dangForum Blue & Gold: With 4:21 left and the score tied 83-83, I hit pause in the DVR and decided right then and there to do a detailed breakdown of the final minutes of the game. It was bound to be instructive and exciting, right?

Well, it was exciting. But I’m not sure how much we learned and I didn’t do the overtimes. Still, the breakdown is below.

When a game goes to overtime, let alone double overtime, there are a thousand little things that could have gone one way or another and determined a win. Credit to the Bobcats, who out hustled the Lakers and wanted it more all night. Maybe the Lakers looked past the Bobcats, who knows, but they just got ground down into the kind of game the Bobcats wanted to play. The Lakers did not dictate the style of game, and to me that was the biggest mistake

Also (and most importantly), we wish Wallace and Ariza a speedy recovery.

Here’s the breakdown…

4:21, 83-83: Felton at the top of the key gets the ball to Bell at the elbow coming off a down screen, and he turns catches, jumps and turns in one move like he is going to shoot. But on the switch the long arms of Odom are coming at Bell, so he makes a smart pass to the mismatch the switch created – Sasha on Diaw. Diaw drives the lane and misses the running floater because Bynum came off Okafor to challenge the shot, but the now uncovered Okafor corals the rebound over the cylinder and puts it in.

4:02, 85-83 Bobcats: Fish gets the ball to Kobe at the elbow, who passes to Bynum in the middle of the paint. Bynum gave up a little position for possession, seems a little farther out (9 feet) than he wanted to be, so he breaks out the entire arsenal of jab steps and head fakes. He now has so many to show off he gets called for three seconds.

3:50 85-83 Bobcats: The Bobcats go with Diaw isolated on Odom on the left wing. He makes a move left, Odom goes with him but it gets Diaw down near the low block. He then goes with the fake left, shoot right turnaround fade-away. Nobody is blocking that shot and he hits it.

3:33 87-83 Bobcats: Fisher dribbles around at the top of the key while Sasha comes off two picks from the weakside to the strong, and Fish gets him the ball with some space to shoot behind an Odom pick. Sasha hit three of his first four, so he was feeling it, but he lost it at the end and just kept gunning.

3:17, 87-83 Bobcats: Diaw and Felton in the high pick and pop. Odom does a good job showing out on Felton to take away the drive. I don’t know what the Lakers call was here, but it looks like Odom thought they were switching and Fish thought Odom was going back to Diaw. The only thing going back to Diaw was the ball for an open three, which he hits. Time out Lakers.

3:06, 90-83 Bobcats: Gasol gets the ball and is a hard double way, way out on the wing, so he passes back to a wide-open Sasha near the peak of the arc. If you are a shooter, you have to take this, and Sasha is a shooter. Unfortunately, he’s a cold one.

2:53, 90-83 Bobcats: The Bobcats run the first pick and roll but Fish defends it well going under, on the second one the Lakers switch and Gasol and Fisher soft-trap Felton, who makes a jump-pass to Diaw at the top of the key. Diaw does have Sasha closing out on him but he has got to take that shot, instead he passes to Wallace at the three point line. Wallace who is shooting 26.7% from three on the season. The Lakers will let him have that, and he misses

2:33, 90-83 Bobcats: Kobe brings it up and nobody pressures the ball, so he goes straight to get good position down on the right block, then hits and easy fadeaway over the defender.

2:20, 90-85 Bobcats: This is the one where Wallace goes down. The Lakers have stepped up their defensive pressure on the perimeter, Fisher hounds Felton, who throws it to Wallace at the three point line straight away. Kobe goes for the steal and gets a deflection but Wallace regains control and now has a lane to the hoop and he takes it. Bynum comes over late and just turns sideway and gives the elbow in the ribs to Wallace. A deserved flagrant, that was no play on the ball.

I feel bad that Wallace was hurt as much as he was. Bynum deserves the donation to NBA Charities coming his way from the league office. But I’m good with the long-term ramifications here – I want other teams thinking there is a price to pay for coming into the lane. I want us to be physical like this now and again. (Even after this loss and this play some people pulled the toughness card, even though it was unrelated.) Like a pitcher who throws hard on the inside part of the plate, you will hit a few batters but you establish that area as yours. I want the Lakers to do that with the paint, particularly Bynum, and this is part of that.

Back to the game, Raja Bell on the flagrants, and the 86% guy from the line all season misses both. Still Bobcats ball and they milk a little clock before going pick and roll. Felton drives the lane but the ball gets stripped by Fish, however the ball stays with the Bobcats and they reset. In the scramble it is Fish on Diaw and the Bobcats recognize the mismatch and get the ball to Diaw on the block. Fish fouls. And Diaw misses both. For all the times you think of things the Lakers should have done to win this game, remember the Bobcats just needed to make one of those last four from the stripe.

1:50, 90-85 Bobcats: Actually Okafor grabbed the last missed free throw, but Kobe stripped him quickly then brought the ball up himself. This time Bell isn’t letting Kobe get to the block. So Kobe makes the exact same turnaround jump shot, just from the elbow extended to about 18 feet. Net.

1:40, 90-87 Bobcats: Felton tries to run a little time, but eventually under pressure gives to Diaw at 23 feet out. Gasol plays back, letting him have the long-range shot, but Diaw drives, a little right to left drive across the lane followed by the 12-foot fadeaway. Tough shot but he hits it.

1:20, 92-87 Bobcats: Just give the ball to Kobe on the wing, behind the arc and clear out. I mean, what would you do? Kobe goes jab step, jab step, three pointer. Bingo, to quote our Clippers friend.

1:10, 92-90 Bobcats. This time it’s Felton and Okafor on the screen and roll, but there is no driving lane. But Felton finds Diaw wide open at the three point line, Pau is sagging way back Diaw goes up with a good look over the late-charging Gasol. Miss, Lakers rebound.

:51, 92-90 Bobcats: Kobe on the iso on the right again, but this time he drives a little and gets to just inside the free throw line and looks like he is going up with the fade away – but instead it’s a pass to Sasha who slid into the corner for an uncontested three. Good look, but the only thing colder than Sasha at this point is a Russian winter.

Coming out of the box-out battle down low, Gasol and Diaw got tangled and went to the floor. Foul Gasol, Diaw to the line. He makes one of two.

:30, 93-90 Bobcats: Out of the timeout, the Lakers bring it up the length of the court with Kobe, who comes off a soft screen from Odom then tries basically the same thing he did last time, driving into the paint. This time it was Fisher slipping down a little on the arc and while Felton wasn’t as fooled it didn’t matter. Fish drained the three. He’s solid like that. Somebody should write a post about that guy.

:14, 93-93: No timeout from Larry Brown, which I like. Yes there is a game on the line and the Bobcats are in the playoff hunt at the bottom of the East, but this is still a chance for a team to learn. They know what works, let them give it a shot. However, I somehow doubt what Brown had hoped to see was an 18-foot Felton fadeaway. Maybe next time they do better, because Felton misses.

From there it’s OT. Then another. And I didn’t enjoy the second one as much.

  • ShortDiezel

    I blame this loss on PHIL JACKSON for pulling out Bynum at the end and replacing him with Gasol. Gasol OBVIOULSY was having a terrible game on both sides of the court, while Bynum on the other hand was doing the complete opposite.

    Phil also needs to point out to Pau that he needs to STOP trying to back in defenders.. he ALWAYS gets the ball stripped!!! Why he continues to do it baffles me. Pau has a CONSISTENT mid-range shot, but doesn’t make that his 1st offensive option. He is usually taller than his defenders at the power forward position so that shot is available to him all day. Plus we already have Bynum on the block to get offensive rebounds. It is all about spacing.

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #59910 Will Be Quoted Here]

    agree with your first paragraph, phillip deserves the blame for that exact reason. i was screamin at the television when he did that. even stu and joel were wonderin about that substitution when it happened!

    you’re also right about how pau should go to his mid-range jumpers first. he’s so good with that shot, that that should be his first option!

    however, i don’t agree with your first 3 lines of the second paragraph at all. pau is actually quite effective with his low post moves while havin his back to the defenders. he’s not able to back down the stronger defenders, but his awkward and sleenky like moves to get open are really effective and he usually makes those soft floaters. he just shouldn’t have kept trying to back down okafor because okafor was too strong for him and also, it just wasn’t workin. but to say that he ALWAYS gets the ball stripped?!!!??? you need to watch pau more, that’s not what happens at all and even when that does, pau gets the calls!

  • LAKing

    All I gotta say is if the Lakers don’t sweep this entire road trip coming up, I’ll be severly disappointed and they’re damn well capable of sweeping this entire road trip.

  • Banzai

    I’m keeping my expectations low for this road trip…Lakers lose in Minny and Memphis…Cleveland and Boston.

  • lakrfan4life

    [Comment ID #59931 Will Be Quoted Here]

    haha, same here

  • trade_lamo

    Couple of quick notes for all Laker fans:

    1. Kobe is the most clutch player of ALL time. Yes, including Jordan.
    I have never seen a player turn it on like he does. Did you guys see the degree of difficulty on those shots?

    2. As long as Kobe is in the league the MVP award should go right to him. NO question, votes or polls needed – that simple!

    3. There two things standing in the way of us winning a ring: LAMAR O SOOOO Dumb and Philazy Hackson (a.k.a. COACH!)

  • Kristian

    3. There two things standing in the way of us winning a ring: LAMAR O SOOOO Dumb and Philazy Hackson (a.k.a. COACH!)

    That’s a little harsh. I do agree that Phil Jackson is not the best in game coach (Popovich would probably get my pick for that), but Phil is by far hands down no question the best out of game coach in the league. He gets his team to understand how to play the game, it’s that simple. His teams are always fantastic offensively and very good defensively (not fantastic, but very very good).

    All coaches that have won championships have had great teams, but a countless number of coaches have had great teams and not won a championship.

    Lamar Odom’s basketball IQ both on defense and offense is, without question, his greatest weakness. But he is the only one besides Kobe and Pau who can, on any given offensive play, get his own shot. That’s huge. Without players like that, it’s painfully hard for others to get open shots, because the defense has to collapse on those players.

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #59937 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Along with Lame-O (the DUMBEST player in the league, who after 10 seasons still keeps making the same damn STUPID mistakes and continues to stick with his MORONIC one-armed style of play), I would add Vlad, Puke, and Sasha as three other obstacles standing in our way of winning the championship this year. (Farmar is just a cut above these three but he too is hopelessly inconsistent.) The fact is that these three are hopelessly weak-minded and in the crunch you can count of them to choke big time.

  • gugy

    The day the Lakers get rid of Lamar, Luke and Vlad we will be a dynasty. These 3 guys are just plain horrible!

    Also, PJ made a mistake taking Bynum out of the game while adding Gasol who had a bad night.

    We are fine. We will stumble here and there, but we will be first in the West. Not sure if we will have home court at the finals though. We are a better team than last season, so even if we play Boston again, we will do much better.

    Keep the faith folks!
    Go Lakers!

  • Smush Walton

    Without Kobe it is doubtful that this team even make the playoffs. There simply are far too many weak-minded, fundamentally weak scrubs on the roster. The Lakers need to go back to their old reliable formula of acquiring solid, time tested veterans such as a Bob McAdoo, Brian Shaw, Robert Horry, Ron Harper, etc – players who may have seen better days physically, but have the knowledge and mental ability to understand how the game is played and avoid making costly stupid mistakes. Sad but true.

    As long as we have numbskulls like walnut-brained Lame-O on the floor we can count on the same STUPID mistakes happening time and time again. How many times in his almost 10-year career has this flatliner been told to not leave a shooter wide open for a game tying or game winning 3-point shot? Unfortunately, the coaches could tell this DUNCE about this every day for the next 10 years and without question he would continue making the same STUPID mistake. What else can be expected from one of the DUMBEST if not THE DUMBEST player in the league? Sad but true.

  • Smush Walton

    There is an EXCELLENT article on the Orange County Register.
    Perhaps we can get this posted on this forum for fans to comment on, especially all of the mindless Lamar Lovers.

    “Kobe is livid at Lamar for latest meltdown”

  • Paul

    I swear, every time we lose, you guys just demand players to be traded or get rid of.

    But when we win, you guys are like “YAY.”

    And blaming it on Phil Jackson? Lolcats dude. I bet we wouldn’t have our record without Phil Jackson’s coaching.

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #59946 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I take it you didn’t see last night’s game Paul and Lamar’s brilliant performance – too bad. I suggest you read the article in the Register to get more informed.

  • Ubershorty

    [Comment ID #59946 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Yea, we would have a different record……we would have about 3 less losses….

  • Kristian

    Dear God! Honestly all you guys are proving by blaming Phil Jackson is how little you understand about the game of basketball. No coach in the last 20 years has constructed year in and year out such a well performing offensive system than Phil. He is not the best in-game-coach, but he is so far from being the worst. Just look at what Dunleavy is doing with a very talented Clippers team.

    Phil Jackson, Gregg Popovich and Jerry Sloan are the 3 best coaches in the NBA!

    Lamar Odom along with Kobe and Pau are the only ones that can, on any offensive set, get a shot for himself! Lamar Odom is the reason that the bench is so good on the offensive end, even when the game slows down and Ariza isn’t starting all the fast breaks with his defending! He is an absolutely invaluable asset to this Lakers team! Even if his basketball IQ is sometimes questionable to say the least…

  • joe grande

    we gotta play agressive, andrew looks like he has lost some weight, i think he might have to hit the weight room

  • lafanfromindiana

    When I watched the game, I was surprised by the fans. It’s a double overtime game and everyone just sat there. The fans acted like it was an exibition game. It’s like we are playing on a neutral site.

  • stdecker

    Its sashas fault, he cant shoot, he threw up brick after after brick and got burnt on defense.

  • lakerferlife7

    y the fuk does everyone say phil is the one 2 blame wen we lose…..STFU!!!!!!!!!!its 1 loss…

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #59953 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Are you sure you are a Laker fan? The only player you seem to like is Kobe. The Lakers are 35-9 and you still aren’t happy. You sound like a Kobe-only fan who thinks Kobe is the sole reason for their 35-9 record.

  • YellowPurpleFever

    [Comment ID #59942 Will Be Quoted Here]

    True That!! We gotto get rid of these dudes if we want to WIN consistently
    Machine needs lubing

  • http://TheLakersNation.info Billy Kupchak

    There should be a penalty for repeat comments on Lamar, shouldn’t there? :cool:

    Insanely Healthy Energy for TLN!

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #59995 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Sorry to burst your bubble but you couldn’t be more wrong. I think Pau has been fantastic this year. He has had a few off nights, but for the most part he clearly demonstrates his outstanding skills and his superb mental abilities – he has been consistently amazing, virtually the mirror image of Lamar in both deparrments. Also Ariza has been great this year. Here again is a smart, dedicated player who obviously works on his game and shows marked improvement from one season to the next – unlike the Three Stooges. And of course there’s Bynum. He looks to be improving each year unlike the Three Lunkheads. You can count the number of good centers on one hand now a days and Drew is right there. And Kobe? Who can not like him – such dedication – completely focused on winning to the point of obsession! At times I am not thrilled with his shot selection, but who on our roster can consistently knock it down from the outside? Certainly none of the Three Stooges! So frankly LakersFirst I find your comments laughable.

  • Smush Walton

    Oh and let’s not forget Fisher. His outside shot has been very good. I’m glad he doesn’t flop on D as much as he used to. Unfortunately, he is lacking in quickness and he sure misses a lot of layups and he tends to get lost in the trees more often than not and end up flopping on offense so he should be advised to stick mostly to the outside shot. But you certainly can not question his effort or his brain power , unlike the Three Stooges.


    [Comment ID #59910 Will Be Quoted Here]

    mIDgeTs aREn’t alLoweD oN tHis sIte! STFU!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #59960 Will Be Quoted Here]

    This is what I live for, dudes with big ones!

  • e

    [Comment ID #59940 Will Be Quoted Here]

    sasha has indeed been disappointing this season…what happens when u play truly unproven players

  • ShortDiezel

    [Comment ID #60024 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Did you come up with that yourself or did your mom help you?

  • T-Dub

    I’ve been saying it for over a year now. Puke, Lame-o, Vlad, and Zasha…the gay blade… are whats gonna prevent us from winning the finals. We MIGHT get there, have 60+ wins, but is that enough? It amazes me how these other teams can pick up a good solid vet, but the Lakers keep going with these weak Euro’s who couldn’t even make it on another squad! LO has not improved his game in 10 years. Puke had no other options, gave him a 6 year deal. Zasha had no offers, gave him a 3 yr deal. Vlad had offers, gave him 5 years. I’m starting to wonder does racism have anything to do with it? There are alot of good athletic black players much better than these guys, yet the Lakers refuse to pursue them. I guess they just can’t have a team full of brotha’s…like Boston…Uhm?? = Championship!!!!

  • lakers4lyfe

    ^…all i can say is WOW and how old are you? wtf? racism? hahahahaha…please man…im speechless. You MUST be retarded…the lakers are the best in the west…third in the league…common man. were gonna lose games. dont bring race into it. its people like you that makes me sick.

  • kb4sure

    [Comment ID #60049 Will Be Quoted Here]

    YES Black is where its at. We have a black president lets get rid of the white guys on this team. Vladdy and PUKEY and PAuey is too SOFTY man. Black are just better basketball players plain and simple. I think they got the white one just to satisfy this white dominated city and town. GET my drifts man. Way to go T-Dub

  • T-Dub

    As far as the Defense is concerned, The Lakers play Phils sceme and philosophy. They sag off the perimeter shooters down in the paint. They double when they don’t have to. These guys are not deciding to do this on there own. This the defense they are coached to play. If they are doing this against the coaching staffs will, do you think they would be in the game? Phil doesn’t coach defense, and that stupid triangle offense is what prevents them from signing vet players…he doesn’t want to disrupt his beloved triangle. Face it, PJ is OVERRATED! He has 9 rings because he’s had 3 of the top 10 players of all time…Micheal, Shaq, Kobe and #4 Pippen a top 25. Just think if POP had those players…he’d probably have 12 or 13 rings. It’s time for PJ to go along LO, Puke, Vlad, and Zasha! Come home Byron Scott! We need you!

  • kb4sure

    [Comment ID #60053 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Right on T-Dub my brother. We need a black coach here too.

  • T-Dub

    lakers4lyfe…GOOD! stay sick F-U-C-K head..Its dumba-s-s-es like you who thinks racism doesn’t exist…in every aspect of American life…but man are you in for a rude awakening!!

  • kb4sure

    [Comment ID #60055 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Black Power is Back!!!!! Way to go T-Dub!

  • kb4sure


  • ab4sure


  • kb4sure

    AAAAAAHHHHHHHH, two4one was so delicious, AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!