The Lakers continue their downward spiral towards the bottom of the Western Conference. Do they fire Mike D’Antoni? Do they trade Dwight Howard, or even Pau Gasol?

On the latest episode of Voice of the Nation: Fastbreak, David Brickley and Jason Riley ask the question: If you owned the Lakers, what would be your very first move? 

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  • TheReality

    Do nothing until the end of the season. Right now, ironically, D’Antoni is the perfect coach…. when the goal is to tank and lose without really trying to tank. The only saving grace right now is to be so bad, which the Lakers are under this man, to end up in the lottery and a high draft pick on which to get a building block for the future. Two, the years left in Kobe’s extension. You obviously thought highly enough to give him the huge money, why send him out like this then? For all that is holy bring back Phil for the final two years and see what magic can be made. Perhaps none, but if you “owed it to Kobe” to give him that contract, you equally owe it to him to not waste his finale this way.