes of playing time.
PER: John Hollinger’s detailed statistic that gives us a snapshot of the offensive production of a player.

The market has been set by the Bogut and Okafor deals, those guys are worth $12 million a year. Now look at the numbers again — Bynum shoots at a 10% higher percentage, grabs a higher percentage of rebounds and scores a little more. Plus, when you think about potential future growth, Bynum is way ahead of those two.

Does Mitch have a choice other than to offer a max deal?

Yes, there is the one number not discussed above — Bynum only played 25 games last year due to an injury. Can you give a max deal to a guy coming off that kind of injury? But, to me, the better question is, do the Lakers have a choice? This is not Sasha or Turiaf, this is the future face of the franchise. If you lowball him, if you try to drag this out, you piss him off and you can end up in a mess (see Chicago). It’s prudent to get a look at Bynum in training camp before offering a deal, but if he is 100%, do you really want to risk lowballing him? (By the way, don’t suggest that Bynum owes the franchise for drafting and giving him training — this is a business, we fans are the only ones with overwhelming feelings of loyalty.)

Certainly it is a risk, offering a max deal to a guy who has looked good for 25 games and is coming off an injury. But young, game changing centers are not something that there are a lot of in the game (quick, name them:: Dwight Howard, Bynum, and, um, ……). There are things worth taking a risk on, and I think Andrew Bynum is one of those.

  • SILO

    IF Bynum didnt get hurt the past season and his numbers were consistent as well as rising during the season, i would have no problem maxing him out. Reality is that hes coming off serious knee injury, i would wait till after this season. You gotta see how he plays, simple as that. I believe he will stay a laker regardless of this season but his contract will depend on his play.

    Players like him dont come around often so it would be stupid not to resign him and set the foundation for the next 10+ years.

    Still . . . . Anything can happen.

  • andrewbynum

    resign him..
    he’s the franchise of the lakers..
    he’s the youngest player ever drafted in the nba at the age of 17.. (connection?!) haha

  • colinbeme123

    we gotta lock him up, remember, “if we let him go, well never get him back.”

  • sketch

    If the Lakers can wait until after the season starts and get a good glimpse of how he’s progressed from his injuries then I have NO DOUBT, they’ll do the right thing. Remember fellas, the Lakers weren’t willing to give him up for Garnett even, do you think that they’ll really let him slip away after seeing how dominant he can be even if it was only for 25 games? Consider him on lock down!!!


    pay whatever it takes

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    I don’t think a max deal is appropriate. Keep in mind, Bynum is no where near the age of 30. Players usually hit their prime at the age of 30. What will they offer him when he hits his prime…?

  • Billy Kupchak

    Bynum~ite! :cool:

  • Tony Montana

    He isn’t going anywhere. He’s restricted next year.

  • Swiggle

    I really wanted to see Turriaf, Farmar, Sasha, Ariza, and Bynum stay together. We lost Ronny. But we really can’t lose anymore than that. Bynum should be the number one priority. I don’t think a lot of people realize how good he is going to be. I still feel like he is being slept on. Especially given the place in which I’m living…. I really don’t feel like a lot of people realize how much of a beast Bynum was, and a lot of the skills he posessed. I think people just thought he was putting up decent numbers, but most people don’t realize the minutes he was putting up those numbers in!!! He was barely getting any clock when he was putting up double-double nubers on average!! I say the Lakers stand pat. Go with the big line-up and see how easily they dominate everyone. I really, truly believe as the most die-hard Laker fan on the face of this earth that with Bynum this year, they will be 100% unbeatable. Leave the team alone. Give Bynum a long term deal. And watch the history unfold. This is going to be one of the greatest young teams to ever watch, in the history of the league. get ready to ride high for a while to come. Just lock in Bynum…cause if we don’t I think that could ruin everything. I think everyone is going to want to play with him. He has the ability to become the best big in the league. By the Lakers makng the NBA Finals without him…Bynum has become the most important piece of this franchise. With him we are hands down the champions this year. Against the best the East will have to offer for years. So just get us all healthy. And sit back and enjoy I say.

  • Shaq786

    he should not get a dime over 6/73 mill

  • Daryl Imhoff

    The Lakers have until 10/31/08 to sign him this year. “Anything can happen”cuts both ways. There are plenty of players who waited and lost money by doing so. Okafor I believe made money by waiting. If Bynum comes in healthy this year and if a number can be agreed upon I am sure both parties will see the benefit of signing this year and not waiting.

  • Banzai


  • e-bucher

    those numbers are bias…36 mins…not 48???…
    and is not taking into account that ab didn’t even play half a season…ab’s potential is greater than both okafor and bogut…but i think we should wait until next season to see how his knee reacts…and see if he’s capable of playing a solid “full” season…he’ll still be a restricted fa next year…but if he deserves max then he’ll get max next season…we lowball right now and if he’s worth it…he’ll get his max next season…no need to rush…plenty of time left…and most importantly…HE STILL BELONGS TO US

  • dom3983

    Wait to see how he responds after this injury and see him play an actual full season which he really hasnt done at all in his early career. All in all he has only played a a consistent 3 months or so. If he comes back strong and shows he can be as consistent 13 and 10 guy with D then he should lock up the max. That is why Odom will no longer be a Laker and guys like Ronny are gone. They need to clear up space and look for Odom to be traded before next offseason or in a sign and trade deal, unless he takes a huge paycut which is highly unlikely. As long as they keep the main three of Kobe, Bynum and Gasol they will be fine and have to make sure they fit the right veteran and smart players around them.

  • Short Diezel



    Regardless of what happens the Lakers are in a very good position as far as players giving their all.

    Andrew – Needs to play balls out in order to show his employer and the league that he is worth every penny. If he want’s a pay raise then he HAS to show up with a vengance.

    Kobe – The team lost miserably in the last game of the finals. Faulse pierce self proclaimed himself the best in the league. I see Kobe coming in with a statement year, especially when playing the Celtics.

    Sasha – Got his money then stated that he will not just fade away when after getting paid. He said he is a “Gym Rat” and that he is working hard on becoming the best shooter in the league.

    Pau – Was brought in to get over the hump but then we took off all the way to the finals only to be labled as a soft euro at the end. From a career in never winning a playoff game to going all the way to the Finals has to strike some type of cord in him.

    Lamar – All his career he has been going to his left. Teams really don’t have to adjust on him because his outside shot is unreliable and the right side of the lane will never be used by him. Hopefully he can understand this and spend this off season working on the right side of the court.

    Luke – After surgery and the weeks that past we have been hearing how he is now feeling much better and no longer have the anoying pain that he had to play with. There is no excuse this year, he has no realize that the lakers not only need his passing and “high IQ” but to also score some points. He needs to work on his post up.

    Farmar – Started the season well but then faided away at the end with a climax hitting in the worst time, The NBA Finals. He needs to continue to work on his jump shot and not only a 3pt shot but a midrange shot. Doing this will definetly open up the floor.

    Fisher – A solid point guard. Only thing that I noticed is that he would miss a bunch of layups due to contact or “Almost” contact. He needs to consentrate a little harder and not try to get bailed out by the refs.

    Radmonovich – A great shooter when he’s hot but a waisted space when he’s not. He needs to work on a midrange shot and even a fake then drive to the rim moves. This way he can get a feel for the game then eventually start shooting the 3’s. It seems that if his 3’s aren’t falling then he just gives up. Go and work out with Sasha not a team work out but a personal work out. He needs to get better not because we need him to but because HE WANTS to. Until then…

    Bench guys – They play hard but sometimes when a game needs an enforcer, do wait till someone ask you to do it but go out and take care of business. Even if it means us losing a game or two but at least you will be known around the league as a very tough bench. If we had a bench that would bang bodies around then maybe the finals would of had a different outcome.

    Coaches – Work on flow of the game substitutions. Numorous times there has been cases when the hot hand was sat down due to substatution schedule. Screw that…if it aint broke, don’t fix it. This should be rule #1. On the other hand if we have a guy not able to knock a shot down and all he is doing is just running up the shot count then sit his azz down. It’s also OK by us fans to see a coach walk up and down, show little emotion, and get on someones face in time to time. We understand that Phil has hip problems but there is a surplus of coaches next to him. Point at one and say “it’s your turn”. This is a place were you can substatute coaches and follow a schedule.

    Well this is my overview of what I think needs to get done and what some guys should probably be thinking prior to the next season.

  • kb4sure

    let me interupy you with this!
    -josh smith 6’9 can leap 1 feat higher than odom 6’10
    -josh has a 1.9 adv.on blocks and a .5 steal on 6’10 odom
    see the difference!
    it’s just a joke!
    see this!

    is that better than this?

  • BringDFishBack

    Theres 2 things they didn’t take into account.
    1. Bynum is coming off a big injury. This is why I don’t want to give him an extension, I want to wait till next offseason. They’re gonna screw themselves if he can’ tcomeback.
    2. LA is is somewhere people want to play. A few things go into this. First, it’s a winning team. Players want to win. Second, it’s a big city. If you had the choice to live in LA or Milwakuee, which would you chose? That also means you’ll get bigger endorsement contracts. So you might get 6 years/80 million from Minnesota, and only 6 years/70 million from LA, but you’ll get paid a lot more in endorsements if you’re a in a big city. Lebron’s Nike contract goes up some crazy amount if he goes to play in a city like NY, Chicago, or LA.

  • Motown

    ^ = Real Talk

    Personally i think Bynum is worth an extension, but you have got to consider the long term financial implications of giving him a max deal, it will severely limit the team’s ability to get talent in to support Bynum towards the end of his deal.

    On the other hand, Kobe could opt out next year, Lamar is out of contract, and do we really want to be dealing with Bynum on top of that next summer? We need to extend him now, but try to get a more reasonable figure say 55-65m

  • E-ROC

    Bynum hasn’t earned max contract based off of a half season. He’s returning from a fractured kneecap. Let’s see him do it for a whole season before we anoint him and give him a max deal. Okafor and Bogut has been putting up numbers longer than a half of a season.

  • lakerfan81

    Bynum’s knee cap was not fractured it was dislocated. Bynum is one of two young centers in the league who have the potential to be perennial all stars. Name one other young center in the league now that has the whole package (pass, score inside, rebound, block shots, catch the ball, play defense) besides Howard and Bynum. You don’t want to continue to low ball Bynum and create a riff between him and the organization. Ask the bulls about Deng and Gordan. Let him come to camp and preseason, see how his knee is. Let him know that you are committed to him even at max money, but that you have to see how his knee is. Then if he comes back strong, sign in in December or so to a contract. Something like what Paul got, 4 yr 68M.

    If you low ball him all year and wait till the off season you might not get him back. If the Lakers do not offer him a max contract, someone else definitely will.


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    Laker new theme song,IT’S ’94 AGAIN M’F’ERS!!!

  • fireworld

    He’s restricted next year.

  • E-ROC

    If some other team offers Bynum the max next year, the Lakers can match, provided they put in place their qualifying offer. Bynum has little to no leverage in this situation. He has 82 games this year to prove that the first half of last year wasn’t a mirage.